Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Before you read today's message, I would like to wish all of you a very Happy, Healthy and Abundant New Year! I have been able to write messages through February 18, 2013. So, I am just taking things day by day with the messages. There was a clear shift in the energy, after today's message. I will keep you informed, as things evolve in my work and the messages that come through.



Each of you must find your own path of flying. You cannot follow the path of another or force another to join your path. When it is time to release someone or something, let it go. Look for the energy that allows you to soar. You will know what is right for you. Trust what you get as your own path. Those who belong with you will join you. It will feel right to have them with you.

Release those who would try to control you, belittle you or fix you. Those who find fun in knocking someone down or bullying others are to be avoided. Release the gossips and complainers. For they will hold you back and weigh you down. The energy of gossiping and complaining is about lowering your vibration and the vibrations of those around those who do this behavior. If you are a gossip or complainer, you must learn to stop this behavior for it will be an anchor that keeps you from success. If you find pleasure in knocking people down or showing them the way things are, you are blocking people from really being their best and flying in their life. Bullies feel bad about themselves and work to make others feel bad about themselves. If you choose to continue these negative ways of being, it is up to you but realize that people who are ready to move forward or fly will end up separating from you. It is your choice to do as is right for you. We just offer this for those who are ready to expand and grow.