Monday, December 19, 2011

New Beginnings!

Treat each day as a new beginning. Each day and each moment is a true celebration. This is an opportunity to recreate what is yours and what you desire. You are not victims of circumstances. You are not part of a cosmic joke. You are part of love and the creation process. You each play different roles in the foundations of all that is. You are granted each moment as a gift of love. Whatever experiences you may have, you are being given a gift within it. Start looking for that energy and see how your life opens up. Ask how you may be of service in each moment. Be open to the miracles all around you. If you don’t like something, understand how it serves you. If you understand how it serves you, see how it serves others. Then, once you garner this understanding, you may venture forth onto the next piece.

If it appears that something continually shows up in your life, you still may have some work to do with that piece. You may also have something to help another understand. Don’t assume you know the answer. Be open and be with each step in love and grace. You will never be disappointed for you are part of the miracles of each moment.

Noah and Yahweh