Monday, December 26, 2011

Unite in Fellowship and Friendship!

Brothers and Sisters,

Unite in a bond of fellowship and friendship. You are all brothers and sisters in some form or another. You work together to make possible your dreams and aspirations. All who come into your life are players in your life. Some are main players, some are bit parts and some are extras or just in the background. There is a link for all connections. Know this.

To notice anything or learn from it, you must first notice it. You must be able to recognize what shows up and why. Some things will show up to help redirect your attention. Other things will show up because you must learn from them. All experiences are vital to your growth and changes. How you adapt or learn from something is where you come in. Your perceptions may color something but you can open up to other ways to perceive the stimulus you receive. How you react will often create judgment or perceptions. Your frame of reference is what determines your experiences. If you look back at pieces of your life, you will understand them better by taking the blinders off and looking at other messages that might have been brought through but were not perceived. Each piece holds multiple layers of learning. Some lessons are not yours for you may be the player in someone else’s story. That is why you are all so integral in each other’s lives.