Saturday, March 31, 2012

Evolutionary Path!

There is an evolutionary path that is awakening in many of you. It is not a source path but something in your programming that is igniting now. You are each programmed to evolve or shift your energy. As this happens, you will notice that you can no longer do what you have done before and you must follow the new way. This is within each of you.

Many may choose to stay in the old energy and they will stop or prevent the evolution happening within them. Those who are meant to evolve must evolve. You have no choice. It is like trying to stop a butterfly from growing and becoming what it is.

This piece has nothing to do with money, work or any physical life piece. The evolutionary step is something that will affect what you are and who you are. Many humans are not on this path but those of you who know that you are here for something much more are on this path. It is just who and what you are. Know you don’t have to make anyone understand this. It is just within you.

Some of you may feel that you should force this or make it happen. If it is your journey, it will happen. There is nothing you need do about it. Just be who and what you are.


Friday, March 30, 2012


There are times where your purpose may shift or change. You might get a message of how you are needed in a specific moment or experience or where you are needed in a specific moment. This can happen for those of you who are mutable and able to fill in where needed. There is nothing wrong with this. People do not need to have only one purpose or one way of being. You may just be needed for a specific moment in time. Be open to showing up and changing and evolving as you are needed. There is no right or wrong with this.

We realize that you see some people who seem to know what their purpose is and it seems to stay consistent. A group of you are here and now only to be useful when and where you are needed. You roam the earth to help. Your work is more nomadic and not meant to be fixed.

The best thing you can do is be open and show up. Be ready to work and see what work appears to you. Focus where your focus is needed and you only need to tune in to figure out what that is. Even those who know what their purpose is and their work is will have times where they must adapt to something else that is more pressing. Know that fixed agendas are never very powerful. Just be open. Times are changing.


Thursday, March 29, 2012


When you are doing a reading for someone and the information isn’t accurate, it could be because you haven’t received permission to do the reading. You may assume you have been granted permission but that doesn’t mean you have. When you try to read someone or some situation affecting another person, you can’t assume you have a right to see what is taking place. When you try to force the information through, you may receive something but it won’t necessarily be accurate and you may also be energetically psychically attacking the individual or group to force the information through. Many psychics have used this technique for centuries but it doesn’t mean this technique can continue.

Each person needs to have their own path. You are not granted the right to read them just because you think you can. There are some on a path where it is not appropriate to read them. There are some you may read but they must be open to your reading and it must feel and be right to do so. Check in first and see what comes through. Ask for permission to receive accurate information for them. Your team will tell you if you are granted that permission. Also, look at your motivation for receiving the information. There are many levels you need to seek approval before you will be given the right to receive the accurate information now. Readings are not meant to be a game. You are entering into something that is very sacred and creates a need to assume great responsibility.

You now know better and must do better.



Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Remember What You Truly Are!

To those of the light, you must remember who and what you truly are. Start by tuning into the light. Open your pathways to hear, feel, see, know what you are and what your true destinies and pathways are. You are not meant to compare yourself to any others of your world. You are only tuning into this for your own self.

Next, ask those you work with to align you with your true self and to help you self-actualize your energy and power. We use the term power because many of you are a light source. You can substitute your gifts for power, if it makes you feel more comfortable. You are energy and your energy is meant to shine and radiate. You have no need to change, fix or alter your earth in any way or form. You are not here to alter anything from a conscious level. Much change will appear just by you being here and now.

We are of peace and love. So above all remember this. When you find yourself angry or incredulous about what is taking place outside of you, remove yourself of that energy. You are not to add to the violence or out of control energy. Now is your time to learn to shine. You can’t shine if you get caught up in energy that is not for you. This concept also applies to spending time with those who are not meant to be with you any longer. You are also not passing judgment on those who must leave you or disconnect from you or you them. Let them find their own way and path. They will find their way so don’t allow guilt to cloud your judgment. Trust what must now take place.

Love and Light,


Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The Time is Coming for Your Guided Directions!

There will come a time in each life of the light workers among you where you will receive your guidance and directions, if you haven‘t already. That time is not too distant for many of you. You must learn to receive the information and not try and expand on it or make it into something other than what it is. You may be asked to perform one piece of the puzzle or many pieces. Your work up until this point has been to prepare you for this new shift. Many of you have performed multiple acts of service before this point. This is your training ground.

Know we are advancing many of you in your service. This is not about your pride or vanity. This is not about ego. You are soon called upon in service of the light. Note that you must learn to trust what comes through for you and do as you are asked. This is not about your free will or any aspect of free will because true light workers are not on the human path and will not be following the human ways for much longer. You are not here for humanity but to help with all that is forming right now.

Humanity has created through fear and violence. We hold no such energy. We experiment with ways to help and often are condemned for not fitting in. We come from peace and love and our light is now needed more than ever to help advance evolutionary tracts. It is abundantly clear your work will have ripple effects on humanity but it is not where we come from. You must now return to our ways.

This message will not make sense to many of you reading it. This message is for those who it does make sense to. Humanity must be allowed to continue on its own form of reality and creation. You of the light are not here to interfere with that now. You are here to represent your own worlds and knowledge but you must first remember who and what you are.

The Light

Monday, March 26, 2012

Direct Guidance

Pay attention to what comes to you directly. Follow the directions you receive and don’t focus on convincing others of the validity of what you are receiving. You don’t help others by trying to fix them or by trying to control them. They only resent you. You are in essence trying to take their power from them. In this new phase each must take responsibility of their own lives and behaviors. You may help others by guiding them in their creation process but they must do the work.

The watchword of this time is authenticity. You must value what is within you enough to allow it to guide you. You are part of the all that is but the physical gift is that you have solo journeys, which bring back to the collective much information and experiences. Your world is not about your link to all that is. That link comes from your other forms. Enjoy the sense that you have by just being who and what you are. Don’t assume you know what is best for another. Allow them to discover that and honor them enough to respect what they need to pursue, value and experience.



Sunday, March 25, 2012

Focus on Light!

Those who are light workers need to start focusing on the light. Envision the light around you and within you. Allow the light to radiate beyond you and out into the world. You are not projecting this light to others or trying to control this light. You are only drawing it around you and within you while it attunes you. Light radiates and that is what it will do naturally. Awaken the light within you and allow that to radiate.

We know in the past people have been taught to send energy or love or some variation there of out into the world or to people but that is now shifting. When you are doing the technique of sending energy to others, you are assuming you know what is best for them. Many of you use this as a form of manipulation because you have intentions of how the love will change or affect others. All manipulation of others must stop. All control or force must stop. You must all work on yourselves and create your own paths. Be love, if that is what you desire.

Light workers are not sent out into the world to fix others. You were placed in the world to Be and not do. Your work is light. The color of light that is innate within you might vary. Work on being that light and energy. Most of your work happens when you show up where you are needed. Healing takes place when you touch people without any agenda and you show up. This is not the old paradigm. This is about creating authentically and being new.

There is still plenty for each of you to do but it must come organically and not by force. First show up and then see what evolves from that. Don’t try and figure it out or control it. That is not your job or work. Show up without agendas. Be in the flow and work organically.



Saturday, March 24, 2012

Open To Answers that You Seek!

Allow answers to come to you. You work very hard at finding information or trying to be perfect. Be who and what you are. Be open to the energy that is coming to you. When those of you who do psychic work seek the answers for your clients, you are working harder than you need to. Open up to the energy and the answers to come to you and through you. Try to stop imposing answers or information on others. Allow the energy to come. Open and attract answers.

This thought goes to those of you who are cultivating your own intuition. Be open. Awaken your senses and then allow the information to flow to you. Receive the answers and give your teams feedback when the information isn’t clear. You may ask for the answer to come in various ways. You may also let your teams know what you would understand as being their answer. Work on giving feedback to those energies that give you information. There may be a time where you don’t need the specific mode of information for the answers. When you get the signs you are looking for trust them. If you ask for something and then are given it, say thank you and trust what you are picking up.



Friday, March 23, 2012

Know What You Do Well and Focus on That!

Know what it is that you do and don’t try and do something that is not in alignment. Many times you think that you need to be able to do everything and that extends to trying to be everything to everyone. Know what you do well and focus on that. Allow others to do what they do well. It simplifies much to not feel you have to do everything. It also helps your economy and allows you to connect with other people. You are not meant to be isolated.



Thursday, March 22, 2012

Move On, Heal and Grow!

No one heals when they hold onto their wounds. It doesn’t matter who did what to whom. You may have your feelings but really pay attention to how you feel holding onto them. Does it make you feel better? Does it improve your life? Assigning blame doesn’t really help the situation. It doesn’t make you feel better. It just makes you feel that it isn’t your fault so that you should be getting sympathy from others. It also blocks you from moving on and creating something that is much more healthy and valuable. You thrive when you learn to let go of the blame game. People come and go in your life. Learn, heal and move on. Each of you must follow your own way. As one leaves you, another comes in. Enjoy the time you have with those who are in your life, while they are in your life.

If you are being abused find a way to get out of the situation. If you are abusing someone, find a way to get out of the situation and stop abusing others. There are people who will illicit feelings from you that might not be healthy. You are looking to create healthy relationships and not situations where you create ill will and emotional roller coaster rides. People can argue and work things out but only if both parties are working together to work things out.

If some relationship is over, allow it to be over. You don’t need to rehash what you did or what they did, unless it is to help you stop something that isn’t working for you so you can break dysfunctional patterns. Ask how something works for you or is serving you. That will help you gather what information that you need to move on. The focus is being able to move on and grow.



Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Starting Fresh

A time of new beginnings is unfolding for you and with you. This is a time to start fresh and clear away any of the old remnants that no longer serve you. If you have been doing your work, you will understand who you are better and you will know when something doesn’t feel right for you.

If a relationship seems off to you, it is. Trust what you pick up. You will not attract what is right for you on any level, if you are holding onto energy that no longer fits you or belongs with you. If you are in an environment that no longer feeds your soul, you must be open to moving or creating and environment that does feed your soul.

The first step in change is recognizing what is working and what is not. You don’t need to know what does work for you, at this stage. You do need to release what doesn’t work. This will create space for something new. Each experience teaches you what is right for you. You get to choose and make the choices.

There are times where something may feel wrong for you or create a lot of stress but something within you guides you to stick it out. This is because you are learning something valuable in this experience. When this happens, you will feel an inner guidance to stick it out. If something is just off for you, you will feel an inner guidance to leave the situation. So, pay attention to what your inner voice is telling you. Cultivate your intuition and trust what comes through. It will serve you well.

The Godhead

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Trust Your Own Intuition!

All of our messages are geared towards helping you each reach your goals. We realize that each of you have different pathways to follow and create. The right and wrong energy is only pertaining to you and how you feel with people and in situations. Trust your own intuition. Never allow others to override you and what you need to do. It doesn’t matter who the person is or who you think they are. You must always tune in and find what is right for you directly. When others need to assert their power over you, you need to run from them.

You each have your own teams of energies working with you and for you. That is your source for what to follow. If someone says that they are talking with your guides, they most likely are not. Most psychics are talking to their guides in a reading and being given information to help you. Mediums are speaking to spirits who are giving them directions. They are conduits for the communication and nothing more. You must always tune in for yourself to see what is the better decision for you. Most people are well meaning when they offer advice but they may not have a clue what you need to do. You must decide what is right for you and only you know what is best for you.

You start out young knowing what is right for you and people spend years training you not to trust what you know inside. Now is your chance to take back that control and connection. You will be happy that you did. Always give yourself permission to step back and see how something feels to you and determine if that is the best choice for you to make.



Monday, March 19, 2012

Where Does Your Energy Go?

Pay attention to where your energy goes. Are you feeling productive? Are you feeling that something is keeping you from being productive? Look at where your energy is going. What feels right and what just acts as a drain on you? Pay attention to this. Focus on what supports your goals and aspirations. You want to place your energy on those areas. Eliminate or minimize activities or events that keep you from accomplishing your goals and aspirations and focus on what feeds those goals and aspirations.

Many of you have fallen into the trap of allowing energy stealing events to take your focus because you were waiting to see where you could be of service. Now is the time to release activities and connections that are not in alignment with you and for you. You are being prepared for your real work now. You must be free to just go and do it. So, start releasing whatever doesn’t work for you anymore. You will be surprised how much energy you have after you work on this process.



Sunday, March 18, 2012

Let Go Of What Needs to Be Released!

Many light workers and energy workers will stay in relationships past the time for them to stay. They do this because they have good hearts and don’t like to hurt others. However, when this is done, you are not looking at how that will hold you back from what you really need to place your attention on. You spend energy trying to be there for others who don’t belong there with you.

Learning to release these relationships will help you free up your energy to where it needs to be. Releasing someone doesn’t mean that you are saying that they are a bad person or you are labeling them as lesser. It means that the relationship has run its course and you need to let it go. When you release those who no longer belong in your life, you free them up as well as yourself. They get to be who and what they are and so do you. You free yourself up for what does belong in your life. It may hurt at the time but it ends up creating a win/win situation. So, when you feel any relationship has run its course, let it go. You might be surprised to see how much energy that connection was taking from you.

You are looking to create relationships where you are feeling empowered and your best. The others involved should also feel empowered and their best. If you feel drained from someone, it is time to let them go. If you find you need to spend some time together, minimize that time. Pay attention to how it feels when you are not with them versus when you are with them. Releasing the energy of drama trauma will free up your energy to do much more.



Saturday, March 17, 2012

Invite Your Guides In!

For those looking for ways to connect with your guides better try and invite them in. Many would try to control the beings with them and around them. They would order them around or command them. This is not a powerful way to enlist help from outside of yourself. Instead invite the energies in to work with you. Welcome them in and their advice and information. This is a simple shift but a very powerful one.

We respond better when we sense the respect that is shown on all levels. Arguing with us or demanding things from us is not a show of respect. It is a show of those who wish to control and manipulate. We are trying to teach you to shift the paradigms to honor and respect. Start with respecting yourself and extend that to respecting your teams. How does that feel to you? It feels much better to us.


Friday, March 16, 2012

Be What You Wish to Attract!

Peace my brothers and sisters. It is something that comes from within. When you seek to create peace outside of yourself, you seek to change others. When you seek to create peace from within yourself, you seek to become the energy of peace.

If each of you would seek to become the energy you wish to be without trying to force others into a different energy, you would find a much more powerful world. How often have you seen peace rallies where people seem so angry. The reason is people are more attached to changing others than they are about changing themselves. When you seek to impose energy on another, you are engaging in a fight for control. The energy tends to heighten but it doesn’t shift to what you desire it to be.

Our advice to you is to focus on becoming what you desire to be and allow others to do their own work. Spend time tuning into the energy you wish to be. See how that shifts and alters your own energy. That is where true power resides.

If someone asks for your help to change, you may help them help themselves through guidance and observations but not much more. If people don’t ask for your help, they most likely don’t want it. Allow them to find their way without judging them.


The Godhead

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Choose Love!

Welcome to the Ides of March. When Caesar was murdered on this date many centuries ago, it was based on the fear of those around him who thought he garnered too much control and they wanted to take the power back. It was based on egos that were in fear and decided to use fear energy to generate more fear.

We realize that you have many opportunities to evolve and grow. We are hoping that mankind will be able to move forward into a much more loving approach to all that you are and do. We see that you may choose to come from love in your perceptions and ways of being. This date is a transition date. How will you utilize it? If you learn to do your transitions in love and joy, you will aid to much evolution in your planetary makeup. When you come from love, you are opening up to new ways of seeing your world and existences. Because of this great love that we share with you, you always have choices. How you make your choices says much about where your futures lie and where you will end up moving to and growing to.

Your souls choose to be here for great adventures. You have had many lifetimes which have perpetuated your reality right here and now. To break the cycles, you must be open to viewing things differently and making new and bold choices. You are here for a reason and that reason promotes learning and growth. It may be slow and in small steps or it may be in huge evolutionary leaps. You are not making these choices for others but for yourselves.



Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Healing Variations!

People think of healing as being returning them to their optimal health, well being and vitality. Variations in perceived health show up and people panic. Yet, healing comes from peace and love and learning from the experiences that reveal themselves. Understand and hold compassion for ailments. Greet them as a friend holding a Divine message for you.

Many use fighting terminology when something shows up in their lives that they don’t want. They battle cancer. They attack cancer. They won’t let cancer beat them. They then wonder why the process depletes them and becomes laborious. This concept may be used for any ailment or experience that you don’t like undergoing. What if you learn from the experience and send love and support to your bodies and their process? Try to open to the messages provided for you through the experience. You may still require surgery or treatments but try and alter your beliefs in the process. Many find the experiences are great teachers for them. Focus on love of yourself and love to yourself. Alter your thoughts and beliefs and see what changes may result from this shift. Your body is not letting you down. Your body is advising you on a new path and potential.

Your bodies are constantly changing in each life stage and experience. When this takes place you need to adjust the way you are in your world. Many experiences are presented as wake up calls to help you refocus on what is truly important to you and what matters most. You have asked for great teachers and you often receive lessons in many forms. Know that the creation system is based on love. If you look at each piece as a gift of love, how does it change your experience?


Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Trust What Needs to Happen!

When you use your gifts to evolve something or change something, you are not trusting the perfection that exists. If you impose your will on anything, you are corrupting the energy and altering the paths that may need to take place. Don’t assume you know outcomes or what needs to take place. If you volunteer to help energy, be open to what help the energy requires. Your ego is not the place to create help or healing. The place where miracles take place is through spirit, which holds no ego.

Be careful with your assumptions of what needs to take place. Your human agendas often get in the way of the spirit path. It is vital that anyone who wishes to do light work understand this. You may think you are helping but you often are not. Be clear about your motivation. Assist if you are drawn to but you are not the driving force or the deciding force of what is the best course or outcome.



Monday, March 12, 2012

Release Those Who Don't Belong with You!

Many of you are concerned that if you let go of those who need to leave your lives that you will be alone and not have anyone replace those people. You are not trying to replace anyone. You are striving for an authentic life. As you grow and evolve, you must allow those who no longer fit to leave so that you may attract those who do belong with you. As you connect more and more to who you are authentically, you will attract other people into your life. You are looking for those who enjoy being with you just as you are. You are looking for people who allow you to be who you are and don’t try and control or manipulate you. You also want to stay clear of anyone who tries to make you feel bad or guilty for being who and what you are.

You are looking to surround yourself with those people who help build upon your life. You each feel connected and feel a sense of belonging together. You complement each other’s gifts and talents and create space for each other to grow. Pay attention to your sense and you will understand when it is time to let someone go and create space for others to enter you life. The only being who will travel your whole life with you is you. Others come and go in your life. Enjoy those who are with you, while they are with you.



Sunday, March 11, 2012

Your Path and Authenticity!

Brothers and Sisters,

You are not needing to follow the path of any other being. Your path is your own. You are your own unique individual. Your world is not about conforming to what others would have you be. It is about utilizing your own gifts and talents to create a life that allows you to thrive. You often wonder what your purpose is but you have talents that point you towards your purpose. You each have unique gifts.

When you try to emulate another or try to force change on yourself, you are negating that you are a unique being who has much to offer. You will always be a much better you than an inferior copy of another. Source what is within you. Strip away conditioning of others and trust there is something magnificent there. Look at what you do effortlessly. Look at what you really feel connected to. That will guide you towards your futures. Be yourself. If someone doesn’t resonate with who and what you are, it is not for you to change but allow those who need to leave to leave. There will be people and support for you. You just may be looking in the wrong place for the support. People will come and go in your life. Allow this to happen. When people leave, it opens up room in your life for better fitting people. Don’t be in a rush to replace those who leave your life. Let it be organic. Show up where you are drawn to be and always be your authentic self.



Saturday, March 10, 2012


To help others heal, you must not judge them. For people to heal, they must not judge themselves. The need to punish or seek salvation follows the belief in Hell and damnation. This model doesn’t promote healing. It only promotes suffering.

The real model needs to be love and truth. Show light in the dark. Surrender to the experience without passing judgment on others or their process. Hold space for people to understand what is showing up and why. Many will say that they teach people to fight what is going on. This also doesn’t promote healing. You are fighting the energy that is showing up. Healing happens when you learn to work with what is showing up and understand how it serves you. Healing may take another form than what you anticipate.

If your work is helping others heal, you must hold space for them and support them in love and light. If you touch them, touch them from a pure place of love. Whatever needs to happen then may take place. If you are coming from judgment, there is little room for shifting the energy. Judgment doesn’t make others feel better. It usually makes them feel worse. To heal, you must create space to heal. Working from love will be the best way to help others in their process.

Yahweh and the Light

Friday, March 9, 2012

Gain Permission Before Doing Any Reading!

For those of you who work through your psychic gifts or for those of you who are cultivating your psychic gifts, how accurate do you think you will be, if you read for someone who hasn’t asked for you to read them? If you are not invited to tune into a situation or read a situation that has nothing to do with you, you will not be shown accurate information. You are reading through a protected wall and you are doing something invasive. You are also reading from a perspective of bias. The information will not be given to you when you are violating another person or situation.

There are times where someone has prayed for an answer and you are the nearest person to deliver the information but in that case the information has been asked for. You must still receive permission from the person you are trying to give information to. If they don’t want to hear it, stop judging them. The need to persist with them is ego and not spirit.

If you are just talking with someone and decide that you know what they should do and decide to tell them, you are violating them. You may think you are helping but you are not. There is no superior path in delivering messages there.

Free Will must be respected and not violated. Each of you must read for yourself and not have others override what you are picking up. If you are picking up something, always defer to that. If you are talking with someone who is supposedly psychic, let them pick up what is right for them. They must make their own choices and follow their path. Just because you are picking up something for them doesn’t mean it is the best way for them to proceed. There may be something else that they are aware of that you don’t know. There may also be a lesson for them in what they are picking up. If you are being paid to do a reading for them, there is a contract of acceptance of the information and you will be given the information that they need.

Humans violate each other daily because they assume that their way is right and the others are wrong. There is way too much judgment of others going on. Learn to step away from that way of being.


Thursday, March 8, 2012

Healing Ways!

We watch those of you who profess to be here as healers get really angry at people whom you consider stupid or not doing what you consider right. We ask you how you are going to heal anything with judgment of others and anger of others? When you decide to judge others, you are judging what is right for you. When you place a label on others, you are making a huge error in judgment. You don’t know the purpose of another. Each has their own rights to beliefs and opinions and those who differ from you feel the same way about you as you feel about them. Each of you have your own viewpoint and you judge the world from that. There is not a right or wrong way to think and believe. You must understand you each have those beliefs and opinions for a reason.

You may judge others from the perspective of if you wish to spend time with them or not. You are not judging their validity or way of thinking. Each of you is formed to perform your own path and not the pathways of others. You must create the life that is right for you and not try and tell others what they should be doing or how they should be. Most people are not asking for your opinion anyway. You are the ones who are supposed to understand how the Universe works. Many who are on human tracks do not understand when they create damage to another. They only see the limited scope and are not asking to see the alternative perspectives. The judgment of what is right for you is right for everyone is a fallacy. Only individuals know what is right for themselves. They must be allowed to choose.

If you truly want to be a healing influence on your world, spend more time with sending love to all that is. Learn to pull your judgment out of the equation. Allow each person to find their own way to handle their creations and life. Focus on your own work and not in trying to change or control others. Understand Free Will is vital to human existence.


Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Be Who and What You Really Are!

To those beings who have come here for service, know that you are not human. You may be from some other form of existence and that form of existence is not related to humans. You were granted human form to be able to fit in or appear to fit in. The earth ways may feel strange to you and not fit with your inner workings. You must not feel the need to change to fit in. For your true purpose is not related to humanity. You have been put here to work for those who sent you here and that is where you must gain your guidance on how to be and what to do. We watch over you closely to help you.

You feel a sense of struggle on the earth because you are thinking that you are here as a human in this current world. As you learn more about who and what you truly are, you will be guided more on your path and it will not be from a human perspective. It will be aligned with your true nature. That is why we often ask you to connect to your authentic self. That will help you navigate your earth life better than anything else that you can imagine. You are not here to blend in any longer. That served a purpose to keep you alive but once you gain connection to your true power and core truth, you will no longer need to blend in. Your work and purpose will guide you and you will be able to be of greater service to all you are sent here to help. You are here to usher in peace, love and harmony but you must also always respect free will of others. Know your tasks are not simple. They are perfect for you. It comes from love and a need to serve others and your true essence.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Being Names

Dear Ones,

There are times when you hear the name of some energy working with you and then you feel the need to change the name to reflect the name of some more well known energy. Just because literature has not mentioned the name that comes through, it doesn’t mean that the energy is less powerful or magnificent. Even in history, mankind has changed our names to suit them or to make someone seem more important. The first time an energy showed up to any of you, there was a transference of energy to that person from the energy showing up. Each being who comes in to assist you is perfect. There is no reason for you to change our names to fit an ego need. Many of us have no need for names or labels.

There have also been times where someone changes an energies name because someone else corrects the name that came through and makes the receiver feel like they must have been wrong about what they received. Trust whatever you pick up. Don’t try and make it fit into anyone’s perceptions of right or wrong. Also, don’t get caught up on what scriptures say is good or bad. You will know the true energy as they come to you. If the energy feels loving and supportive, you know it is a force of light. If the energy degrades you or you feel off when they are around, you will know that the energy is not something for you to work with. Your true energies will never tell you to harm another or play to your egos. They will know that true light work is not about ego but about services to many realms. Pay attention to what you pick up and utilize all of your senses. If you truly wish to know the names of the energies working with you, be open. We are not human so our names are not going to fit human expectations. Many of the older names were to reflect the languages that they were communicated in. The name was more of a description of the energy. Sometimes, an energy with no name will come up with a name to help you feel more comfortable with them. We don’t view our names as important and your realm does.


Monday, March 5, 2012

Enjoy the Process!

Dear Ones,

When people are focused on the end result of their desire, they are often missing the process. Each step of the process of creation is very important. It is what helps create the building blocks and the foundation to what you desire. Without a strong foundation, the creation will not be as strong. If you are only focused on the outcome, you tend to wish away the pieces that will build a strong creation and will allow you to alter different aspects to serve you better.

Don’t try and create with too many specifics because there may be a version that is better for you that doesn’t fit what you perceive as the way it should be. We are working with you to create from many levels. Trust is involved in the creation process. Allow the Universe and your teams of energies to help work with you. Look for guidance in the creations and the steps you are required to do. You will find much is working with you.

You may feel that a certain person is your true relationship soul mate, only to find out that there is someone better in mind for you. If you put it out that you are only willing to create a relationship with a specific person, you will often mess up the process. There may be a trait or something you are not aware of with the other person that won’t make that person your best partner. You might totally miss the person who is your better partner because of your focus. Know that we are working behind the scenes on such creations. This principle applies to all areas of your life. You may not be aware of something that we are picking up or see and so what you are adamant about may not be what you truly would like to see manifest. The full process is what you really need to work with in your creation.



Sunday, March 4, 2012

Be Light and Love!

Dear Ones,

To help you with what needs to take place now, start from love. Connect to the light within you and around you. Envision yourself just shining from the light that you are. Hold the thoughts of love and compassion for all that is and all that is created. Send thoughts of support for all life. Feel the energy expand. That is the only focus we advise.

Notice that this energy is not about fixing or changing others. This energy is just about aligning yourselves with light, love and compassion for all that is. Be a source of true light in areas that may seem dark but do not judge darkness as a bad thing. You are sending unconditional love and support to all that is without judgment of needs, perceived lack or any limitations.

Your work is to simply come from love. Trust that each being will follow their own path beautifully. Trust that all things work out just as they need to work out. No life is wasted or unwanted. As humans leave this world, they simply move on and enter another dimension or realm. Be at peace with whatever shows up or transpires. Hold your own light and love for all that is. Project gratitude for all pieces and how they exist in your world. If you truly wish to be part of solutions send light and love into your world without any attachments to results. There will be other pieces for you to create but you must first master this piece. You must be the initial, pure light energy before you may do anything else. That is your first lesson and first major task. Then just radiate from a pure place. Energy knows what to do. It doesn’t need to be controlled by anyone or anything. It just is what it is.



Saturday, March 3, 2012

Serving Humanity!

Blessed Ones,

We know that many of you are really looking for ways to serve humanity. You perceive that you are here to fix things and that you have learned to communicate with other realms so that you are better equipped to handle things than those whom you might assume you are here to help. If you had to hazard a guess is this an ego perspective or a spiritual perspective? That is right this is about your ego and not coming from a place of spirit. Mankind has been taught by spiritual (religious) advisors who often come from ego so it is confusing for you to discern how to be with others. We are asking you to truly come from a place of spirit. From this place there is no ego or no need to fix or change anything.

You have been placed on the earth to be of service. This is not service from a human perspective but from a perspective of wherever you come from originally. The philosophies are quite different from this place. Mankind has many different paths that they may take. You are not here to interfere with free will but to assist where you are called to assist. If you are asked for help or guided to show up, just show up and be open to how you are needed. Your world does not need any more beings intent on judging others as lacking. Each being is programmed for certain experiences and they are creating scenarios to help them with those experiences. This is not something that needs to be changed altered or fixed.

We have been silent for too long with many of you so you have forgotten your work or assignments and we will endeavor to do better with helping you out with your real work. Realize this is different from what humans perceive. We will work more diligently with you to help you move past this now.


The Godhead

Friday, March 2, 2012

Navigating Life!

God’s grace to you my brothers and sisters. We are united with thee. We come forth and we offer our assistance right now. Know better that we come in peace and love to all of humanity. We do not single out anyone of you but we would communicate with any ready to feel our love and energy. You have nothing to fear right now. Do not buy into assertions of the end of the world or fear based mentalities. You are noble and brave. You are prepared to handle whatever this physical world places before you and you will do it with grace, style and dignity. Your work is to learn how to be with what shows up in your lives. Your work is to find ways to navigate the physical form and experiences of the physical form. There is no real right or wrong way to do this. Your life is an experiment and each life before and after was thusly the same as you have known before. Each piece affords you a chance to try something differently or the same. It matters not. Look to your learning curve. You are willing recipients to a world of imagination and valor. Notice the shift taking place with reading this.

Each of you gets to make choices that are right for you and you alone. Do not pass judgments on others for making a choice different from yours and do not praise someone for making the same choice as yours. You know that all must make the decisions that best reflect their own needs. You must protect those who are vulnerable for their safety but they must still be able to execute their own judgments as they see fit. Help others navigate what is right for them and not because you value the decisions you wish applied to the situation.


Thursday, March 1, 2012


We have been researching humans for eternity. You have evolved in some methods and modes and refused to grow in others ways. For instance, you are committed to ways of fear but you reject full on love. You find it difficult to believe that God loves you all so deeply. This love does not include judgments on your ways and behaviors. No, this is just pure and complete love for all of you. There is no room for hatred in your world. Hatred has a way of limiting possibilities and it only focuses on how to control and manipulate others. Many of your world consider gay marriage an abomination but it is not so. No soul is male or female. They are two forces coming together in love and a bond of fellowship. This is not something we would admonish you for. Some areas find this same problem with cross races coming together. We prefer that spirits find someone who is at a similar stage of life to them and on a similar path for convenience and a more harmonious life.

You must all do a better job of looking out for each other. Your ways of negotiating something only because it pleases you is not a way of looking out for what is good for others. Learn to be considerate of others and kind to all. Allow each to find love that suit’s the individuals concerned. Any loving relationship must work for all involved in the relationship. A bond of love must be entered into willingly and by consensual adults. If this bond is entered into by adolescents, it must be consensual without coercion. Each party must understand what is expected of them and done in a place of respect and honor of each other. When you choose to be in relationship with another, it must be from love and respect of each other. No being shall overshadow another to force their will on him or her.

If you find that something is coming from fear stop and readjust it from a perspective of love. Notice the shifting that takes place from here. You are altering the fabric of your lives and world right now. Let’s go in the direction of the true design and that is through love.