Sunday, June 3, 2012

Take a look at your true values and your souls commitment in life. Connect with your spirit and ask your spirit what it desire to create and do. When you do this, you are bypassing your ego self and looking at pure motivation. You are not looking at agendas but at pure desires to serve others in some way. Look at your inner DNA program. Look beyond that program to your higher self for direction with this. You may find it interesting to note what comes up.

After you do this process, then open up to how to create what it is that you desire to create. Don’t try and limit the how it can happen. Right now look at what the desire is and why you desire it.

There are many creations of society that are based on ego and fear. When you release those structures and instead connect to your soul for the answers, you are now in the process of creation. If your why is in alignment with a true desire, you will find things work like magic.