Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Know that your nations are no longer there to protect you and to remove your fears. You each have the power to know how to take care of your own needs and to be your own saviors. There is no need for fear, greed and hatred of others. Much healing comes from the light model where you bring love of all that is to the table. You release your anger of what others do and don’t do and you are not concerned about how others present themselves in your Universe. Instead, you awaken your own inner wisdom and you now take back your own power by being powerful. True power never needs to control or manipulate another. True power just is. You source your inner knowledge to ask for your own guidance on how to achieve what your soul needs to achieve. If you need healing, you source your own inner knowledge of how to receive the healing that you require. Many of your human systems are no longer functioning. They were set up from a previous model of how to do things. Now is time of change. Mankind shall see changes that no other life form has been present for on the earth. There is no need to fear this. This is a time of guidance, light and love. Open to your own inner voice and you shall succeed. Old establishments are not where your answers are formed. You must all source what is within you. Awaken now and seek your futures. Yahweh