Friday, March 9, 2012

Gain Permission Before Doing Any Reading!

For those of you who work through your psychic gifts or for those of you who are cultivating your psychic gifts, how accurate do you think you will be, if you read for someone who hasn’t asked for you to read them? If you are not invited to tune into a situation or read a situation that has nothing to do with you, you will not be shown accurate information. You are reading through a protected wall and you are doing something invasive. You are also reading from a perspective of bias. The information will not be given to you when you are violating another person or situation.

There are times where someone has prayed for an answer and you are the nearest person to deliver the information but in that case the information has been asked for. You must still receive permission from the person you are trying to give information to. If they don’t want to hear it, stop judging them. The need to persist with them is ego and not spirit.

If you are just talking with someone and decide that you know what they should do and decide to tell them, you are violating them. You may think you are helping but you are not. There is no superior path in delivering messages there.

Free Will must be respected and not violated. Each of you must read for yourself and not have others override what you are picking up. If you are picking up something, always defer to that. If you are talking with someone who is supposedly psychic, let them pick up what is right for them. They must make their own choices and follow their path. Just because you are picking up something for them doesn’t mean it is the best way for them to proceed. There may be something else that they are aware of that you don’t know. There may also be a lesson for them in what they are picking up. If you are being paid to do a reading for them, there is a contract of acceptance of the information and you will be given the information that they need.

Humans violate each other daily because they assume that their way is right and the others are wrong. There is way too much judgment of others going on. Learn to step away from that way of being.