Sunday, June 17, 2012

We have heard others express that they are powerful and that is why people will shy away from them. Does that feel like a real statement to you? The power people often speak of is a way of making others small while they try to take control of something. Shouting someone down or negating everything that the other person does, it not a sign of power. It is a sign of lack of power.

True power just is. It will attract those whom you are meant to lead. It radiates and can hold a grand design power of love. Most of your true leaders whom you have created as the Divine energy led by love and an open heart. Many more who have professed to lead have led by subjugating others whom they perceive to be lesser.

You will never need to try and be powerful. If you are meant to lead, you will lead but allow the energy to come from within. If you are meant to follow others, seek leaders whom you truly believe in. It must resonate within your core beliefs and souls. This concept also goes for any religion or institution. Trust what your soul wishes you to do. Go within to assess what is right for you. Trust what comes through.