Monday, January 23, 2012


Believe! That is our message today. We have often given you information and you discount it. You may see different things transpire than what you expect. But through all that is happening, you must believe. Allow others to follow their own guidance and information and don't feel the need to direct them, as you think they should be in the world.

We notice that many often feel the need to judge others for how they are in the world and we see how many would expect others to live as they live. If you trust and believe, you will allow each to follow the path that is right for them without trying to judge or manipulate them. Sometimes the best thing you can do for someone is step back and give them space to be as they need to be. Respect of each path is cruscial.

If you believe and trust, you have the keys to the kingdom. Your world is evolving and you must each allow others to evolve as they need to. All works out perfectly.



Sunday, January 22, 2012

Know Us!

Know us! We are integral to you! Open your lives to us so that we may truly integrate with you. Spend time aligning with whomever you are working with. As we connect more and more, we find better ways to work together. We are working with you better and better. Know this.

Your lives are in flux. Know this and allow the changes to take place. Many of you are in lives that will not be recognizable to how those lives were a year ago. The future will also open up to a new existence. Each phase builds on the previous phase. This is part of the beauty of this very moment in time. As your earth reconfigures so do your lives. You will be amazed by how this all will turn out.



Saturday, January 21, 2012

Time of Great Changes!

Now is a time of great changes. Much is moving faster and faster. There is a huge acceleration in process. Once things start happening, you will find that much expanse will happen quickly. The flood gates are about to open. You are ready for what is to take place. Breathe while you are in the process. Allow each piece to take place as it needs to.

We are with you. We are helping you. You are not alone. Feel us and let us come in. Time is shifting. All is in perfection. Know that when things change, there is a purpose for this. As on element changes so do many other elements.

You will be amazed at the perfection of how it all works together.



Friday, January 20, 2012

Shifting Information!

Brothers and Sisters,

We are aware that you pick up information that often shifts and changes. You may feel put on hold but you are not really on hold. There is a shift where you are expanding to planes of potentials. Mankind is waking up and evolving so they are no longer stuck on a linear path. Each decision you make and others make will often shift what is taking place. All may shift in an instant. Many things are not fixed. There are some experiences that are fixed.

You may ask if something is fixed or mutable to know whether something is a sure thing on the timing you are picking up or whether it is only a potential that may take place. If you are aware of what must take place in a certain timing versus a possibility, you will find you are less frustrated.

We are working with you and we will continue to help you navigate whatever is showing up. We send you much love and support in this process. Know you are never alone. Learning to be present and go with the flow, you will find you are in much better shape to handle whatever comes up. Fine tune your connection with your teams and you will all learn to work better with each other. We are all a work in progress.


Noah and Uriel

Thursday, January 19, 2012


You each have many pathways that will lead you to your journey. There is much variety in all that is before you each. So, worry not about how to get there. It is more important to know that you are meant to follow certain markers on your journey. It is like an actor hitting their mark. There is much that can happen from marker to marker. You may experience much on your journey.

What you study and experience all creates a beautiful tapestry for each of you. However, not all experiences are yours to have. You may find that you are drawn to an experience but for other reasons than you imagine. You may also find you are repelled by certain experiences. Trust what comes from within you. Trust what you seek and what seeks you. Find what resonates with you. Your soul will lead you to many twists and turns. Miracles await each of you in each moment. So, bless that journey and awaken to how you are meant to experience what is before you.

Whatever you do or experience, always tune into your team and you will do a marvelous job. Your futures await you. Trust and know that what is within you will be superb.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Focus of the Day!

Spend a few minutes each morning tuning into what your focus of the day is to be. Your guides or teams may have suggestions for you. Whatever comes up, will help you with the day. Tune into the energy that comes through and see what it helps create. This does not need to be a long process. Just be open and ask about your focus and what you need to be aware of for the day. You can also ask if there is anything special you need to do during the day. Don’t worry if you don’t pick up anything. It may come to you in many forms. Just be open to the process.

You may find that this process is more effective for you at some other time of the day. Follow whatever your intuition guides you to do.



Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Make Time for Those Important to You!

Have you made some time for someone whom you keep saying you need to call or spend time with? It is important for you to do this. Don’t wait until it is too late. It is important for you to spend time with others and to make them feel special. Make it a point to contact someone whom you really value but don’t seem to find the time for. Commit to this connection. You won’t be sorry that you did it.

We don’t ask you to do this out of guilt but out of a sense of making someone’s day a bit more special.

We would never ask someone to do charity out of guilt or feeling forced to do it. We would not ask you to contact a loved one out of guilt. We are looking for people you genuinely enjoy. If you contribute to a charity, make sure it is something you believe in and would genuinely want to support. Whatever you invest your energy in should be something that lifts or raises your vibration. It should not deplete you. Then you know you are on the right track. Your soul always gives you clues as to what you are doing and if it is right for you.

Always treat each moment as the only moment. You may never get another chance with someone. So, value whatever time you have together or let them go so that they can be with someone who does value them. When you do this, you are truly coming from a place of honor and respect.


Monday, January 16, 2012

Seek Knowledge!

What do you want to learn? What do you want to know? Seek knowledge. Be willing to try on different hats and discover what you love. Be bold and daring. Take chances. We are not asking you to take chances on things that you dread or feel heaviness at the thought of doing. We are asking you to seek whatever you feel excitement with in the prospect of experiencing. There should be a sense of thrill and your heart opening up to the experience. You don’t need to bring anyone on your adventure. Instead, let the right people show up who are thrilled and excited by the same adventure. That is how you build or create an authentic life. You must first have a true desire to go for an experience and then move on from there. When you are committed, the Universe is committed to you. Know this and allow it to happen.

The adventures await. You have it within you. You don’t know how something will truly work out, until you proceed with the experience.


Sunday, January 15, 2012

You Know Your Answers!

You know your answers. You often don’t want to admit it but you do know what is right for you. Stop putting so much energy into what is right for another being. You often don’t really know that answer. Stop trying to fix other’s lives. You often don’t have a clue how to really fix their lives. You just think you do because something looks dysfunctional to you so you decide to interfere.

A better use of your time is taking a look at your own lives. What do you want to change in your own life and existence? Now spend time on what steps might help you get to where you want to go. Chances are it has nothing to do with what another person is doing or not doing. It becomes comfortable to blame others for your unhappiness or anything else you wish to come up with. The truth is, when you are ready to change your life, you must create the change. If you truly wish for something to be different, you must first take steps to create that change. You hold the true power. You must be willing to step in and make the changes required. First look at what you would like to change. Do not tell anyone how they must be, instead, work on yourselves. Help create yourself as you wish to be. Help create the work that is within you. If you do this, you will change your lives to what is right for you and you can then simply enjoy those in your lives whom you feel drawn to and connected with. It involves releasing your attachments to outcomes. Your focus is in the process, enjoying the process and becoming your best you. Try that on and see how it works for you.


Saturday, January 14, 2012

Create Authentically

Arise you who seek truth. Seek the dawn of mankind. Seek evolution and invest in being what you are. Release all that is not for you. Clear a path for what is for you. When you are ready to grow, the growth opportunities will present themselves. You may choose the path of suffering or you may choose to awaken and see the gift in all that happens. Struggle no more. We say this but we respect those who need to struggle. If you desire to be a victim, we will not stand in your way. We respectfully submit there is little power in this, except for those who like to show others their pain and suffering. We would prefer you choose the path of thriving and shining. Glory awaits those willing to seek it.

Pay attention to your thoughts and beliefs for they alter your pathways. If you truly wish to create what is your authentic life, simply ask for help in creating that way of being. There is no fear in something that is of the true light. Pay attention to when it is time to move on and when there is still something of value for you to learn in a situation. If you are honest, you will know what is what and when the timing is right. Don’t waste time in justifying why you are staying in situations you know are ready to be released. You do not do people justice when you hold onto them when you would rather release them. You keep them from moving on. That serves no one. Many do this to be nice but it isn’t nice, it denotes fear of moving forward and you block others from doing the same. When it is time to let go of something, simply let go. It doesn’t need to be a production. Make change simple and you will find it is simple.


Friday, January 13, 2012

Be Authentic and in Truth!

Know that the passage of time has altered many things. Mankind has rewritten much to notate whomever they felt won a situation. Mankind knows little of the events in the heavens. They are told stories and believe them. You must each cultivate your true connections so that you receive the information directly, instead of second, third or some lesser variation of information.

You are each a crowning glory of creation. Your working life and paths are lit before you. Your paths open to those willing to look at their true path. There are few others who will stay with you from beginning to end. You will have many beings come and go. Hold onto nothing so that all may be free. Enjoy the time you have with each other and allow each to come and go as they need. Those meant to come back into your lives will. Those meant to be released must be released. Energy works best when there is a flow. Energy works best when it is allowed to be as it truly is. Allow all things to be authentic. Trust you will know what you need to know, when you need to know it. Trust the ways of all things.

If you pay attention to your feeling senses, you will know when something is off and when it is in alignment. That is key to everything. People can create an image that portrays one thing but if you truly pay attention to the energy, you will know what lies beyond the fa├žade. Be authentic and in truth and seek those who are authentic and in truth.



Thursday, January 12, 2012

Be in the Moment!

We know that you feel the need to have constant information from us. There are times where you do not need us to feed you answers. You only need to participate in the moment. Be present. Show up! We are around you and we are at your side or within you. When you need us, we are with you. There are times you need to just experience. Always invite us in but then trust the experience. Know you are well prepared for what is to be.



Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Being Human

Blessings Dear Ones,

You are in our hearts and minds. We believe in you and are so proud of you. You each are following paths that are unique to you and your experiences help us with the human experience. We are not corporal and we have no way of learning about the physical experiences, except through our charges who teach us so much about being human. We watch your concerns and worries and we are able to take that information to understand what it is like to be human. When you step into the physical experience, you often feel disconnected from the higher realm existences. We hold no worries in our forms because we are connected to all that is. We also have no physical needs because we have no physical form. We have appearances and forms but it is not like you experience.

When you leave your physical form, you still have an energy form. You still continue on with or without your physical form. Each existence holds many gifts. Enjoy the gift that you have in your current forms. Enjoy each experience and know there is no reason for worry or stressing over outcomes. It all works out perfectly. Be more present in each moment. You will appreciate all that is going on, at some point, even if you don’t get it right now.

Blessings my dear ones!

The Light

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Be What You Are!

Be what you are and the rest will fall into place. We know that this sounds simple but many of you are trying to be something other than what you are or you try to emulate traits that are found in others. Instead allow your own energy to flow through you and from you. Seek that which you are truly interested in. Find ways to be authentic.

The thing that each of you have going for yourselves is that you are who you are. You can be a much better you than an imitation of another. It is fine to try new things and study alternative ways. In this process of learning you will foster learning and development but focus on what you truly enjoy and not trying to impress another. When you are working, find ways to truly enjoy some aspect of your work. If you can’t, then you really do need to find some other work. We guarantee there is something out there that you will enjoy. You just need to find it or in some cases, rediscover what gives you shear joy. Don’t attempt this when you are overwhelmed or exhausted. Seek this information when you are feeling rested and open.



Monday, January 9, 2012

Focus on Light!

Blessed Ones,

For those of you who are meant to be bringers of light among mankind, focus on light. Shine light from within you. Utilize images of light radiating from source or envision light radiating form you. Ask that truth be revealed, seen, heard and understood. Shine light in the dark. Shine light in all that you are and do.

You may also tune into what your light is meant to do. If you are meant to heal, shine healing from your core. If you are meant to bring truth, shine the light of truth form your core. To find out what your light is meant to do, ask your teams. You may have some other function. If so, you will find that out too. You may not be a light bearer and if so, your purpose and function will reveal itself to you in another way. This message is mainly geared towards those who are meant to bring light to the people. If you are one of those beings, you will be guided on what to do and how to do it. You do not shine the light with the purpose of changing others but because you are light and must radiate light. Those who need to work with you will show up or gravitate to you.

If you are meant to do other work, that too is special and needed at this time. Ask for clarity about what your work is meant to be and do. You will receive answers. If not now, then you will receive your answers soon.



Sunday, January 8, 2012

Be What You Are!

Brothers and Sisters,

You or many of you profess to be something but come up with reasons not to follow through. You think to be valid at doing something you must have fancy degrees and be paid for your skill sets. In fact, to be something, you must only be it and do what is within you. If you are a writer, write. If you are an actor, act. If you are a wonderful cook or baker, cook or bake. If you are a healer, heal. Do whatever you say you are, in some form. It is more important to do the task or behavior instead of talking about doing it.

There are professions where you do require added knowledge but there are also ways to be what you truly are right away. From there, study and acquire the degrees you require to expand your abilities. Start from what is innately within you. Always seek more knowledge to help you expand and grow.

No one can do certain work for you. You must do it yourself. But follow what is within you.



Saturday, January 7, 2012

Bring In Light

Brothers and Sisters,

The Light Bearer (Lucifer) was made evil by mankind. Humans knew nothing of what transpired between God and the creations of the Almighty. Mankind created stories of the fallen ones to create punitive ways for those who did not follow the rules that humans created under the guise of coming from God. The names of each angel reflected who and what they were. Mankind created evil ways to justify punitive behaviors. The one called Lucifer only brought light and held light but by making him evil, mankind prevented the light from coming through. It is time to correct that. Mankind requires great light right now. It is important for all light to shine through. There is nothing to fear. Bring in light. Search for truth. Be open and follow your guidance. You will all be magnificent. It is time to move back to decisions based on love and not fear.

The Light Bearer

Friday, January 6, 2012


Blessings my children! We gather around you now in united front. Your world changes and your lives alter on your courses. There is much we have discussed with you form your paths and directions to help you on your paths. You warrant some information to help guide you but you all have this guidance around you now, in many forms. Your paths are awakening. Your lives are coming to fruition.

We counsel you to hold patience right now and know that you will venture forward with the help of light around you and permeating within each of you. There is much wisdom in the light and it comes forth for each of you to follow. Your new jobs are forming and you will be put to work shortly. To prepare for this, rid yourselves of energy that no longer resonates with you and perform service that leads to your destinies. If you are not sure what this means, ask your teams. You will receive the guidance you require. Your path is calling to you now.

We raise a salute to each of you as you embark on your forward journey!

The Light Bringer

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Moving Energy Around!

We encourage you each to try different things with energy. Rearrange your home and see how it feels sitting in different furniture and looking at new perspectives of the room. What works and what doesn’t work for you? Try things out and see how the flow feels. Especially if you feel your life is stagnant, the shifts will help you with the flow of your space. It doesn’t mean everything will stay the same as the experiment. Sometimes people just get comfortable with something that doesn’t work. You can also move different pieces around.

We caution you to not do this in the space of another person, unless they are working with you. Moving energy around that affects others will not be good for them. If you help someone move their things around, with their permission, that is okay.

You may find that you enjoy the new perspective. If you don’t like something, you can always move it back to the way it was before you started. This will often help shake things up in your life. Another technique is to get rid of anything that doesn’t resonate with you now. Find someone who really enjoys the item or donate it to a thrift store. There are many potentials awaiting you. Don’t ever be afraid to try new things, especially if you feel drawn to the new adventures. It is time to get out of your boxes.

Learning to view things differently can do a world of good for you.



Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Different Paths!

Even when people think that they are on the same path with you, it doesn’t mean that they are. There are many variations. Don’t assume that because something is right for you, that it is right for others. Just because someone is making plans for you, you must still find how to do what is right for you within that. There is no one size fits all. There are times that you will be able to join activities and there are other times that you must follow your own path.

People will come and go in your lives. There are some people in your lives you might feel are there for your whole existence but it is like a play where they come and go in the script. They are not with you at all moments. Some people are only there for a walk on role. Some you keep close to you but if you are honest it is not right for any of you. Just because you are related to someone doesn’t mean that they are with you for your whole life. Just because someone is a friend doesn’t mean that they are with you for your whole life. All people that you know will come and go as they need to. There is no need for alarm or concern. Your world is changing and what you were brought up with is not the case of how all must be.

You are witnessing great changes in society and the way the world is. The rules you believe are not necessarily so. You must be aware of this and open for the new to come through. You are witnessing miracles that no one else has been privy to before. Always check in and you will know what we mean. Don’t worry that things appear differently from what you have been taught. There is nothing wrong with this. Your inner workings know the truth. Your soul knows the truth. Arise to that truth. You are ready to break the molds.


Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Requests for the New Stage!

We are now serious about you doing certain things.

One, stop watching anything with violence, murder, fighting. This energy only lowers your vibration. It is not entertainment. Know this. You have come to think of this as entertainment but it does not raise your vibration. It lowers it and to do your work, you must look to things that inspire you and raise your energy. Some of you think this is boring and that is fine. You are not ready for light work, if you are bored by peace and inspiration.

Two, stay away from those people who are not right for you. You are not making a judgment about them but only what is right for you. You will know that someone is not right from you by using your senses. Do you feel drained by them or feel sick around them? Do you feel a strong connection with them or repelled by them. Do you flinch when they call you? Are you excited when they call you? Pay attention to how you feel around individuals or groups. We have heard you say that you should be able to shield yourself around such people and be with everyone. That is not true. To do light work you must open and expand your energy. You cannot affectively do that around people who do not belong with you. To stop this, tune in before you say yes to anything. If you are supposed to be with someone or in a situation, you will feel good or okay about saying yes to it. The answers may come through other senses. We are just using the feeling sense as an example.

We have heard some of you say that you would rather be with the wrong people than just be open to the right people and spend time alone. However, if you want to be with the right people you can’t take up time with the wrong people. If you persist in this, you are also not ready for your real work. You also don’t have room for the right people and situations to show up.

We would prefer you being alone rather than allowing the wrong people into your lives. If you know something isn’t working stop doing it. There will be plenty of jobs and things for you to do. You open up your creativity by not putting energy into things that are not for you. Your lives will still have some conflicts and various situations because that is just within your learning. Even when you are with the right people there will be conflict because of your human natures. But you must make sure that whatever you involve yourself with is appropriate for you. Always check in and you will know what to do.

For those of you who need to have day jobs, you will still be able to have a day job and support yourself through that work without violating your energy. Ask for the counsel of your teams and you will be just fine. If we put you in a vacuum it is only until there is enough shifting so that you have a better variety of places to go and things to do.

Noah and the Light

Monday, January 2, 2012

Awaken What is Within!

Brothers and Sisters,

The awakening begins. You are ushering in a period of adventure and change. You must awaken what is within. Take time each day to connect with what is within you. Take time to be who and what you are. In this time remove the labels foisted upon you. Awaken what is within your soul. Connect to your soul and the power within in and just be with that energy. Relearn who and what you are. Take a stand in your own life. Take back your power and reclaim your true self. Do this request with your intention. You will not be sorry for this piece. This is a place of power for you. You must awaken in order to be as you are meant to be for the next phase and next tasks that await you.

Welcome to new beginnings!

Noah and the Godhead

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Be Your Full Selves!

Masters of the Light rejoice. We have assembled a mighty court for you. We gather in a new awakening. Arise brothers and sisters and be who you are truly meant to be. Stand in your power and never relinquish your true self for another. It is no longer for you to dim your light upon waking or sleeping. You are mighty light energies who have gathered here at this time to usher in a new era of peace, change and fortitude.

Our message to you today is simple. Be! That is right! Be your full selves. Stand in your own light and create from this place. As you radiate your light into the world, you will receive all that you require. You will be guided to where you truly belong and you will do as you are meant to do. The first step is to Be. Be true to your soul and your journey. Recreate what is in alignment. Stand tall in your power. If you find things are out of alignment, then you must ask for guidance on how to bring them back into alignment. When you are aligned all will show up as if by magic. It is difficult to create when you are not authentic or true to yourselves and your natures.

Arise and take your place in the light!

The Masters of Creation!