Saturday, June 30, 2012

Blessings Dear Ones,

Know you are in our hearts and minds. We believe in you and we trust you to navigate the waters to create what is in your own best interest. We realize that you each must evaluate what you perceive and you must know how to proceed. You hold your inner compasses. Trust where they point you to and how they help you navigate. There is much that soon takes place and you are all ready to proceed. When you feel blocked or in the dark, trust what you pick up for your own direction. Don’t allow others to try and pull you off of course. Release your individual attachments to the way things must be. Know there is another plan involved. You don’t always have all the pieces but your inner guide knows the answers and how to proceed.


Friday, June 29, 2012

Simple and low key is always the best way to proceed. The need to have drama and trauma is about the ego need for glory. This way often convolutes whatever you are doing. When you remove this and go for the simple approaches and compassion, you will notice that much of life goes with a much more loving flow.



Thursday, June 28, 2012

Know there are times where you feel compelled to navigate something or prepare for something. It might not make sense to you to do this but you feel you must attend to something or help prepare the way for it. Know this is because signs are giving you a heads up. You need to work on something at the appropriate time. The evidence may not present itself until later on. Trust what you pick up and allow yourself to be prepared for what is next and what is taking place now. Never doubt the heads up energy. It forewarns you of things that are about to show up. Not everything needs to make sense to you.



Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Not all vibrations match or are meant to match. There is nothing wrong with this. It is just a fact. One doesn’t need to change their energy or another person’s energy to make something work. Understand, there is no need to judge another because you expect them to be a certain way or follow your desired pathway. When you join with friends or partners, you are looking for something that fits you and belongs around you. You don’t need to be the same or on the same pathway.

We mainly want you to pay attention to where you try and make something work for you that clearly doesn’t work for you. You can simply step away from what doesn’t work and enter into what does work. As you assemble vibrations and frequencies that work for you and fit with you, your lives will become much easier. Now is as good at time as any to make the shifts and changes.



Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Patience my loves. You are all working hard at trying to make things take place. All things come as they need to. We caution you in trying to fix or change things to your design. Instead, place energy in supporting the paths of all beings. Send love to all beings and trust that they will end up where they need to be and doing what they need to do. Your world is changing drastically from what you know or think you know. You use your imaginations and you will find that much is beyond the scope of the sense of reality that you each believe in.

Stepping out of your sense of reality is something that will help you exceed your purposes and desires. What you can imagine, you can create. Now is the time of great shifts in the consciousness of humanity. Arise now and allow the changes to take place. Allow your minds to open to a vast expanse and a way of evolving your consciousness. You are ready to expand and grow. Move beyond your boxes and senses of reality.

Many blessings!

The Light Bringers

Monday, June 25, 2012

Time is fleeting for many of you. You seem to view the world in terms of what you can get from it instead of what you can bring to it. Many of you are here for yourselves so the self centered approach will work nicely for you. Those of you who are here for your journey of self discovery are here to expand and broaden your scope of knowledge. Those who are bringers of light and meant to help others are on the physical plane for quite a different purpose.

If you are bringers of light, you will not manifest as those of self do. You will manifest through the light. Your best lives evolve when you are truly open to the service path to help others, the earth and other beings. You may represent other realms. You will resonate from your true source and not the convoluted source energies of religious orders. Access your true source light and be that. You will know where to go and what to do.

There is nothing wrong with any of the paths that co-exist with and around you. They are just different from your own journey and pathways. Acknowledge this and know that you are not here to change others or make others adhere to your systems or ways of being. You will no longer thrive in a world that is constantly trying to control and manipulate. You can thrive when you align with your true natures and work on what is for you to work on. Align yourself to your own true selves. Open to the guidance that presents itself to you. Now is a time of great change, evolution and self discovery. Allow the miracles to take place.

Many blessings!

The Light

Sunday, June 24, 2012

When you allow energy that doesn’t belong with you in and around you, it convolutes the energy. We see many of you do this and then wonder why experiences that you are trying to create feel off. This goes with being with people who are on different paths and not in resonance with you and also this relates to collecting things that don’t really resonate with you or anything you are trying to attract into your life.

When you surround yourself with people and energies of things that do belong with and around you, you are more in the flow and you are able to create more fluidly and easily. Your work improves. You are no longer kept in limbo.

So, our assignment for you is to start paying attention to what is in your life or around you that doesn’t resonate with you or belong with you. Extricate yourself from situations that are not right for you. Release the people who are other pathways from your life and also release the belongings that you hold onto that don’t belong with or around you. See how your life shifts.



Saturday, June 23, 2012

When you have people who say that they don’t believe in God or us, we ask you to not try and convince them of our existence. We are not for them and we are not working with them. There is no reason for you to try and defend us or our ways. We judge not those who must work in another plane of existence. Trust what is right for you and allow them to trust what is right for them.

Just because someone doesn’t believe in something doesn’t mean that it doesn’t exist. It just means they choose to not allow that energy into their lives. It is not the spiritual existence in debate here. When someone is spiritual, they merely believe in the spirit. They may not believe in what goes beyond the spirit. Your ways are evident in many different directions of time and space. You must recall that you are all on different missions. You have need of creation with many destinies. Your knowledge bases and ways are all related to your journeys and acknowledgements. When you reject something, you merely close the door on one set of realities or beliefs. That will then help frame your world and senses of realities. There is nothing you need do about this. We just offer that if your life is not working for you or flowing and you are not manifesting what you desire, be open to another way of being. If you are locked into what isn’t working for you, open to what may work for you to appear. You can’t continue to do what isn’t working and expect it to work, if you truly want change in your life.


The Godhead

Friday, June 22, 2012

Tune into what you truly desire in your life. Feel the energy. Experience the vibration of what you desire. Allow this into your system. Awaken your senses to the experience. Spend time each day with the vibration and frequency of what you wish to attract. This is not saying that you don’t trust us. This is saying that you are willing to co-create with us. You are willing to spend time every day in the energy that you are allowing into your grid system and your life. If you are clear about what you want, you help the creation process. Spend time with the energy of it daily. Rest assured, you are then working with the creative process. You must be willing to suspend your disbelief in our ways of light.

This doesn’t mean that you obsess over something. This means that you are training your resonance to attract what you desire.

The Light Workers

Thursday, June 21, 2012

We see many of you insisting on your way to create but you are not asking if there is something that has shifted. You insist on continuing to do something your way, even when it isn’t working for you. If you are trying to create something new, you must be open to the new energy. You will not need to take anyone along with you on this journey. You must allow all things to be released and to be open to something that is different appearing in your life.

To create something new, you must be open to a completely new approach. You must be willing to suspend what you believe that you think you know. You must be willing to step on the ledge of immortality and to open to the expansive knowledge that presents itself to you.

You each have a matrix or grid system that has helped to create what you currently have in your lives. When you are invoking something new, your grid system shifts and changes. Your vibration must shift to allow for the new energy to appear and awaken in your lives.

As you open to the new, much will change in your lives to align you with what is new. We beckon you onto your new journey. Awaken your new vibrations. Allow the plan to evolve and shift and change. Learn to release all that you know or think you know. You will move into your new direction.


Yahweh and the Light Bringer

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Focus the energy on what you wish to create. Know that you can have it and invoke it. Feel the resonance of the energy. Allow the flow to take place and form. Feel the energy and what it is like. Spend time in the energy of your creation.

Now focus on adding that energy to your own matrix of energy. See how that feels for you and what comes up. Allow for the manifestation to take place. Enjoy the creation process. It must be in your resonance to apply the energy to your life.


Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Survivors are not the ones who get stuck in the mire. They are the ones who learn to flow with what is and not what they desire things to be. They are able to work with what is showing up and to adapt to what is around them. If you get locked into something and are not able to change and adapt, how can you survive?

Changes have a fluidity around them. Changes are about evolving and going in different directions. You might find that your answer appears in places that you have not yet begun to look. You know that your awareness needs to open up. That is how you will prosper. You have many steps to revere and respect. Each step is worthy of your time and effort. Each step will help you with your foundations. Take each step as it arises. Work with what you have and enjoy the process. Remove your angst and apprehensions. You will go much further. You will know how to proceed.



Monday, June 18, 2012

Learn to look through the eyes of separate lenses. When you are dealing with other people, there is no need to judge them. You may look through their energy grid to understand them and their purpose and experiences. You are not meant to work with everyone. You don’t even need to expend a lot of energy on certain people. You must respect all life and the purpose of each life. If you understand where they are coming from without judging them, you open up to resonance. There is nothing to fear. If you fear an energy, you may simply just step away from it. You may also put up your shields so that you are not harmed by them.

Know that you are here for a purpose and you may focus on attracting the energy that is right for you. Don’t put so much energy in the energies not right for you. Many will put energy in what isn’t right for them and only a little in what is right for them. Flip that around. You want the majority of your energy to go to what you resonate with. You will find your soul is fed much better that way.



Sunday, June 17, 2012

We have heard others express that they are powerful and that is why people will shy away from them. Does that feel like a real statement to you? The power people often speak of is a way of making others small while they try to take control of something. Shouting someone down or negating everything that the other person does, it not a sign of power. It is a sign of lack of power.

True power just is. It will attract those whom you are meant to lead. It radiates and can hold a grand design power of love. Most of your true leaders whom you have created as the Divine energy led by love and an open heart. Many more who have professed to lead have led by subjugating others whom they perceive to be lesser.

You will never need to try and be powerful. If you are meant to lead, you will lead but allow the energy to come from within. If you are meant to follow others, seek leaders whom you truly believe in. It must resonate within your core beliefs and souls. This concept also goes for any religion or institution. Trust what your soul wishes you to do. Go within to assess what is right for you. Trust what comes through.



Saturday, June 16, 2012

For those who are working at being something other than what you are, how is that working for you? Trying to force yourself into another mold will not be honoring of what is within you. Many think that certain behaviors are the path of spirituality. You are already spirits. Your innate energy is your innate energy. You will not be able to hold onto a different vibration. What you are serves. It just may be an energy that pushes away those whom you might profess to desire to attract.

To be honoring and authentic, you must be who and what you are. From that place, others may decide how to be with you. Showing who and what you are allows others to make better decisions that will affect them. To be anything other than who and what you are creates a bait and switch energy and will not honor anyone.


Friday, June 15, 2012

When you are seeking to manifest, there is an importance of keeping a positive attitude. When you are expressing a desire to be a light worker, there is an importance in maintaining a positive attitude. Your work may be challenging but that doesn’t mean that you can shift to being mean or nasty to others. You may have a bad day or experience but you have control over your temper and attitude.

When you are projecting an energy that is nasty to those around you, you are not coming from a sense of spiritual power. You are coming from an energy of fear and lower vibration. The more that you hold this vibration the more you will repel what you are trying to attract. No spiritual being is going to really be attracted to you while you hold this way of being.

Keep this in mind as you go through the world. Notice what happens, when you project pure love versus when you are grumpy and moody. This in itself will be a challenge because grumpy and moody people are not holding much self awareness. Being truly kind and respectful is something that is extended to all beings and all walks of life.


The Universe

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Many of us often see things that we perceive as needing to be changed, helped or healed. When we try to figure out the way to help with this, we keep hitting walls. We are trained to fix things that seem off but we find there are many things that we are not there to fix.

We may see that someone is hurting and we want to help them feel better, yet whatever we come up with doesn’t seem to help. This is where we have to be able to step back and realize that we are with someone else’s journey. They may require a certain experience and we can only support them in their process. We may only be there for that support. If there is something else we are able to do, that information will come to us, when and if it is appropriate. We are not there to change the destiny of another.

I have been working with my Dad now for years with some pretty intense pain experiences. They seem to be getting worse. He is not someone who would process energy to understand it. So, his body is getting louder with what he is used to experiencing. Working with him has taught me patience and that I can only support him on his journey and not change it. The soul contracts between us only allows me to be with him on certain levels and for certain parts of his experiences. Once those are established, we then need to work within those constructs.

For those of you who do healing work, know that healing takes many forms and it is not always as we expect it to be. But whatever form it takes, will be perfect for the individual involved.



Wednesday, June 13, 2012

When you receive information about doing something or taking care of something, know there is a reason for it. We ask you to follow what you are picking up and not worry about it. If you are directly guided to do something, there is a purpose for it and it is something that you need to do. We are aware that you are putting out what you wish to put out into the world. We are then giving you the steps that are necessary in the process.

The reasons may reveal themselves to you or they may not. Not everything is self evident but it all goes into the mix. Trust what you pick up directly.

The main piece that is vital in reading for yourself is to not put your desires into the mix where you convolute what is coming through. Pay attention to what truly comes through. The more neutral you are with what comes through, the clearer the message will be and the more accurate it will be.



Tuesday, June 12, 2012

For those of you who read our words and seek to realize the lives you are meant to have, ask: what holds you back? Also ask what needs to change in your life or any variation that comes through to you. You are looking for the questions that will help you ascertain what is blocking you on your journey. Be open to what comes through. Pay attention to what comes up for you in your senses. You might be surprised at what is revealed.

The Godhead

Monday, June 11, 2012

What are you programming as your reality? People often think something or spout something, not realizing that they are programming their reality by doing that behavior. When you say that something is a certain way, you are telling the Universe that is what you want to have happen or that is what you want as your reality.

We hear many of you saying yes but that is the way it is. That is what is in the news or the paper. We have always said to not get caught up in what appears to be. You will tend to gravitate to whatever you believe is so. So, if you believe that something is so, that is what you will see showing up in your life.

This is the time for you to focus on what you wish to see and have happen and that is what you will attract. Your world is changing. There is much out there and you will see what you are focusing on seeing . If you focus on trouble and struggle, that is what you will manifest and see all around you. If you focus on the amazing things that are taking place around you and the amazing people who are doing wonderful work, that is what you will find.

It is like when you purchase a car, you suddenly see many cars that are just like yours. If you are having an issue or a family member is having and issue, you will all of the sudden be inundated with others who are having the same issue.

This is the process where you are setting your filters. That is why what you watch and program into your mind is so important. What you think and continually repeat is programming your reality. The more you repeat stories and assert certain energy, the more you attract it to you. So we suggest that if you do not want to perpetuate something, stop putting your energy into it. If it is something that involves care giving for another, put only the energy into what you absolutely need to. If you wish to manifest someone to help you with the care giving, invoke that into being. If you are supporting someone in their process, then realize that it is their process and you don’t need to take it on.

The way things are relates to your beliefs so pay attention to what you truly believe. Lip service and actions need to match. You can reprogram your thoughts and actions by changing your focus and attract another result.


Yahweh and the Godhead

Sunday, June 10, 2012

For those of you wishing to evolve and be on a path that means more connection to spirit, you must be wise and wake up. You are not here for your earth brothers and sisters but you are here to wake up. You are ready to move through your physical world in a different form of energy. You must lighten your load and you will know how to proceed, when you are ready.

The first step in this process is you must declare that you are willing to follow your spirit plan or spirit path. You must be willing to let your spirit take over and you must be willing to let go of your human ego mind and await further instructions. Your spirit must awaken and reform your energy. Pay attention to what now comes through, once you have made this shift. Your guidance will appear effortlessly. Be open. Evolve your life on a higher plane of existence. You will be prepared for what is to be. You will meet the heavenly hosts upon your shifting. You may only do this, when and if the time is right for you. You will only be taken on this journey, if it is among your path choices. This new way of being will be in alignment for you, if and when it is right for you.


The Yahwehs

Saturday, June 9, 2012

We pass no judgment to any path being "the way." There are many variations that appear on your plane of existence and each must pick what is right for each being who is following that way.

We observe many who express how spiritual they are but yet they are willing to go into places and chastise others for being who and what they are. They will go into an area to affect change but they will never really understand why something is as it is and the way it might need to be. A being of spirit finds things as they are and is willing to be in resonance with them and be open to understand it. There is nothing in your world that requires fixing or changing. It is all how it needs to be. When you are awake, you see all that is differently but those not awake will not see what you speak of or revere. You must each find your own ways in your world.

Open to the flow, if and when you are ready for such an experience. If you are in control and manipulation, you are not ready for such a way of being. Some are getting prepared for new adventures. You will learn your new ways, as you evolve. You must not try and take others with you. You will be aware of what you require and you will not be in a hurry but in the process. Allow what needs to take place to take place. Allow all that is meant to be to be. There is an organic evolution taking place right now. You will know what needs to be for that to take place.

Many blessings!

The Prophets of Light

Friday, June 8, 2012

Yesterday, we asked about going on the path. You mentioned about the ego lives versus spirit lives. How do you know which way is the best way for you?

The ego life is something that was created to help mankind feel that they hold the power. It serves many who are on human existences. This is the path where someone imposes their “truth” and ways. This is the path where people think that they need things to be successful and they come up with ways to collect things and facades of power. This is the belief that all things that you have come from hard work and your human assertions. This may sound awful to many of you but it has been a way of life on your planet for many centuries. This is where the belief that you have the right to take from the earth all the resources and hold no concern with the environment and balance of energies. This path is right for those who will be willing to sacrifice much for the appearances. These people can be loving and generous but in ways that make them look good. This is a valid existence for many in your world and we are not advocating that they need to change.

The spirit life is a much more freeing and evolving way of being on your planet. You are in alignment with the cosmic way of being. You are not needing to hold onto possessions but you can appreciate what you have, while you have it. This path tends to make those who follow it feel like outsiders. You are borrowing human forms to be here to be of service to many who are around you planet and plane of existence. Those who are on the spirit journey will manifest whatever they truly require as it is needed or when you are required to be in a certain area or place. All will show up in the flow. You may feel like you have excess possessions but you will require them for a time being. You have the ways and means to download whatever information you require. This way of being depends on faith and is not something that is for everyone. You must be aware and know that you have all that you require, whenever you require it and you will not worry about the future because the future is not formed as of yet. Those ready for the spirit path are ready to be in full trust of all that is and be willing to be of highest service to all that is. This life will most likely find you, when the time is right and you will be open to it. It will feel right to you to follow it and to show up where you are required to be and when you are required to be there. You are in the here and now.

The Universal Light Beings

Thursday, June 7, 2012

If someone feels that they are off of their path, how do they get back on their path?

First someone must be open. They cannot say that they feel that they are off of their path and then try and control the process or systems in place.

We would have someone tune in and see if they are off of their path or just merely in a place that feels uncomfortable. Many go off of their path because they are conditioned by others who do not understand anything but the ego ways of being in the world. They are taught to do things and constantly be busy but they never allow quiet time to reflect and be open. As you evolve, you may feel there is more out in the world for you and you must follow your path. This energy is akin to being in a church or religious institution and you hearing how things are meant to be but you realize that the doctrine is not working for you. Waking up to your path is very much like that. You realize you are here for much more than what you have been taught to believe.

After you are open, you must release what you think you know. Be open to a totally new system coming through to you. This is your path and you may find that many need to be released to make way for those who do belong with you and around you. You are advancing into great change and with that everything around you is open to release and new energy coming forward. As you cultivate your new life, you will be aware of more and more shifting taking place. It is a wide and beautiful world you embark on.

Before you wish for this shift to take place, make sure that your current life is no longer serving you. The ego lives have served a purpose and in many ways keep you safe until it is time to do your light path. So, be aware of why something is before you try and change it.


Noah and Moshe

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

The theme of relocation has been coming up for a lot of people lately. Many more are going to feel this theme come through. For most people, if you are ready to move to a new location, you must start with what you are looking for in a new area. Write out all that you are aware of that is important to you. What does the place look like and feel like. What types of activities do you like? Do you enjoy seasonal changes? Do you like cold weather? Do you only want hot weather? How do you feel about humidity? What types of people do you enjoy? Do you like more rural areas or cities? Think about what quality of life means to you.

Then, after you have created the list and information. Do a prayer asking that the Universe guide you to your new home. Ask for the signs to be clear so that you can recognize them and understand that they are your answers. You can ask for three signs that are really clear for you and easily understood by you.

For those who are on a spirit path, you can do the above and then ask where you are needed now. You may be relocated where you are needed versus where you may want to live. If you are on this path, all will move smoothly, where you go. Follow your guidance and you will always be taken care of. For others, you may include that you want your life to work out smoothly for you in the new place and you may even mention what are the signs that you would understand.

I was looking at living in Chicago at one point. I had been guided to go there. I found a place to live but I asked for three clear signs that I should or shouldn’t live there. If it was a no, then I wanted to know in no uncertain terms. I asked to receive my answer by 4 PM on the Thursday of that week. At 4 PM, I received a call from the management company I was working with. I was told that the owner wasn’t going to allow me to rent the condo’s parking space, that the owner wasn’t going to fix a huge crack in the living room wall and that I wasn’t allowed to have a piano in the space. Those where three signs that would be deal breakers for me. You know what signs would lead you in one direction or be your deal breakers. The Universe will work with you.



Tuesday, June 5, 2012

All things have their place. That being said, when humans continually look at the ancients for wisdom on navigating their lives now, they negate a lot of evolution. Mankind is moving into new directions. Your earth still requires care but you must address the earth where the earth is today instead of tapping into its ancient ways and knowledge. The earth has learned as have many in your world.

When you face an obstacle or an aspect of your life, do it from the perspective of what is available to your right now. Instead of looking back, look forward. Instead of addressing the old you, address the you that exists in this moment. You might be surprised at what energy arises from this new vantage point. You are not here to constantly look back. Learn from this and every moment. Be where you are and where you are going. Be your authentic self and you will find much is navigated easily.


The Godhead

Monday, June 4, 2012

Last month, I was doing some work with some friends who are looking for where home is for them. I was tuning in and asked where is home for me. What came through was that home was not on this planet and in this sphere of existence. This may seem odd to some of you but it makes sense to me. People often ask the wrong question in trying to find an answer. They assume that because they are in human form that they are human and that they are here to do certain things. This is not always the case. When I was tuning in, I was given questions to ask to help others find where to reside.

One question was where am I needed now? Another way to phrase this is where are my talents and gifts needed now?

How may I do the most good?

What home base will allow me to live my life purpose best and follow my destiny on the earth?

Think about the qualities you want to explore in your life. Focus on putting that all together. If you are here to be of service, you need to focus on where your services can do the most good or the good that is required of you. If you are here for some other purpose, you want to focus on finding that place that allows you to do the most with your purpose of being. When you put those questions out into the Universe, you will be guided to where you can fulfill your purpose or destiny best. Some of you may find that your journey is more nomadic and others may find a definitive home base shows up.

If you are looking for what is next for you, the above may help you find how to create the missing piece.



Sunday, June 3, 2012

Take a look at your true values and your souls commitment in life. Connect with your spirit and ask your spirit what it desire to create and do. When you do this, you are bypassing your ego self and looking at pure motivation. You are not looking at agendas but at pure desires to serve others in some way. Look at your inner DNA program. Look beyond that program to your higher self for direction with this. You may find it interesting to note what comes up.

After you do this process, then open up to how to create what it is that you desire to create. Don’t try and limit the how it can happen. Right now look at what the desire is and why you desire it.

There are many creations of society that are based on ego and fear. When you release those structures and instead connect to your soul for the answers, you are now in the process of creation. If your why is in alignment with a true desire, you will find things work like magic.


Saturday, June 2, 2012

For those who are looking for where to move, here is a technique to help you out. Focus on what you would like in your home, land, apartment, condominium, city, town and state. Also, be clear about the quality of life that you would like and how things work for you. Write this information down. Then, you open up to where that is. Ask for signs to point you in the direction of where your home is. Try and remove any preconceived notions. You might take a map out and see where energy shows up for you. Don’t try and limit the possibilities right now. Then, write out the areas that come up for you. If at all possible visit the areas where you feel home would be and see how things work out for you there. Ask for the signs to show up that you will understand and recognize.

When I know that I need to move from an area, the above is how I usually figure out where home is. Sometimes, I just hear move to wherever. You can ask for the money to move and create the new space. If you are supposed to be somewhere, the Universe conspires to get you there. The answer may not seem logical to you or it may not sound like where you would want to live. If you are guided to be there things will work out well for you. Most likely, you will not be moved to an area that you find repulsive. If you are guided to a place that you think you won’t like, you will either love it, once you move or you will be there for a specific purpose. You won’t know until you show up and give it a try.



Friday, June 1, 2012

A while back we had mentioned how some of you are asked to no longer have regular jobs. You are being kept from the work force. We are aware that you are worried about income and what you are now to do. There is a reconfiguration going on right now. You are needed here on the earth and you will have work to do. You are being groomed for the new system and you must purge yourselves of the old ways. If you were in the old systems of work and business, you would not be able to sustain the energy shifts were are undertaking with you. If you truly need the money, you will be guided on where to get it and how to get it. You will be shown jobs that would take care of your income and allow you to do what needs to be done. You might be sent to a manager or business owner who would understand your ways and needs.

We have plans for each of you. So, remember that you are part of something beyond what you realize. You may ask your teams to help you understand your paths and what you need to do and focus on. You are in the meantime energy right now and you soon will move beyond this moment.