Saturday, December 31, 2011

Welcome to Your New Adventures!

Welcome to the new adventures! Some of you will spend the night doing some various rituals. Some of you may be celebrating the end of the current year and the beginning of the new. We wish you great tidings on however you usher in the potential of change. We send you blessings as one period ends an a new era begins. It has been our pleasure communicating with you for all of the time we have done so.

The new awaits you and however that presents itself, it will be perfect for you. Always face your moments, days, weeks, months and years with excitement for it is a true new beginning. The old is past and the new awaits. We look forward to our evolution with you. Now is a great time to work together and be on this planet together. You are mighty adventurers. You have chosen gifts and talents to embark on whatever phase you are on. You are perfectly suited for whatever is to now be. Rejoice for this is the moment that awaits each of you. You have asked for this experience and it comes. The date and time is not important. The only thing that is important is that you are here and now is your moment, as are each moments hence. You hold great power within you. Use it wisely.



Friday, December 30, 2011

Increments of Time!

We are coming to a close of another year. An end to an increment of time and a time of new beginnings. Some of you are dreading this because of false prophecies of 2012. Know that as one phase ends another begins. Your phases are not determined by a calendar. They are dependent on the energy alignment. There is no beginning or ending to time and space. It just is. When you leave this reality, you enter another reality. No matter where you are or what you are experiencing, help is always available to you. Leave your ego minds. Open up to the mind of your spirit. Open to the place where your wisdom calls to you. Release your fears and be open to the foundation of love, truth and joy. You are ready for what is now to be. Let this happen and take place. No matter when you receive this message, it will be relevant to your journey. Arise brothers and sisters and step into the new. The new awaits you and you are clearly ready for a new adventure.



Thursday, December 29, 2011

Multiple Levels of Change

There are multiple levels of change taking place on the earth and in your lives right now. Believe this. For you are seeing how tyrants are loosing their power. You are seeing how many are no longer satisfied with feeling disenfranchised or out of the loop. Many are starting to wake up. Some are being clear about what they want in their lives. Some are in the stage of just knowing something doesn’t work right now. Some feel a sense of something about to occur. These are all signs of change and the status quo being redone. You will notice how your own life is changing and shifting. It is okay that you don’t know how this will affect you but you must realize it all points to shifts and changes.

Now how do you handle this energy? Take some deep breaths. Go to your quiet place and just be open. You will receive the guidance on what you need to do right now. Whenever you feel apprehensive, get quiet and be open. Your guidance systems will come through. If you receive nothing then you are being counseled to be patient or your teams are working on something. You may ask what you need to do right now in this moment or you may be open to some other question. You may also ask if there is another question that you need to invoke or ask. Pay attention to what comes through. Some of you may be drawn to a book or class or some other process. Allow that to lead you. Others may be drawn to show up some place at a specific time. Follow through on whatever you pick up. Know there is nothing scary about what is taking place. Know it is from a place of love and it should help empower each of you into your own life path.



Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Blessings for the New Moment!

As your earth year winds down, blessings to you. If you are granted another day or year or other increment of time, we wish you joy, happiness and abundance. Each moment is a true gift. It is a time of rebirth and rejuvenation. What will you make of it? How will you relish all that is before you and within in thee? What would you redo or change? You have a new moment in time to recreate. It is all up to you. Seek to revitalize your energy and source. Seek to create your ideal life and existence. Utilize the gifts and talents that you have. You all have gifts and talents and they are perfect for whatever you seek to create and imagine. You are true miracles and wonders.


The Light

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Get the Most Out of Each Experience!

Feast on life. Get the most out of each experience. Even when you decide to hibernate or relax. Know that you can get the most out of the experience by fully engaging with whatever you are doing. Show up in your life. Show up in your day and each moment. Enjoy sensations while you have them and access to them. Not all realities have sensations. This is something that is magical about your physical reality. Think about that.

Humans often complain but they don’t realize what they really do have. This form of reality is a true gift that many other beings would long for. You don’t appreciate things until they are removed. You don’t realize the wonder in something until it is taken away. Often, you focus on lack instead of abundance. You are always wanting more without truly appreciating all that you have.

The Christians and Jews among you have just come off of a season that is about gift giving. Did you appreciate what you were given? Did you appreciate the efforts others made for you? Do you value what you have right here and now? Pay attention to these answers for they will help you release old beliefs and move into the new from a clear place of valuing all that you truly have. This is part of the amazing world you live in.



Monday, December 26, 2011

Unite in Fellowship and Friendship!

Brothers and Sisters,

Unite in a bond of fellowship and friendship. You are all brothers and sisters in some form or another. You work together to make possible your dreams and aspirations. All who come into your life are players in your life. Some are main players, some are bit parts and some are extras or just in the background. There is a link for all connections. Know this.

To notice anything or learn from it, you must first notice it. You must be able to recognize what shows up and why. Some things will show up to help redirect your attention. Other things will show up because you must learn from them. All experiences are vital to your growth and changes. How you adapt or learn from something is where you come in. Your perceptions may color something but you can open up to other ways to perceive the stimulus you receive. How you react will often create judgment or perceptions. Your frame of reference is what determines your experiences. If you look back at pieces of your life, you will understand them better by taking the blinders off and looking at other messages that might have been brought through but were not perceived. Each piece holds multiple layers of learning. Some lessons are not yours for you may be the player in someone else’s story. That is why you are all so integral in each other’s lives.



Sunday, December 25, 2011


Do you feel the quickening taking place? We are prepared for you to unite with us in fellowship and a bond of light. This comes as you celebrate your Christmas holiday. We chose this time because you have ushered in a feeling of peace and fellowship. It goes beyond gift giving. This is not about accumulating things and stuff. This is about you finding your true selves and nurturing your growth.

This is a time of rebirth. Not because of what this day means to Christians but because of this encounter with us. As you open your hearts to unite with those who work with you, you will move onward in your evolution. Some of you are ready to embrace this and some of you must choose a different path. We speak more to those willing to trust and move into the light of their next phases. We judge not those who feel safe in what they think that they know. We honor and respect your choices.

For those of you who do not fit into the old ways anymore. We are ready to embark on a journey of self discovery with you. There is a reason that you don’t fit in and it is perfect for what you are meant to do. Your teams of energies will expose your new life to you, as is appropriate. You need only agree to move into the light that presents itself to you. As you do, you will evolve. There is nothing harmful in this work with us. This is all based on love. You must only release what no longer fits in your life. We come from thoughts of abundance, love and joy. We would never ask you to do anything that would harm you. As you release the old, you are creating space for the new. This is where we lead you. You will do great things to help those ready for our new adventure. You must stay in your power during this transition and you must always tune in and follow what feels good and powerful for you. Those who stay in the old energy must be respected for their path. You can’t bring anyone into your journey. Whatever you require will show up there.


The Holy Light

Saturday, December 24, 2011

New Phase

Happy Noel! Rejoice you my children for I welcome you to a new future and a paradigm shift. What you will do in this new phase is up to you. New opportunities will present themselves to you. You will alter your reality and engage in something new just by being here at this time. The old is at an end and the new beckons you forward. Unite with the light fellowship and you will be ushered into a new form and new reality.

You will notice my forces guiding you into your future. There are light beings around you now who will take you towards your future. Some humans will stay and many will cross over. All are heading towards their future selves. This is a very exciting time now. Allow it to be so. Feel the love being transmitted to each of you. Now is the time of such great joy and happiness. For we welcome you into our fold.

Blessed children, do not fear what is to be. It is a new journey and you are ready to embark on this great adventure. We send you much love and gratitude. Blessings, my holy offspring. For you are ready to advance now.

Mother of Creation!

Friday, December 23, 2011

New Moment

Brothers and Sisters,

Rejoice for a new day appears. You are ready for the new energy and the new moment to appear. This is a brand new moment in time and space. This is a new chance to invent yourselves and recreate whatever is before you. Each moment is a true miracle.

Many leave your planet and go into another dimension and many more will evolve. Each of you are in your journey and each of you may live your soul contract. You are wise to choose whatever path you take. There is no right or wrong answer to how you create your life experiences. If you say no to something, we will find another to say yes. Each choice will alter your path. Each decision will alter your future. The beauty is you have new moments to create in each day, week and all increments of time.

Welcome to a new start. We bid you good luck and blessings for whatever you decide.


Thursday, December 22, 2011

Effects of your Shifts!

We join with you as you engage in holiday events. Many of you will start feeling absent from large gatherings. You can no longer be part of huge functions where others get drunk and impart jovial banter. Your world is changing and altering and you must be willing to form new bonds. You may shy away from gatherings of such. You may find that people who were friends of yours no longer fit into your life and world. That is fine.

Make sure you shield yourself before heading to holiday parties. When you engage with family and friends who were from your old life, be present and awake. Pay attention to how you feel in such events. In many cases, you are the one who has changed and not them. They are as they have been and will be. There are times you must be in such environments but it is vital that you distance yourself in respectful ways. Your knowledge is growing. Your old life friends and family may not have agreed to evolve, as you have. So, judge not them for where they are. There is a place for all of you to be and survive the shifting.

You are never alone. There will be others who resonate with you, who show up in your life. Sadness often shows up when you expect that others are just as you are. You may feel alone but rest assured, you are not. We are around you. We gather near you and we value, appreciate and love you very much.

We are your beings of light who are united with you and form a bond deeper than you can imagine. Just remember that. Whoever you are and wherever you are in your life is perfect for you. That is what your journey is about. We commend you for your bravery.


The United Forces of Light

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Message from Teams!

Dearest Ones,

We are nearer than you think. You feel a sense of separation from those working with you and connecting to you. Yet, there is no real separation from your groups of being who work with you, alongside you and sometimes within you. We are different forms of energy that connect with you as is appropriate. You are never alone and never separated from those energies connected with you. We are there for comfort, support and to work with you. Understand this and be open. For as you need us, welcome us in and we will engage with you.

Your world is changing and you must know that we are forces of light designed to help you through each step of the way. Invite us in. Speak with us. Think thoughts directed at us. We will communicate in our own fashions to you. We find the ways that you will hear and understand us. You are not going crazy when you feel our thoughts or information. There is much that exists beyond the seen and unseen. Know this and suspend your disbelief. You will know us in your evolution. You are part of a unit and we are part of your unit.

The Light

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Shine Your Light!

Light is something that is within each of you and it must be allowed to shine brightly. You are not masters nor servants. You are each vehicles for the light to shine out into the world. Earthlings spend much time learning to dim their light but that is not the way of light. It is meant to be as it is and what it is. It simply is. It doesn’t think about how to be what it is. It only shines.

You must relearn to shine. Bring your brightness and power into all that you do. You will find you feel better and do better. It is simple. Never again allow others to make you feel small. Don’t accept that as a way of being. You are light and as such must Be! Know that your light will be specific for each of you. In that it is perfect. It has no one else to measure up to. You will venture forth as you are and accomplish your life work and mission just by using your gifts and talents and bringing them into the world.

Blessings of the Light!

Monday, December 19, 2011

New Beginnings!

Treat each day as a new beginning. Each day and each moment is a true celebration. This is an opportunity to recreate what is yours and what you desire. You are not victims of circumstances. You are not part of a cosmic joke. You are part of love and the creation process. You each play different roles in the foundations of all that is. You are granted each moment as a gift of love. Whatever experiences you may have, you are being given a gift within it. Start looking for that energy and see how your life opens up. Ask how you may be of service in each moment. Be open to the miracles all around you. If you don’t like something, understand how it serves you. If you understand how it serves you, see how it serves others. Then, once you garner this understanding, you may venture forth onto the next piece.

If it appears that something continually shows up in your life, you still may have some work to do with that piece. You may also have something to help another understand. Don’t assume you know the answer. Be open and be with each step in love and grace. You will never be disappointed for you are part of the miracles of each moment.

Noah and Yahweh

Sunday, December 18, 2011


Dear Ones,

Look at what symbols hold meaning for you. In many cultures, different life areas have corresponding symbols. There is a general consensus of what they mean so they were adopted to be utilized by the population to help them create. Each of you have symbols that mean something to you. Think about what you wish to bring into your life. What do you want more of? Surrounding yourself with images that invoke your desires will help program your mind and energy to that desire. If you see images that make you happy, you will resonate better with that happiness. If you see the energy of what you wish to explore, it will bring that energy to you. Find symbols that increase your resonance with your desires. This can only help align you with what is within you. As you are aligned you are closer to attracting your desire in your life.

You can reprogram yourselves to what you truly want. Start by clearing out things that are not in alignment and replacing them with symbols that are in alignment. The standard we see in most people is that they program themselves for what they don’t want instead of what they do want.

If you are going to make wishes that affect others, make sure you are not doing it for selfish reasons. If you pray for healing of another, make sure that is what is right for that person. You will find a better prayer is for whatever is right for the individual to manifest. Send love and support to others on their journey. Let their journey be as it needs to be for them. Concentrate on creating your own journey. That is a much better use of your time and energy. Parents, teach your children how to manifest their desires. Support them in their wishes and desires. Creating generations that are able to more consciously create for themselves will benefit many.



Saturday, December 17, 2011

Path of Growth and Discovery!

You are each on a path of growth and discovery. Even when you are not aware of what that means, you are still on that path. Phases and stages come and go as they are needed and required. You complete one aspect of your work and then proceed to the next phase. You will find there are twists and turns that await you in each moment. You are not stagnant, even when you feel stuck. You are of great light and potential. Your work and your path hold the keys to much in your journey on the earth and many other realities.

Take each piece as the wonderful gift that it is. Allow your power to shine and to surge forth. Know we beckon you onward. You are mankind’s salvation. You at this very moment hold the keys to development, growth and the future. Pay attention to what you are creating in your thoughts, minds and deeds. Waste not your energy on projects not of your intent or desires. Tune into what is within you and aligned with you. You will know how to proceed. That is the key to your transformation. Do not the work of others but of yourselves. Follow your own path and not the pathway of another. You are your own self for a reason. Pay attention. Wake up now and be who you really are!

Friday, December 16, 2011


Each phase that you are creating will serve a purpose. Not all things happen in each phase. You must learn to tune into the specific phase and ask it what it’s purpose is. Some phases may be just about clearing away something or parts of your life that no longer serve you. Some phases may be about bringing in certain aspects. If you learn to be with each phase, it allows the phase to create its purpose faster and then you may move onto the next phase.

Your lives are composed of many phases and stages. You must learn to work along with the phases or stages and not fight them. Each will serve you. Some stages are related to others. So, you are unable to move on until those who are connected move on. There are times you are solitary and times you are interdependent. Tune into each piece and ask how it serves you and what is needed for this part. Ask how you can assist and be willing to step back, when you need to get out of the way. You are not in control of all things that show up in your lives. You also have areas of your life where you need to step in and take more control. It all depends on the piece you are working on or that your teams are working on.


The Light

Thursday, December 15, 2011


Brothers and Sisters,

Let us speak of resources today. You will always have access to the resources that you require. When a resource seems to be missing or not showing up, it is because you are trying to do something that is not in alignment with what you are to do. For instance, when you are taking care of the needs of another that is not for you to take care of, you will feel a sense that something is off or realize that what you need to accomplish the task may be missing. There are times where you may need to do something but then the resources will show up with the individual you are helping.

You are on new ground now and the rules are changing. Try and not get caught up in the desires of others. There are times where people will ask you to intercede for them on a matter and then when you require their assistance to do what they requested, they will act as if they don’t know what you are talking about. Pay attention to this. You cannot help others unwilling to help themselves. People will spur you on to do something and then not back you up when it counts. This happens often in your realm. When this happens, be willing to walk away from the project that others have insisted that you do without their support. There will be enough for you to stand up for and do.


The Light!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Precipice of Changes!

We are in the precipice of changes right now. Some are meant to be part of these changes and others are meant to move on. There is no need to hold anyone back or in place. Each must follow their own path. People will come and go in your lives. This is nothing new. It is part of life. We realize that many of you need to mourn these changes but after you grieve the past, be open to the future.

You must learn to let go of what no longer works for you so that you have space for what does work for you. You can’t drag others with you. You must allow each to follow their own timing and directions. Whoever belongs with you, will show up. Trust this. You may need a period of time where you are left alone. So, don’t try and force new acquaintances. Allow the right people to show up. Trust what you sense and don’t try to read into things that are not there and force creations. All works out how it needs to work out.


Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Trust Your Intuition!

When you are picking up energy about someone, trust what you pick up. Outward appearances often seem to indicate one thing is taking place while your gut or intuitive voice is presenting other information. If you have a choice between trusting outward appearances or your gut, always choose your gut sense. By trusting your gut energy, you are trusting your intuitive voice and honing your radar sense.

All life forms have some intuitive guidance system. Humans have learned to not trust it but you need to get back to the place where you do trust it. It will serve you well in your lives and in your future. Sometimes, it is just a matter of waiting until the evidence reveals itself to you. Know this for it is better to listen to what you are receiving and not the energy that appears to be. We are seeking ways for you to know when you are protected and when you are vulnerable. As time progresses, this skill will be more important. So, pay attention.


The Godhead

Monday, December 12, 2011


Learn to set up intentions for meetings. For instance, if you are going into a situation you dread, set up the intention that everyone is respectful and honoring of each other. Create a shield for yourself where you are protected. If you are in a situation where someone may be dishonoring, it is permissible to send them back their own energy. You do not need to be a vessel for noxious energy. It is not for you to take in venom. If you do allow the venom to permeate you, make sure that you transmute and release that energy. You have no reason to hold onto it.

Be clear about what environments you are willing to be in. Know what is appropriate for you. You have no reason to be nice to toxic people, when you are in toxic environments. Set up the protection you require. We are not saying be mean to people because of bad situations. We are saying hold your boundaries for what is acceptable behavior. There is no reason to stay in a place where you are being abused. There is also no reason to allow others to abuse you. You are learning to stand up for yourself and your true path. Place your energy where you truly desire it to be. Know when you are wasting your energy and when you are heading towards your growth path. Be clear! Allow others to be responsible for their own behaviors, actions and choices.


Sunday, December 11, 2011

Shine and Be Your Best!

Brothers and Sisters,

Unite! You are a bond of light and love. You are meant to shine your ways in the world. You are a species never before created. Many get stuck in conformity but that is not the gift of physicality. You have the sense of being separate because it allows you to venture forth in a very different way than you did when you lived in this world or sphere of existence with us. You have existed in other forms before. Each form and reality creates its own gifts and challenges.

Enjoy this form and this existence while you have it and can enjoy it. We would say the same for all forms and existences. You are watched over in all forms. Your ways are the ways of the light. Your power is the power of the light. Shine your energy out into your world in whatever form or existence you may partake in. Enjoy the ride. Work to create harmony and light in your own home and life. Stay away from vexing people and situations, when you can, and be truth when you must be in difficult surroundings. Be truth in all existences and forms, at all times.

Many have been taught to conform to the lowest denominator. That is not the way to raise the vibration. Be yourself in your finest glory. Rise to your best as much as you can. Stand in your own light and power. That helps move things along your evolutionary path.

Noah and the Light

Saturday, December 10, 2011


Life! What is it you would like to create? How would you like to make a difference in your world? What is the legacy you would wish to impart? Stand up for what you believe in. Set your intentions. Be the type of being you are proud to be. There is no reason to fear another for who they are or to allow them to intimidate you. You each hold great power. Those who need to force their will on others are not in their power or they would not need to force another into submission. Realize this information. Know you are responsible for the life and existence you wish to create.

For those of you who are light energies, you are in your realm to be of service in many different ways. The rules may seem different for each of you but you must hold your power and be the light and truth you were designed to be. In the past, you have relinquished your power so that others may take control. You may have assumed that those who tried to control you were in more power than you were. That was not true. You submitted to them because the world or community was not ready for what you had to offer. If you hold your power and gifts, you will never be forced into submission.

Be who and what you are meant to be. Be authentic and real. You have so much to offer the world but you can only do this, when you are willing to shine your light. First you must strip away the facades you have created. Remember who and what you are and the rest will be revealed.


The Light

Friday, December 9, 2011


Choose to be substance over façade. Too many of you will go for flash and appearances but you will have no foundation under it. When this occurs, people are more interested in appearances than having some depth. The depth will always serve you better.

We know there is a metaphysical teaching that has you act as if you have something. But that doesn’t mean buying stuff that is not in alignment. That means you are attuning your energy to your authentic, abundant self. You are shifting your own energy to be what it truly is and not what it has been conditioned to be to fit into other’s perceptions of what you are or should be.

Come from a sense of truth. Be real and be who and what you are. That will always serve you much better than any other sense of reality.



Thursday, December 8, 2011

What is Yours Is Yours!

When something is for you to have and the time is right, it will come to you quickly. There is no need to manipulate or try and force the creation. When something isn’t showing up in your life and you know it is something that is for you to have, it is because the timing isn’t right. You can’t really force a creation and expect it to work fluidly. You will find you may force it to manifest but there will be issues that arise when energy is forced and manipulated into being. When the timing is right, it will come to you quickly with no obstacles. It will appear like magic and it will be a perfect creation.

It is important that you each know that you will have what is yours. There will be times where you are asked to do something. Follow the directions as they come through and follow the direct guidance you receive. That is your part in the creation process. The rest is based on trust that everything happens perfectly. Learn to let go of trying to control the process. Trying to control something will not speed up the creation. Pay attention to what your teams ask you to do and when the requests come in. If you do as you are asked, you are going to find you are in alignment and creations will feel like magic. Your teams are listening to your desires and they know your path. All will be in Divine order.



Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Perceptions versus Realities

Blessed Ones,

Your perceptions are what you view as your realities. This is not always the case but this is how people operate. What you perceive, you also assume others perceive. What you think, you perceive other’s think. Not everyone thinks like you or perceives like you. Hence, you must be able to figure out how others perceive issues to help them work through issues. You must be aware that others think differently from you. There is an importance to this because it helps you understand what is happening in various situations and existences. Know this and understand it. It will help change your life.

Now, look for truth and not your perceptions. Go into the energy of what you are picking up and ask truth to be revealed, known and understood. How does this change what is taking place and how you interact with what is taking place? We are trying to show you where the true power lies. It lies in the core energy and in what is transpiring. It is not how things appear but what is the base energy at the foundation. Always look for this and it will take you beyond appearances and into the place of power.

Light and Love,


Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Root Causes!

Blessed Ones,

Look at the root causes for anything that you see before you. Anytime you see something as a challenge or issue, there is a root cause. Many of you look at the façade as the piece to work on but that is not the part that changes anything or alters anything. In any healing, you must see what causes something and not go for your reaction. Your reaction shows you what is wrong or off. You might not even know what is really off, you only know it causes a reaction.

The healing must come from the core. You must address the source energy that creates the issue and not just look at the quick fix. Human medical systems go for symptoms and only address the symptoms. That again is not going for the core issue. Healing takes place like magic, once you understand what is taking place. That is also why you must understand how something serves before you can change it or alter it. Once the purpose is taken care of, energy transmutes automatically.

Attacking issues doesn’t create healing. You are only meeting what you perceive as violence with violence. Some of you take an area that needs healing and attack it. For example, those who fight cancer or some illness. Some fight the system. It feeds the problems and not the healing or changes when you attack issues. You see violence or the health problem expand when you attack it. Look at how you phrase things and you will understand better what you are creating.


The Light

Monday, December 5, 2011

Energy Flow

Your environments are changing. We know that many of you have studied Feng Shui and the art of energy flowing. Know that now this technique is shifting and evolving. Instead of going by compass directions or by the form of the space, tune into the space. You must work with the energy that is around you. Your space will help you understand how to utilize its energy and enhance your life areas. Your home, office or other environments may have life areas in all or parts of your space. Let you environment speak to you.

Feng Shui masters had tried to teach their people how to do this but found rules worked better for those unable to fine tune what was coming through. However, now you must learn to really check in with the space and see what is needed. There may be something that you personally need to have around you that will not fit with training of disciplines but it is required for your next phase. Follow what you pick up that you need around you and it will help you evolve and move forward. That is more important than rules created to serve some previous function. It may not make sense to you in the present moment but you will understand it at the appropriate moment.

Notice our theme with you is to really tune into what you are picking up. We want you to learn to trust your own intuitions.



Sunday, December 4, 2011

New Beginnings and Fresh Starts

New beginnings and fresh starts await you now. You hold the power to create something new right here and now. This is related to your commitments and your true desires. What will it be?

Spend some time this week and month on looking at rebuilding your life and your world. Some of you must follow the path you have agreed to but even you have your focus to help utilize your true desires and creations. If something is important enough to you, you will be able to create energy that is similar to your true soul desire. Just make sure you really desire it before you focus on manifesting it. We can find ways to help support each of your ways and desires and still have you create your true pathway.

There are just some things you think you want but you don’t really want them and they don’t really add to your life and journey. So, spend time with anything you think you want and see if it is a true desire. Find the root energy of whatever you state that you want. There is much to choose from.



Saturday, December 3, 2011

Temper Tantrums

When did you ever think it was acceptable to give someone having a temper tantrum their way? When children are out of control, they must go through their time of being in that state but you don’t feed that energy. When adults do the same behavior, you do not need to feed the energy. Remember what you put your energy towards expands. If a behavior is abusive or not acceptable, it may seem easier to give in but it doesn’t serve the betterment of any situation to do so.

Disengage with abusive behavior. Find something that is respectful and follow that energy. It is never from a higher perspective to be abusive or to allow anyone to abuse you. It only dims your own light. We are more interested in enhancing your energy than depleting it.


The Light

Friday, December 2, 2011

Energy You Desire to Create!

Be the energy you wish to attract. Focus on the energy and vibration of what you want in your life. If you want more money tune into the amount you wish to attract and create a similar vibration to that energy. If you want love or health, tune into the energy you wish to attract.

Many might say they want to heal but they put their energy into the problem and not the solution. If you get into the energy that causes you pain, you create more of that energy. You must learn to tune into the energy and vibration of what you want instead. Understand what is showing up but don’t belabor it. Your focus is your power. Your energy is your power but it relates to what you are truly putting your energy into. Your medical system is designed to handle crises but not wellness. To heal, you must see yourself as whole and healthy. If something is going on in your body, you must send it love and support. You must nurture yourselves to change what you consider being unwell.

Look at anything you want to create, then look at how you add energy to what you have. You will notice that your focus is not about what you want but what you have. You must change your thought patterns to create something differently from what you have. That is why you must learn to tune into the energy you wish and transform your energy into that desired energy.

You are powerful in your ways. Your focus has always been the key to change and creation. What you expect, you help create. What you allow, you aid in building. Think about this. Wouldn’t you rather spend your time in creating what you truly value and desire?


The Light

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Working with Your Teams!

How would people ask their teams how to better work with them? How would we garner what is right for our teams?

Brothers and sisters,

The answer to these questions is to invite our opinions into the mix. Many times humans will order their teams around. They forget we are beings who exist on other planes or dimensions. You are taught that we surround you and are there to help you but you forget we are full beings. We are not your servants and you are not our masters. We have chosen to be with and around you. You show us respect by including us in the process you are in. Ask us the better way to release. Ask us the better way to navigate a situation. Invite us into the mix. We seek to work with you in truth. Be open to what comes through. Don’t try and negotiate a different answer. Don’t allow your beliefs to cloud your judgments.

Be open to getting to know your teams. Be willing for us to come through on a personal level. Learn to be more respectful of those who have given service to you. Speak to us from your heart. Connect soul to soul with your team. Send love and transmit love to those who work with you.

Be at peace. Know you are part of something amazing and wonderful. Everything that shows up is part of that amazing miracle.


Noah and Yahweh