Friday, January 20, 2012

Shifting Information!

Brothers and Sisters,

We are aware that you pick up information that often shifts and changes. You may feel put on hold but you are not really on hold. There is a shift where you are expanding to planes of potentials. Mankind is waking up and evolving so they are no longer stuck on a linear path. Each decision you make and others make will often shift what is taking place. All may shift in an instant. Many things are not fixed. There are some experiences that are fixed.

You may ask if something is fixed or mutable to know whether something is a sure thing on the timing you are picking up or whether it is only a potential that may take place. If you are aware of what must take place in a certain timing versus a possibility, you will find you are less frustrated.

We are working with you and we will continue to help you navigate whatever is showing up. We send you much love and support in this process. Know you are never alone. Learning to be present and go with the flow, you will find you are in much better shape to handle whatever comes up. Fine tune your connection with your teams and you will all learn to work better with each other. We are all a work in progress.


Noah and Uriel