Thursday, May 31, 2012

Now is the time of alternative ways. You must cease the old and open to the new. You must revitalize your soul and awaken. We activate those who are anointed and ready for what is now to be. We help you claim the life that we have seen within you. You must soar into the light and awaken your destinies. You are soon to arise as great leaders with compassion and love of those you serve. You must not look to old models to serve you. You must instead awaken to the truth of the way things were meant to be. You must choose to use a soul model of creation and not the models used for centuries by mankind. You are no longer leaders who would subject charges by tyranny but lead by love and a desire to help them be their best. We know it is within each of you to do better now. A major shift is soon to take place. Arise from your shell and go forward.


The United Light Field

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Outer space and inner space are just forms of realities. One is not better than another. Mankind has often looked at ways of trying to prepare for what is to be. You have learned to look without for answers and you find that if another tells you something it is more valid than what is within you. However, this is not the case. You each are programmed with what is within you. You are to know how to progress from this point onward. You may not know what is right for another but if you are honest and attuned, you surely know what is right for you. Release the need to control and fix others. Be the being you wish to be. Be the force in life that you wish to be. Honor your own progression.


Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Be free, my brothers and sisters. Release from bondage those in mankind held in inertia and ignorance for so long. Free those kept in physical bondage. Awaken the souls to your vital efforts. You are to awaken now what is within you. Find your inner knowing. Reconnect to what you know is true, right and just. Rally forth for you are in new beginnings. You must create the lives that allow you to feel revitalized and excited now.

The truth is within you and always has been. For those of you who know you are here and now for something more than you have been living, awaken what is within you. Let your answers flow to you now. You are ready for what is before you.

The Priest

Monday, May 28, 2012

When I was in my earth form, I went to the hills and spoke to God in the form of the burning bush. I was in awe of what was before me. My task was laid before me to help my people free themselves of bondage. My charge was daunting and overwhelming but my trust was garnered by my connection with the land. I had belief in the nature that supported life of my people and family. I ventured forth on my journey based on this trust of my people and my resources that were provided for me along the way. At each step, I was guided.

Mankind is on a path similar to mine. You are each being lead out into the world into your own desert. You will need to resign yourself to many travails along the way. You will be provided for all that you require, if you pay attention. Nothing will be presented that is not part of your future lives and journeys. You will harness your energy and open to your human flight into the abyss. Know that you must reconnect yourselves to your earth and all that is. You will feel your connection as well as your separation. This will help you positively flow into your lives. You will reach a great expanse. Now is your time to soar into the heavens and on the earth. You are magicians ready to sojourn forward. Each piece is precious and miraculous.

Blessings my brothers and sisters!


Sunday, May 27, 2012

Mankind was not meant to be sedentary. Mankind was meant to move and be physically active. Your modern world has stifled that energy by making many of you sit before your computers or sit in offices. As a result, artificial ways were created to simulate time for movement. You no longer move throughout your day in work that creates healthy physical forms.

Mankind has also altered your food. You have placed drugs into your animals and altered their lives to fit how you wish to use them for food. Other items are added into your food source to alter it and make it convenient for the food producers. Humans were not meant to consume such creations. Your earth provides you with the food needs naturally. It is better if you revert back to the old ways of eating. Eat animals that have lived in pastures or in the water. Eat plants that have not been altered to fit some manufacturing need. Keep your foods simple and basic. You will find that cleaner fuels will produce healthier bodies.

Take care of your land so that your land may take care of you. Take care of your earth so that your earth may take care of you. You will find that the better you do this task, the less you will require many systems put in place to care for those not able to care for themselves. Excessive business and noise has also created harm to many. Simplify your lives and return to your basics. You will then be reconnected to the earth and energy around you. This will make you feel plugged in and energized.


Saturday, May 26, 2012

We of the light salute you! You are makers of light. You are on your solo and collective journey into the realm of true light service. We caution you to not get wrapped up in mankind’s path or ways of doing things. You are not here to follow that example. You must open up to humanity and how you may be of service within your world and realm. Be open to each experience and how you are willing and able to help out and be of true service to the light. You are true workers of the light. You are meant to bring light to humanity.

Those who are ready for you will open to your ways. Those who are not open to you, will not be open to your ways. You are to look for ways to help those who are now on your path of service. Waste not your time with those who will not open their hearts and minds to you and what you have to offer.

There is no judgment of those who are on other paths from yours. You will know how to access your gifts shortly.


Friday, May 25, 2012

When someone who professes to be a light worker tells the Universe how they are owed something or that they deserve something, they are missing the purpose that they serve in the Universe. You are not on the earth for earthly rewards. You are on the earth to help mankind or the Universe in some fashion.

The resonance of the belief of being owed something is related to human training. There is a belief in a reward system. They think that it is good karma to do service. When you do this type of service, you have attachments to rewards and you are not doing good deeds to just do good deeds. That is what we are looking for. Release the need to do something with the attachments of what you will get in return. When you can truly do this type of service, you will know you are coming from light.

This doesn’t mean that you are taken advantage of. This means that you are doing what is within you to do and you are truly aligned.

Many Blessings!


Thursday, May 24, 2012

When you have your heart set on something and it doesn’t come through, there is something that is more in alignment waiting for you. We might hazard to say it is going to be a better fit for you.

When you invoke that you deserve something, know that light workers are not on that type of path. As a being who is meant to serve others or some aspect of your planet, you will have what you need and if you are open, you will be guided to where you need to be. When your life is not coming together, you must watch and see what you are putting out into your earth. If you are aligned to your purpose, you will know where to go and what to do. If nothing shows up, be patient. Do not assume you are where you think you are. The best request you can make to your guides is how may I be of service right now. When you show up anywhere you are, be open to what is needed of you. Be aware of your surroundings. You will know how to progress.



Wednesday, May 23, 2012

When you travel on your journey, it is not for you to try and figure things out. Show up and see what you encounter. Don’t try and plot out what is going to take place and the process that you require. When you travel, you become an ambassador of some form. You represent whatever is your true light and energy form. Show up and do your duty. Be present and allow the massive shifts to take place. Hold your place in the Universe. You will know how to conduct yourselves in this process. Know that we see much.

Your agendas are often only for you to outline what you seem to think will occur. Be open to something different. All things work out. You may actually be present at some form of a miracle. You know what to do. Follow your conscience.


Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Yesterday, we posted a message signed William the Conqueror. After the name came through, I was asked to let you know that there are many spirits and beings ready to help us out. The answers or information may come from those who have lived on the earth or those of other existences. The point is that if you are open for information, it may come in many forms and from many different beings. There is no right or wrong. Pay attention to the quality of the message or whatever you are receiving.

The point is to open up to the information that comes through. You will know what feels right to you. If you are meant to be a conduit for other beings to communicate through, then you must be open to how you may help them deliver their messages. Your senses will help you know when something resonates or when something feels off or false. There are systems in place to keep each of you safe while the messages are being delivered and received.



Monday, May 21, 2012

We know that many of you are worried about how your futures will look. You are not enthralled with what is taking place right now. Many people are up at arms against the systems in place. You see systems are not working for the masses.

Realize that all things serve some purpose. We have taught before that you must first understand how something serves before you can even start to change it. If something is meeting needs, it may not be ready to change. However much of what is now shifting will soon be taking new turns. You have seen much but know that even if you believe you know much, you still are only privy to very little in the scheme of things. Try to look at things through the views of different lenses. If you look at things differently, you open yourselves up to other solutions. You are not locked into place. If you try and look at things the same as you have always looked at them, you will only see the same answers. Your solutions reside outside of the box.

If an institution is about to go away. Look at what it served. Look at the needs of the people and then open up to ways to meet those needs, if those needs still exist. You cannot use the fear model to continue to project answers in your world. Always ask, if you weren’t afraid, how would you do something. You know when fear is at the root of something. Now, you must go and change how you process what is before you. You must be active participants in your lives and your world. Don’t allow others to make decisions for you.

William the Conqueror

Sunday, May 20, 2012

We know that many of you are in a hurry to move to the next phase of your work. You have dreams and aspirations and you are working on your plan to create your desired life. When you work at this creation, make sure that you are aware of the path that is supposed to be before you. Know there is a plan. You hold your desires and aspirations for many reasons. Look at why you want something. The motivation for your desire will help you understand what stands in the way and what is the piece you must usher in.

There are various reasons for delays or for another creation to show up. Look at what is showing up and then ask why it is showing up and how it serves you. You never know where this will lead you. Hurrying to get to a destination often gets in the way. Try and take in each moment that is before you. You will be glad that you did!



Saturday, May 19, 2012

When you are in a position to surrender something, you must totally surrender it. You can release it to a higher power or you may just let it go. When you are in this place of surrender, you can’t just partially release something, you must totally release it.

I know this may sound difficult but it is one of the final stages of manifestation. You do what you can to help create something but after a certain period, it is out of your control. We tell the Universe what we want or how we would like to do something. How it manifests is not our work. We have only to show up and play whatever part is required by our guidance. Focus on the here and now and the rest will fall into place.



Friday, May 18, 2012

When each of you stand in your own power, you will no longer need much that you have sought as your answers. Your world will seek a sense of renewal. Yet, you will all be renewed. When you are in your power, you will not need to belittle another. You will no longer consume products unsafe for you. You will not try to govern others, while keeping yourself in old patterns. You will find a renewed sense of purpose and your destinations will be apparent. Your health and vitality will shine and you will notice that you are more present and aware. You will no longer be worried or concerned about the paths of another. You reach higher standards and you will notice your lives are renewed.

Once you reach your full potential path, you are no longer working at holding onto what is not yours. This is a much better place to be because your possessions will soon reflect your own integrity and needs and you no longer hold onto baggage that is not your own. You are free to explore your own personal journey.


Thursday, May 17, 2012

Those who seek to govern must learn to listen to the needs of their constituents. Those who seek to hold office, must look at their true motivation. If the desire is to help others and to seek ways to work with the people to govern wisely and compassionately, you are in a mode of service. If you only look for ways to create you own glory, you are not working for the people.

We write these words because we are aware that elections are underway. We note that many govern through animosity. Notice how many of the people being governed are missing their sense of hope. Notice how many are willing to step up and support their leaders from a genuine desire to help govern and create policies that truly represent the needs of the people. You can garner an understanding of what is taking place by looking at the reactions you receive. This is not just about politics but in all aspects of life. The reactions will tell you much about the transmission of energy. If you value change, you must understand how people think and what their filters are and how they adjust to the information they are receiving.

There are many systems in place that are not working with those whom they truly seek to serve. The masses feel unappreciated and unheard. They are not working with the system and the system is not working with them. Complaining without working for a better system is never a valid way to process what is now taking place. You must be willing to help in the healing process to make anything better. Instead of complaining, seek instead to find how to alter the system and make it better for all concerned. Do your work through love and compassion. You will notice how much farther you gain in problem solving.


Wednesday, May 16, 2012

You see many systems holding onto anger and frustration. Many go to peace rallies and shout or scream and there is much violence that emanates. People go into peace negotiations with others who espouse peace but would use violence to show their mistrust and anger. This will not usher in peace. You must work with others who wish true peace. You must work with others who understand love and compassion. In regions of anger and animosity, you must really be clear about what those in charge truly seek. Why are they doing what they are doing? Who do they think that they serve?

Leaders who inspire through fear and intimidation are not true leaders. They are into struggles of power. The wish to hold control of others and seek to make others submissive to their needs, desires and wants does not serve anyone. There is little power in this. To succeed, these leaders need to oppress many and work at negating the power of others.

True leaders inspire others to be their best. They seek to help all those that they serve to be successful and to meet the needs lacking in society to support the individuals. They look for ways to govern through helping others. They are nurturing help and forming a new bond of fellowship. These leaders hold no ego. They are true public servants.

The Masters of the Light

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Know that your nations are no longer there to protect you and to remove your fears. You each have the power to know how to take care of your own needs and to be your own saviors. There is no need for fear, greed and hatred of others. Much healing comes from the light model where you bring love of all that is to the table. You release your anger of what others do and don’t do and you are not concerned about how others present themselves in your Universe. Instead, you awaken your own inner wisdom and you now take back your own power by being powerful. True power never needs to control or manipulate another. True power just is. You source your inner knowledge to ask for your own guidance on how to achieve what your soul needs to achieve. If you need healing, you source your own inner knowledge of how to receive the healing that you require. Many of your human systems are no longer functioning. They were set up from a previous model of how to do things. Now is time of change. Mankind shall see changes that no other life form has been present for on the earth. There is no need to fear this. This is a time of guidance, light and love. Open to your own inner voice and you shall succeed. Old establishments are not where your answers are formed. You must all source what is within you. Awaken now and seek your futures. Yahweh

Monday, May 14, 2012


Enjoy the spring and the times of new beginnings. New life is blossoming and you are part of this regeneration. Life is forming anew. Take pleasure in your senses and feelings. Take pleasure in the sun and the stars. Enjoy night and day and each aspect of this particular moment.

Many things are reforming. This is not just in the cycles of your lives. There is always hope and there are always ways to process each moment that presents itself to you. Know you are aware of much that is taking place. You are also clueless of much more that is behind the scenes. You each have a part in this magical time in your lives. Enjoy each moment of this great experience. Hope and blessings are where you need to be right now. Be clear in the person you wish to be. Now is a time of awakening. The eternal flame is within each of you right now.

Mother of Creation

Sunday, May 13, 2012


After you have put out your requests to the Universe, wait and be patient. Don’t be in a hurry. Take each step as it needs to occur and work on the processes that take place in each moment and each occurrence. Trust that your requests are heard and there are actions taking place. Just because you don’t see something, doesn’t mean there isn’t work being done to make it take place.

You don’t need to know how something will occur. You just need to be clear about what you desire. Focus on what you wish to be and how you wish to bring your energy out into the world. The right situations will then present themselves to you. You are to know what to do when the right time appears.

Know this and trust this. All happens in the perfect timing and in the perfect way.


Saturday, May 12, 2012

Don't Settle for Things Wrong for You!

People can hold out for the whole package of what they truly desire. Too often people jump to settle for something because they think it is good enough. Many people will say something is not right but they can change it. The true trick to having what you truly desire is to not settle for things that are not right for you.

There are times that you need to have an experience to help you know what you truly desire or want. You will have a sense when you need to do this. However, you need to recognize people and energy for what it is. Don’t take something and try to make it conform to what you want it to be. Allow all things to be what they need to be. Change happens all of the time but it happens naturally. Each being evolves when it is right for them to evolve. Energy changes when it is ready to change. If you need to force change or behaviors, you are not really doing anything but forcing something out of alignment. That model has created more problems than solutions. Know this and adjust. Your work is to be authentic and make the changes in your own life that are right for you. Allow others that same ability. It is much easier to attract the right energy for you than to take the wrong energy and try to convert it. You will find life flows better, when this takes place.



Friday, May 11, 2012

Communications with Your Teams!

I was doing some work with my guides and I heard them giving me some compass directions for what to do. However, when I set the space according to the compass directions, I found out that they were giving me a relative compass direction that was based on the room configuration. So, the directions were really related to a form school approach in Feng Shui.

The lesson was that you may think you understand what is being given to you but it may be something different from what you viewed as the answer. Also, realize that you are always learning about better ways to communicate with your team and your team is always learning better ways to communicate with you. In your communications, you are working on creating a way to receive the energy that is being transmitted and how to understand it. Even if you get used to something specific in the communication this may shift or change at any moment. So, when you receive your information do a confirmation and then ask if what you picked up was correct. When you go to do something, you may want to ask if you are doing what your team meant.


Thursday, May 10, 2012

How Experiences are Framed!

When you are going through any experience and use that to frame the world and the way things are, you are only framing your own experience and the way it affected you. When you receive guidance to do something or to stop doing something, it doesn’t mean others must follow suit. When you teach, you are teaching what worked for you.

Each being must have their own experiences and figure out which ways work best for them. You are free to try what another suggests but ultimately, you are the one who must live and experience your own life. Pay attention to when others try to force you to be a certain way or go through a certain experience. How does that feel? Trust what is right for you. You will know how it feels and how your senses react to all parts of your life. If something causes you to shut down, it is most likely not the way to go. You are your own barometer for your own life. Explore the avenues where you are directly guided to be. Follow the path that is right for you to explore.


The Light Bearer

Wednesday, May 9, 2012


When you experience periods of transitions, you often find them uncomfortable. You find that you know longer enjoy the old patterns but you are not sure what the new patterns will be or how they will look. It is just part of change. In order to help the process, you must release what you no longer resonate with and be open to new things that you do resonate with. You may take this time to explore and try new things. See what works and what doesn’t work for you. You will know when something is right for you. Trust this process. Learn to let go and surrender to your journey. You will find clarity at just the perfect timing.


Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Truth and Channeled Messages!

Know this: truth is plain and simple. Truth does not require convolution or bate and switch. There is no need for any smoke screens or coercion, if something is real and truth. If something is good, it will not require high pressure or a call for immediate decisions with time limitations. There will be times where you need to respond quickly to a situation but that is more a protective response. Most experiences will allow you the time to check in and see what is right for you. You don’t get to decide for another person.

Always check in and see what is real for you and what is truth for you.

When your teams present information to you, it will most likely be simple and straight forward. It may not make sense to you, at the time but it will be a straight forward answer. When people send you channeled messages that go on for many pages, pay attention to how the information feels. We don’t need to bog you down with information. Our messages are to convey answers to you or to give you some information. We see no need to write reams of information so that you can feel important by receiving such lengthy prose. Your senses will always help you realize truth.

The Light

Monday, May 7, 2012

Trust What You Pick Up!

We would like to remind you that when you feel that something is off, it is. Don’t let anyone persuade you otherwise. It may only be off for you and not as a generality. It is vital that you each trust what you pick up for yourselves. If someone needs to talk you into doing something you feel is wrong for you, step away from whatever it is that they are trying to talk you into. Don’t allow anyone to bully you into submission.

There are many systems in place in your world where people violate you and others and feel justified in doing so. They present their violation as doing some type of public service or serving the higher good. If it is violating or a form of harassment, it is not serving the greater good.

Many will use their religious beliefs to try and dominate another. They may inundate you with information or flyers or calls. If something is pure or spiritual, it will not need to do this. Trust what you pick up as being right for you and allow the others to do what is right for them.


Sunday, May 6, 2012


We need/require a sense of space and freedom to do our work. So, we can only imagine what humans require to be more effective in their work and lives. If you find that you are feeling stressed and unappreciated, then find a way to create some space and private time. This is a time that is sacred for each of you. You must now allow this to reveal itself to you. You will hold this time dear as any other appointments in your day. This will be a sacred time for you to just be with yourself and do something that rejuvenates you. It could be sitting quietly or having a cup of tea. Anything that works for you. You may take this time to write in your journal or do something creative. Find the amount of time you need each day and find a way to work it into your schedule. You will be happy that you did.


Saturday, May 5, 2012

What You Expect, You Create!

Peace be with all of you who read these words. We know the road has seemed challenging and difficult at times but that is because humans expect it to be so. Change your expectations. Allow the path to reveal itself to you easily. Allow your friends and partners to find you easily. Allow your life journey and experiences to be easy.

Those of you who answer this request with yes but and come up with a reason for life to be challenging and difficult will manifest thusly. This piece is up to you. All experiences are just that experiences. There is no need for it or them to be a struggle. You have choices to make. This shift may take some work to shift your focus but it doesn’t need to be a struggle to adjust this. If you enjoy struggling and suffering, enjoy that form of manifestation. If you wish for another way, allow it to all be simple and easy.


Friday, May 4, 2012

Authentic Power!

We need to emphasize that each of you must be what you truly are to connect with your authentic power. As you strip away the fear energy and the impact of all of your conditioning, you will reveal what is truly you. Knowledge of others helps you navigate your world but it is not necessarily your life purpose. Pay attention to what you gravitate to and what you really admire. What gives you joy and makes you feel passionate. Strip away the fear and manipulation energy and techniques. Avoid those who try to intimidate you and force you into their ways. You will not take long to do this process, unless you need to.

Once you reconnect to your true self, you will radiate that energy into your world and that will lead you to your true purpose. If any fear comes up, you are not in your true path and purpose. You will know what feels right to you.

Know this and honor what is right for you. Those who do not belong with you on this authentic journey will separate from you and those who do belong with you will manifest and appear. You will see the shift take place soon after. Don’t fear letting go of others. You must each manifest authentically and allow others to do the same.



Thursday, May 3, 2012

Dream Life

Your dream life is your own. It is a place of magic to help you receive your answers to any questions that you may have. Your conscious mind is no longer engaged in the process so you are open to much more to come through. You might find that symbols are revealed or you may find that your guides and ancestors may be able to connect with you more deeply. The dreams allow you to get out of your own way.

We seek to connect with each of you and we look for ways to deepen this connection and to allow you to get out of the way. Sleep is a wonderful way for much to take place. Your body is resting and you are open to what needs to come through to you. You can travel wherever you need to in this process. Allow the magic to take place.



Wednesday, May 2, 2012


Rebirth is something that awaits all of you. New horizons are beckoning. You are being challenged to resolve the old and move into the new. Your legacies are not what you have done in the past but what you are ready to do in your futures. This is a time of recreation. All of the old ways are no longer necessary. You must hold firm to your light. Let it shine from you organically. You don’t have to work to make this happen. You have only to be yourselves and authentic.


Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Authentic Work

Know your own work. This is about being authentic and working in alignment with your own knowing. To find this place, you must strip away the expectations of others for you. You must locate the inner voice that resides within you and you must then remove the patterns instilled in you by humans. This is the place where you source truth and not conditioned beliefs.

Know that this may feel awkward at first but you will find it aligns you faster and faster to your inner workings. You must not fear where this will lead you. You are now ready to awaken towards your destinies. Challenge your beliefs to find what is authentic and what is programmed by your environments and those who have taught you. Strip away anything that is not authentic to you. You will receive guidance, when you ask for it. You know how to proceed. Start with finding what is real for you. Look at your organic talents and gifts. Start with cultivating those areas. Don’t let others convince you to do otherwise. Your inner knowing will be your best guidance for this piece.