Tuesday, June 5, 2012

All things have their place. That being said, when humans continually look at the ancients for wisdom on navigating their lives now, they negate a lot of evolution. Mankind is moving into new directions. Your earth still requires care but you must address the earth where the earth is today instead of tapping into its ancient ways and knowledge. The earth has learned as have many in your world.

When you face an obstacle or an aspect of your life, do it from the perspective of what is available to your right now. Instead of looking back, look forward. Instead of addressing the old you, address the you that exists in this moment. You might be surprised at what energy arises from this new vantage point. You are not here to constantly look back. Learn from this and every moment. Be where you are and where you are going. Be your authentic self and you will find much is navigated easily.


The Godhead