Monday, May 14, 2012


Enjoy the spring and the times of new beginnings. New life is blossoming and you are part of this regeneration. Life is forming anew. Take pleasure in your senses and feelings. Take pleasure in the sun and the stars. Enjoy night and day and each aspect of this particular moment.

Many things are reforming. This is not just in the cycles of your lives. There is always hope and there are always ways to process each moment that presents itself to you. Know you are aware of much that is taking place. You are also clueless of much more that is behind the scenes. You each have a part in this magical time in your lives. Enjoy each moment of this great experience. Hope and blessings are where you need to be right now. Be clear in the person you wish to be. Now is a time of awakening. The eternal flame is within each of you right now.

Mother of Creation