Friday, June 8, 2012

Yesterday, we asked about going on the path. You mentioned about the ego lives versus spirit lives. How do you know which way is the best way for you?

The ego life is something that was created to help mankind feel that they hold the power. It serves many who are on human existences. This is the path where someone imposes their “truth” and ways. This is the path where people think that they need things to be successful and they come up with ways to collect things and facades of power. This is the belief that all things that you have come from hard work and your human assertions. This may sound awful to many of you but it has been a way of life on your planet for many centuries. This is where the belief that you have the right to take from the earth all the resources and hold no concern with the environment and balance of energies. This path is right for those who will be willing to sacrifice much for the appearances. These people can be loving and generous but in ways that make them look good. This is a valid existence for many in your world and we are not advocating that they need to change.

The spirit life is a much more freeing and evolving way of being on your planet. You are in alignment with the cosmic way of being. You are not needing to hold onto possessions but you can appreciate what you have, while you have it. This path tends to make those who follow it feel like outsiders. You are borrowing human forms to be here to be of service to many who are around you planet and plane of existence. Those who are on the spirit journey will manifest whatever they truly require as it is needed or when you are required to be in a certain area or place. All will show up in the flow. You may feel like you have excess possessions but you will require them for a time being. You have the ways and means to download whatever information you require. This way of being depends on faith and is not something that is for everyone. You must be aware and know that you have all that you require, whenever you require it and you will not worry about the future because the future is not formed as of yet. Those ready for the spirit path are ready to be in full trust of all that is and be willing to be of highest service to all that is. This life will most likely find you, when the time is right and you will be open to it. It will feel right to you to follow it and to show up where you are required to be and when you are required to be there. You are in the here and now.

The Universal Light Beings