Monday, December 12, 2011


Learn to set up intentions for meetings. For instance, if you are going into a situation you dread, set up the intention that everyone is respectful and honoring of each other. Create a shield for yourself where you are protected. If you are in a situation where someone may be dishonoring, it is permissible to send them back their own energy. You do not need to be a vessel for noxious energy. It is not for you to take in venom. If you do allow the venom to permeate you, make sure that you transmute and release that energy. You have no reason to hold onto it.

Be clear about what environments you are willing to be in. Know what is appropriate for you. You have no reason to be nice to toxic people, when you are in toxic environments. Set up the protection you require. We are not saying be mean to people because of bad situations. We are saying hold your boundaries for what is acceptable behavior. There is no reason to stay in a place where you are being abused. There is also no reason to allow others to abuse you. You are learning to stand up for yourself and your true path. Place your energy where you truly desire it to be. Know when you are wasting your energy and when you are heading towards your growth path. Be clear! Allow others to be responsible for their own behaviors, actions and choices.