Saturday, May 5, 2012

What You Expect, You Create!

Peace be with all of you who read these words. We know the road has seemed challenging and difficult at times but that is because humans expect it to be so. Change your expectations. Allow the path to reveal itself to you easily. Allow your friends and partners to find you easily. Allow your life journey and experiences to be easy.

Those of you who answer this request with yes but and come up with a reason for life to be challenging and difficult will manifest thusly. This piece is up to you. All experiences are just that experiences. There is no need for it or them to be a struggle. You have choices to make. This shift may take some work to shift your focus but it doesn’t need to be a struggle to adjust this. If you enjoy struggling and suffering, enjoy that form of manifestation. If you wish for another way, allow it to all be simple and easy.