Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Know Yourself!

Know yourself. You would think this is an easy request but you would be surprised at how many of you go through the motions without ever finding out what you like or dislike. Many of you have lost a sense of what your true passions are. You have become what you think others expect of you. You would be surprised to learn that most people don’t really spend as much time on thinking about who you are or what you do as you think. Most people are focused on their own issues. Knowing this should free you up to actually pursue what you are interested in.

If people are gossiping about what you are doing or not doing, they are not doing their own work. Your true job is to really understand yourself. Relearn what your innate talents are and what you truly enjoy. Try that on for size. Figure out what clothes make you feel wonderful and joyful. Figure out which food feeds your soul and your body. Rediscover your true passions. Then start rebuilding your lives. You will find this work immensely satisfying. Your true friends and those who love you will understand your process. So, go to it.

Love and Blessings!

The Light