Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Enjoy Each Moment!

Welcome those of the leap year. We realize this a special day to those born on this day. When you think about it, time is arbitrary. Yet, time can mean so much to so many. Labels of time and space are a novel concept to us in our perspectives. We live for eons and we just transmute our form based on the need of each moment. Humans hold different perspectives based on where you are in life and your experiences. We value your perspectives. You are constantly in a state of change and flux. This may seem to challenge you but we are amazed by the ways you are affected by this process.

Your time on the earth is fleeting. So, enjoy each moment of it. You will realize, at some point, what an amazing experience your life is. Many of you enjoy it in hindsight. Try and enjoy each moment as it is unfolding and see how that changes your perspective.



Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Showing Up!

Your work is not always work. There are times we just need you to show up and shine. We are not asking you to project anything, fix anything or alter anything. We are just presenting potentials for the moments. When people are ready for you or right for you, they will find you. You don’t need to advertise or force others to use your talents. When there is work that requires you to do something, you will know what to do. You just allow the energy to flow.

You are no better or worse than others. Each of you is a gift. So, removing agendas and the need to change others is beneficial to you. You know if you are successful based on how others respond to you. If people are upset around you, you may be addressing someone not ready to wake up or you are not being respectful of them. There are times it is okay to challenge people’s thoughts so that you can understand where they are coming from. Most people don’t like to be challenged but when you are trying to understand who the individual is, you may challenge them in just trying to understand them. Their responses will tell you a lot of where they are or if you have overstepped and made them feel violated. Pay attention to what happens in connections. Work on being comfortable just being some place without any agenda. See how life changes around you.



Monday, February 27, 2012

Experiencing and Path!

Brothers and Sisters,

What are you open to experiencing? What shields have you put up to block you from your life? As you gather from yesterdays message, we are helping you prepare by being open to receive. We are helping you to be open to follow the path that you are to take. You are forms of explorers who are in your world to represent other zones, realms, dimensions. You have come to help the earth, the people of the earth and your world. Your work on this plane will help other worlds, realms or dimensions. What you do in your current life has the potential to help many other places in time and space. This is the crux of why most of you were chosen to be here or volunteered to be here. You are meant to be of service to the many who are on your plane of existence.

Remember this concept when you get frustrated about the state of your world. If you get caught up in the energy that is around you, you will not be as affective in helping. There is no reason to judge others. They are on their own path. Not all humans are light workers so their creations won’t make sense to you and your creations won‘t make sense to them. Their path doesn’t need to be right for you. It only needs to be right for them. That is the point of time where you need to tune in and find how to be with the energy and what if anything you are there to do. Know there is purpose for all things. You are responsible for finding how to do your own work and how to utilize your life and gifts to help wherever you are. Sometimes this involves only being present. So, you won’t always know why you are where you are. Those moments will most often be moments that simply require you to just show up. You won’t always know why you are asked to be in a specific place. So, don’t worry about that. Know you are asked to show up at specific times and places for a reason and you don’t always need to know the reason.



Sunday, February 26, 2012

Opening To Recieve Transmitions!

We often like to communicate with you when you do not have shields up. We will pick times when you are sleeping, early morning or late at night. This is because you are not in your head or trying to convolute what is coming through. This is different from shielding for protection. We need you at a place where you are open for the energy transmission.

When people are awake, they are often in their heads or discounting what comes through. We are looking for you to be open so we can transmit to you. You are like radios or televisions. The transmissions are wavelengths or like radio waves. If you create interference, you will not get clear information from us. The more open you are the cleaner the transmission and the easier you receive the message. If you can learn to do this in your waking state, you will be ahead of the game. You will be able to receive in your waking state more clearly.

Start when you are open to receive and don’t be defensive about what comes through. Just be open. You will find that more and more will come through at that point. Visions come to those open for them. They can be subtle or very powerful. So, don’t dismiss something that seems subtle. You are learning to work with different frequencies and wavelengths.



Saturday, February 25, 2012

Bond Of Love!

Know how special you are to us. We find our time with you a wonderful gift. We enjoy communing with those of the light who wish to connect with those connected with them. Many of you find us a gift to you and we also feel the same way. This whole process is about love. We send great love to you and we wish you would understand it is reciprocal.

The bond of love between us is what is important. The stronger the bond of love, the stronger your connection and the more we can help each other. You help us as we help you. There is no reason to argue with your team. We have no agendas other than to help. We do what we do out of love. We ask you to afford us the respect that we deserve as we afford you great respect. If you knew everything, you would not need to link with those of us in other realms. We hold different perspectives from you. Some of us may need help understanding how you are affected by the earth plane but most of us understand what you are going through. If you just trust what is coming through and don’t try to color the information, you will find that it eventually leads you to what you are asking for. There is a method to each piece we send to you. Know this and trust it. Look through the eyes of love instead of fear and you will find that much is altered in your lives. Hear what we are saying. Don’t try and interpret it. Keep the energy clear and clean. Start with the basic message and then more information will come or you can ask for elaboration. Start with the simple communication and go from there. If you read into something, you color the answer and it often changes the results. Even if the message makes no sense to you try and follow it or at least receive it. Also, we realize we are talking about feelings or words but you all receive in the language that works for your body. This can be visions, feelings, words, knowing or some other variation. All is how it must be for you, as an individual.

Love and Blessings!


Friday, February 24, 2012

Connecting with Your Teams!

Brothers and Sisters,

Welcome! We wish to share this moment with you. This is not a time different from any other except we are willing you to consciously share it with those of other realms who are not seen by you or necessarily felt by you. This is a request to expand your knowledge and awareness. Spend some time willing the connection with your energies who work with you. This may be guides, spirits, angels, guards. You determine your focus of how you would like to connect. Use this time to form a bond and to open up to receive the bond with your team, group, advisors, councils. The term you use is up to you. See what resonates and feels right for you. Spend some time each day with this request and see what doors it opens up in your connection with those working with you.



Thursday, February 23, 2012

November as a Change Month

November is a month of great change among your world. You have arrived at human crossroads and you will find that lives are not where they have been in the past and where they are going in the future. You have tough choices to make right now that will affect what we see for November in your futures. You are asked to be clear and really focus on what is needed and release what is no longer needed. You are meant to make a difference but you must look to your values to help you proceed.

Your value to the earth is exponential and will expand as you expand into your power and process. As always, look to yourself and change what it is that you would change within you and become what you would wish to be. You have no real need to fix or change another. Always start the work on yourself. If you are not able to help yourself, how can your really help another? Really think about that. If you are looking at changing others, you are not doing your own work and if you are not doing your own work, you will not be able to affect change on others. So, your assignment, should you choose to accept it, is to look at the life you value and start releasing what is of no real value to you personally. Then, start looking at ways to recreate your life so that it reflects your true values.

Noah and the Light

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Present Moment

Be present and focus on the here and now. We know that many of you want to know what the future holds but that is not where the power lies. There are many alternatives that may take place and looking too far in advance will not give you the definitive answers that you seek. You know that right here and now, you are where you are. You know that you have hopes and dreams and wishes for the future. You have different areas of your life that you wish to change. All of those changes actually take place right now. You are laying the foundations for change in what you do in this moment.

If there is something that you hate, stop doing it now. If there are people you wish to stay away form, stay away from them now. Your actions in this very moment will alter your futures. Create the life you want starting right now. Don’t wait until whatever you perceive as taking place in the future before you help create what you truly desire right now. This is where your power resides. You must do what needs to take place right now. That is what helps make things fall into place.

Start by checking to see if what you say you desire is right for you. If you get a yes, then commit to the creation process. You are not creating in a way that is about getting others to do things. It is about you making the choices that are right for you here and now. That is where you always start, with yourself. You only have the right to control your own choices and not the choices of others.

Noah and Yahweh

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Bring Your Authentic Self Out in the World!

Each is meant to bring their power out into the world. Each is given assignments and those assignments determine what form is taken and where the being is sent. An angel on earth is not a fallen angel. They are assigned to help humanity. This is an act of love from the angel who has come to be among mankind. This applies to all beings who choose to come and help right now at this time of transition. It might take each being a while to process how to navigate your earth and their path on your earth. As it nears time for your assignments, you will awaken to what that work is and how to do it. We have placed that into the design to prevent you from many of the issues that have arisen in the past. Your time on the earth is not a punishment but a desire from you to truly help mankind.

If you are getting frustrated, it is time to ask for help remembering who and what you are and how to help. This request may need to be how to help in the meantime, until it is time to do the work you were assigned here on this plane.

You must each be where you are drawn to be. You cannot go and stay someplace because another wants you there for ego purposes. You must each be where you are meant to be. No matter where you are, there is potential to do good work but you will find things work out when you go to where you are assigned. This information is mainly for those of you who are light workers or beings of light who were assigned on the earth at this time. You will know if this applies to you. If in doubt ask those beings from your teams who are around you for information on your purpose and time on this planet. Your work will soon present itself to you.



Monday, February 20, 2012

Your Focus!

Blessings! We will keep this simple. You are blessed and you are blessings. You each must stop focusing on what you view as problems in the world and start being the solutions. Focusing on problems never heals anything. When you learn to focus on something as just being, it no longer is a problem. If you see something that needs to be healed or changed, try to open up to the energy and how to be with it. You are no longer fighting energy but being with it. Open to how to work with it and it will shift automatically. You are then focused on solutions instead of issues. You are no longer passing judgments on the energy but you are resonating with it.

Realize that you are being shifted from a fear based way to a love based way. From the love based way, there is no issue. There is no need to force your opinion or even share your opinion. Treat others as you would wish them to treat you. Know that all life has value and a purpose. You no longer feed the energy of that you wish to diminish and you do feed the energy of what you wish to see expand. Be love and compassion. Know that each must face the repercussions of their behaviors and ways. If someone values anger and hatred they will soon see the results of their ways. If someone values love and joy, they will also see the results of their ways.

It truly is simple. Remove yourselves from those whom you find vexing and put your energy towards those you find value in. If you genuinely can respect those you are with, you will notice that you are genuine and all the other energy will fall away.


Sunday, February 19, 2012


Blessings my dear ones,

I wish for all of you to find the love that is meant for you. This love will take many forms. You must each seek compassion and wisdom. Know what is good for you. Blind love is not a true love. It allows for abuse, which is never condoned. I spent many years in human form being abused because it was thought to be the right of the abuser to own me. My life was controlled and very brutal. Know this is not the will of heaven or any being of light. You each must be treated with respect.

Hold great love and compassion in your hearts for those less fortunate than you. Give aide to those you are drawn to help. Do this from love and compassion and not from coercion of those who seek to raise funds. Helping others doesn’t require sacrifice or guilt. It must come willingly of your own free will and choices. Charities that use guilt and coercion to raise such funds do no good for those whom they serve. Being open to your work and helping because it comes from within you is much better service.

Part of this new time in history is that you must base all that you are and do on a love model and no longer the fear model. You will truly be blessed with all that you are meant to have from this place. There is no need to fear lack or that you will not find love. Love is in everything around you.


Quin Yin

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Protection and Wealth

I am a God of War and Protection. I also help those who seek wealth. My main gift to you is to watch over you and keep you safe, as I did for my people many centuries ago. My people would often raise those who performed great services to China to the level of God or Goddess. We utilized their attributes to make them sacred. Many spirits will do the same to help those who are on your earth plane. You may invite them in so that they may assist you. Know that not all spirits wish to assist others. Many spirits are on their plane of existence and busy with their work in their current forms. Be advised that it is better to invite the energy in. If it is appropriate for them to come in, they will and they will do their service with you in that way.

I will protect those who ask for my protection and deserve my protection. Be honoring of me and I will serve those who belong with me well. Your fortunes are not always in the form of money. Be aware of this. There are far more valuable assets to protect.

Quan Kung

Friday, February 17, 2012

Finding Your Place!

Brothers and Sisters, Sons and Daughters,

You each seek to find yourselves and your place in this world. In my time, we wondered the desert for many years finding what was within us all along. Your place in the world comes from within you. The land of your forefathers is not sacred because of what happened or didn’t happen on it. It is sacred by just being. All land is sacred. All people are sacred. Most people don’t know this. They create lives that don’t feel holy. There are certain things that you don’t need to seek to find. You must start with looking within yourselves for the answers. The outward search only will reflect what is within you all along anyway.

You don’t need to search for years to find yourself. Just open to what is within you. Let your true self come out and be. You no longer need to search. You hold the key to your answers within you.

It took me many years to shed what had been imposed on me and my people so that we could find a place that was meant for us. You don’t need to do that. You have to first find what is within you and let that out. That is your true salvation.



Thursday, February 16, 2012

Home and Hearth

Home and hearth are my blessings to all who would entertain them. My gift is to help create nourishment and a safe place to live. My home for you is a place where you are allowed to be who and what you are and to relish your time in your very own space. Each of you may create such a home, if that is what you desire. I would help you find the perfect home and help you create it as a gift to you, if I am invited in to do so.

I am the Goddess of Home and Hearth. My virgins kept the symbolic home fire burning, which was important in the early Greek civilization. Keeping the home fire burning is vital to all time periods but not literally anymore. The home fire is within each of you. The outward manifestation may take many forms to those who exist now.

Invite me into your home and space and I will work with those who welcome me in.



Wednesday, February 15, 2012


My message to you for this day is love. I wish you great love and abundant love. I wish you a life of love. I wish you love in all that you are and all that you do. I wish you enjoyment and joy in what you are and what you do.

I embrace you in love. I envelop you in knowing that you are greatly loved, valued and appreciated. Let this be like a big warm hug of love to each and everyone of you. Feel my love. Feel my embrace.

Mother of all Creation

Tuesday, February 14, 2012


We have spoken of release to you. Many of you have created rituals for creating your day. You may have created simple rituals or very complex rituals. We would like to offer something very simple for you. One of the greatest prayers and blessings is simply gratitude. You may simply say, thank you for this day! You may add to your list of gratitude in the morning, during the day and in the night. We caution you to not obsess over this.

If you wish to attract something into your life, start by giving thanks for that which you wish to attract. For example, say thank you for the amount of money that you wish to attract. If you wish to own a home and currently don’t, find an image of a home you would enjoy owning and give thanks for that home and owning it outright. If you wish to pay off your mortgage or bills, give thanks for the money to do that. If you wish a loving partner, give thanks for having such a wonderful loving partner.

After you put this list of gratitude together, make sure it is something for you to have and then just give thanks for having it. The reason we add this is you may think you want something but it is not in alignment for you. If it is in alignment, you can manifest it. The rest requires trust and surrender. Let it go and go about your day. Follow your intuition and know that if something is for you to have it, you will have it at the perfect time. Most things show up when you are no longer looking for them but you are trusting that they will show up perfectly. You are not hyper-vigilant about it or when it will show up. It just will perfectly manifest. Go about enjoying your day. Find happiness within yourselves so that the happiness may show up outside of yourselves.


Monday, February 13, 2012

Teams and Changes

We know that many of you are learning about your teams. The energies working with you come and go. This is not a punishment. This reflects you and where you are right now in this moment. You always have the forms of energy around you that are right for you. Energy is not about getting attached to certain ways or things. It is a flowing form of existence. When you learn energy ways, you are learning to flow with what is and how you are guided. Your intelligence and thought process is what propels you forward, backwards or at a stand still. When you get locked into a certain way of being or acting, you are stifling your flow. You must learn when to hold onto something and when to let it go.

You may require a certain energy for a certain time period but you are not meant to always have everything. The judgment of what to release and when will come to you, if you are paying attention. If you need something back that was released, it will come back to you. What we speak of is different from someone saying to you that they like what you have and saying they were told that you must give it to them. If you pay attention the release should feel right to you and not be forced. What you wish to attract, must vibrate with your energy.

Ask your energies who work with you for guidance about what to do and how to do it. Ask your teams what is good for you to focus on and attract. That way you are not focusing on something that isn’t in alignment with you and for you. Trust the energies around you to be right for you. Allow the new ones in and allow those who need to leave you to leave you. The energies on your team are also evolving and changing. They are, also, beings. It works best for all of you.


Noah and the Light

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Showing Up and Being Present!

Knowing the future is not about having information so that you know something that others don’t know. It is about having a heads up so that you may help others when things do show up. Many of you alter your behaviors when you know how something will happen. Yet, the real power is about showing up in the moment and being present with others in love and compassion. The end result is never that important to us. It is the process to get from where you are to your futures. It is about being open and showing up in your lives.

Timelines change all of the time. That is not the issue. Outcomes will take place but they are altered often. What you receive in your intuitions will take place and you will know how to navigate it. It is not the interesting part of life. Showing up for your day and each moment is much more interesting. Looking at your options and making your choices, is much more interesting. That is why you are born in this world. You get to experience the physical. Knowing when someone is to leave your realm is not as interesting. Spending time with those who are important to you is where you must put your endeavors. Releasing those you don’t belong with is much more compassionate. We wish you to really be aware of how each thought, pattern and behavior influences each moment and the outcomes.

Place your focus on the moment and what needs to happen in each successive moment. Enjoy this present place and moment. That is where your power is.



Saturday, February 11, 2012

Know Yourself!

Know yourself! Know your weaknesses and your strengths. Don’t look at this from a place of judgment. Just from a place of really getting to know yourself. If you understand what your weaknesses are and your strengths, you will soon find your true purpose. Many will look at their weaknesses as being failures but they are not. You each have your own gifts. If you spend more time cultivating your gifts, you will know how to present yourself to the world better. Create your life around your strengths and talents. You will find that you feel much better about yourself and what you do in life from that vantage point.

You may work on areas you find weakness in but know that is not where you are meant to excel. Many would look for the weaknesses as a way to denigrate others but you would also be able to look at areas where they also don’t do well. Your weaknesses are not meant to be your focal point. You only need to be aware.

Your areas of strength are your focal point and meant to be so. If you know what you do well, you can shine in the world and contribute your gifts. That is what you are meant to do. Feel good about who and what you are. You are meant to feel joy and passion in your lives. Your strengths and passions are your keys to creating an extraordinary life.



Friday, February 10, 2012

Letting Go

There are different stages when you must each let go of something that you have held precious. We know this decision can be difficult for many of you. You will find many signs start showing up that have you know it is time to let something go. We know many of you will find it is time to grieve this letting go. Others of you will let go easily. The easier you let something go, the better. It allows for the flow of something new to come your way. As one piece ends another piece begins. You are ready for this. But full release is necessary for you to open up the space for what is new. If you need to regain something, it will come back to you. You never need to worry about the surrender phase.

Letting go of one piece is vital to attracting the next piece. Allow this process to be easy and it will be.



Thursday, February 9, 2012

Work and Path

For those of you who are worried about your work and path, it is not something you need to worry about. There are pieces of service that show up in your lives. We have watched some of you get into angst with some of the projects where you are helping others. You often think the work is about restoring someone to a place you want them to be at. You impose activities with others or think you are fixing something. There is nothing wrong in any of the situations. They are merely experiences. For those wishing for a different experience, you may be called on to help them with the formulation or pieces of the work.

Pay attention to when things change and when they stay the same. Often words and actions are not the same. There is no need to judge the situation. Judgments about how someone is living or existing are still judgments. They are not a type of service. You must strip your egos from your work. When you get frustrated with another because they are not doing what you said or how you said it, you are judging them based on your own ego. There is no need for attachments to end results. That is also an ego way of creation.

Start with repairing your own lives. We say repairing but we mean altering your lives so that you are happy, contented and in joy. Find your own true place of love and continue from there. Until you are coming from a place of pure love for others then you are not able to move beyond your own place of judgment. To truly serve, you must be able to genuinely love those you serve. It is also okay to realize you don’t need to be of service to everyone. Most healing takes place by truly being with someone without any form of agenda. Your work is shifting and so is your way of being on the earth. So, think about what you are offering here and now.



Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Love and Compassion for Others!

Your first order of service is love and compassion for others. No light worker was put on the earth to impose their values on another. No light worker was placed on the earth to force another to change. When you go to that place, it is time to return to the first order of love and compassion.

Start with I don’t know. You may believe that you have the answers for another being but that is not necessarily true. You must realize when you are being of service and when you are imposing your will on another. Each being must follow their own path. Stop imposing answers just because you think it is the answer that another seeks. There is a different energy when someone prays for help and you show up with information. They must seek answers before you reach for the answers for them. When it is time for someone to come to you in service, they will arrive.

Your main work is to be open to helping, when the time is right. Just because information flows to you, you don’t need to offer it. Always check in and see if the information you are receiving is meant to be shared in that moment. Then, ask the individual, if they are open to what is coming through to you. Even if someone says yes, you will know if you are jumping on knowing their answer before they are ready for it. You will also know if you are violating them by what you perceive as their answers, based on how the information affects them. Also, be aware that you might not be right about what you are picking up. There may be another path they need to execute. You may just be picking up some alternative for them. They must follow the path that is right for them.

We are aware that many of you are feeling ready to work and yet you are not seeing the work around you. Start with really being love, light and trusting that it all works out. Most of Being is not about doing. It is simply being present with another without judging them or imposing your will. Allow each to find their answers. You are not on the earth to force change but to be present during the possibilities.


Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Know Yourself!

Know yourself. You would think this is an easy request but you would be surprised at how many of you go through the motions without ever finding out what you like or dislike. Many of you have lost a sense of what your true passions are. You have become what you think others expect of you. You would be surprised to learn that most people don’t really spend as much time on thinking about who you are or what you do as you think. Most people are focused on their own issues. Knowing this should free you up to actually pursue what you are interested in.

If people are gossiping about what you are doing or not doing, they are not doing their own work. Your true job is to really understand yourself. Relearn what your innate talents are and what you truly enjoy. Try that on for size. Figure out what clothes make you feel wonderful and joyful. Figure out which food feeds your soul and your body. Rediscover your true passions. Then start rebuilding your lives. You will find this work immensely satisfying. Your true friends and those who love you will understand your process. So, go to it.

Love and Blessings!

The Light

Monday, February 6, 2012

Here and Now!

Many of you are seeking to know your futures. Here and now is your true gift. Don’t worry about much more than this day. You may save for your futures and look at ways of doing what you can to preserve your wealth or grow your wealth but that is a small part of your reality. Don’t focus on what could happen but in what is going on right now and in this present moment. Work on altering this piece of time. The next moment will find its way to you. Allow for twists and turns in your futures. That is the great adventure. If you knew the outcome, would you be so invested in the moment? At the end of this physical existence, you will all cross over into another dimension. Your soul will continue on. The more interesting part is what are you going to do with your time in the physical form. Put your energy in that.

How can you be loving and supportive of those who are traveling in your day? You don’t need to fix or change anyone. You get to pull judgment of others. Love and support can be as simple as giving someone a smile or holding the door open for them. It can be listening to someone who needs to vent or talk. Trust that each of you holds the keys to your own answers and you will know what we are talking about. Your work doesn’t involve altering another or fixing another. Instead, try and enjoy each other. If you don’t enjoy someone, don’t spend time with them or limit your time together. There are plenty of experiences that await you that you can enjoy.



Sunday, February 5, 2012

Pay Attention to Authentic People!

You seek adventures and you seek your life purposes. These are really one and the same. You are programmed for what is truly within you. You hold the keys to your delights. Pay attention to those who are authentic. The authentic people are not working to create their lives. They are just creating their lives. You all know those who are just going through the motions and those who are truly in life and ready to blossom. There is a glow that those who blossom possess. There is joy and presence in their behavior. They feel real. You gravitate to them. You find yourself wanting them to succeed and you help propel them forward. Notice people and how they are in their lives.

What is it that you truly want? What really feeds your soul? Find those answers. Seek those answers and reawaken your knowing. That is the key to the physical life. If you truly want to experience love, be open to love and loving others. Don’t try and figure out if something is right for you. If you are asking that question, it is not right for you. Things work out perfectly and in the right timing. You don’t need to figure it out. Start by enjoying what you have right here and now. Hold gratitude in your hearts and minds but not faux gratitude. Hold true gratitude. There is a difference and you will know when you get there. Your happiness resides within you and none else. You are in charge of creating your own happiness. Start there and the rest will follow.


Saturday, February 4, 2012

Understand where People are Coming From!

Go the extra mile to understand people or situations. Take time and attune to something that gives you angst and see if you can’t find a different perspective. When you attune to something, it helps you understand what is going on with a person or situation. Often when you are in an argument, it is because neither is taking the time to understand where the other person is coming from.

This is different from taking on the energy of another person or processing work that belongs to another. This is purely something we ask you to do to bring about a deeper understanding of a person or situation. It doesn’t mean that you need to stay in that place with them.

Much of your world problems could be cleared up, if people would just work on compassion and understanding each other. It would change the model of domination and control to understanding what each of you need to create a respectful environment to live in. Know this is possible and do what you can to really understand the fears and concerns of others. Be willing to take the time with each other. A little compassion goes a long way.


The Godhead

Friday, February 3, 2012

Thoughts, Actions, Deeds!

Brothers and Sisters,

Know that your thoughts, actions and deeds are the instruments of all creations. What you surround yourself with and how you project yourselves will be key to you growing or staying stagnant. You must free yourselves of whatever is not for you or doesn’t belong with you. Be clear about whether the course you are following is the course you wish to follow. You attract based off of each thought and behavior. Be clear about what you wish to attract. Be clear about what you wish to program into your being. Align yourselves with what you truly desire and want to imagine. You will be happy that you did.

We know this thought may seem simple and easy but notice how many of you get trapped and find yourself unable to break your habits. If you are clear and focused this process becomes easier. You just shift your thoughts to what you truly wish to imagine as your lives.



Thursday, February 2, 2012

Unite with Light

Brothers and Sisters,

We are united with you. We come together now in a bond that will help cement your futures. Know that we form this bond in peace and love. We are uniting with you so that you may progress beyond your “normal” way of being. Much is soon to progress and your growth is accelerated.

You will receive your instructions in due time. You must learn to follow those instructions for we do see how energy integrates and forms a new level of bonds. Energy weaves in and out. You are part of this energy and you interact with all that is. Learn to focus your thoughts, actions and deeds. Be clear and simplify what you project. You will be glad that you did learn this important piece. It will serve you well in your futures.

Peace be with all of you! Know you are loved beyond measure.

Council of Light

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Not all information needs to be shared. We hold back on a lot of information for individuals who are not ready to receive what is coming through. This is a judgment call on our part. We are working with each of you on your own processes. We are alert to your needs and we work vigilantly for you. Our partnerships are being formed. We must trust each other.

You may receive guidance to do something and it makes no sense. You may be alerted to a potential issue and you are then prepared to handle it. If another course is revealed, you will then be shifted to that. This is no reason to stop trusting what you receive. Energy may be subtle or profound but it is all right there for you. Keep the faith. It all makes sense just as it needs to and when it needs to. You are ready for new pieces, as they show up. Your growth and development is a process. So, be kind to yourselves and your teams. We are all working together now. Much is in the works. It is busy on our side, even when you feel like you are in limbo. Much goes into the creation process. So, be patient. We are working to help you as fast as we can. We must also make sure you have an infrastructure in place. Building on a strong foundation will help you in your futures.

We salute you!

The Light Council