Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Trust Your Intuition!

When you are picking up energy about someone, trust what you pick up. Outward appearances often seem to indicate one thing is taking place while your gut or intuitive voice is presenting other information. If you have a choice between trusting outward appearances or your gut, always choose your gut sense. By trusting your gut energy, you are trusting your intuitive voice and honing your radar sense.

All life forms have some intuitive guidance system. Humans have learned to not trust it but you need to get back to the place where you do trust it. It will serve you well in your lives and in your future. Sometimes, it is just a matter of waiting until the evidence reveals itself to you. Know this for it is better to listen to what you are receiving and not the energy that appears to be. We are seeking ways for you to know when you are protected and when you are vulnerable. As time progresses, this skill will be more important. So, pay attention.


The Godhead