Sunday, December 25, 2011


Do you feel the quickening taking place? We are prepared for you to unite with us in fellowship and a bond of light. This comes as you celebrate your Christmas holiday. We chose this time because you have ushered in a feeling of peace and fellowship. It goes beyond gift giving. This is not about accumulating things and stuff. This is about you finding your true selves and nurturing your growth.

This is a time of rebirth. Not because of what this day means to Christians but because of this encounter with us. As you open your hearts to unite with those who work with you, you will move onward in your evolution. Some of you are ready to embrace this and some of you must choose a different path. We speak more to those willing to trust and move into the light of their next phases. We judge not those who feel safe in what they think that they know. We honor and respect your choices.

For those of you who do not fit into the old ways anymore. We are ready to embark on a journey of self discovery with you. There is a reason that you don’t fit in and it is perfect for what you are meant to do. Your teams of energies will expose your new life to you, as is appropriate. You need only agree to move into the light that presents itself to you. As you do, you will evolve. There is nothing harmful in this work with us. This is all based on love. You must only release what no longer fits in your life. We come from thoughts of abundance, love and joy. We would never ask you to do anything that would harm you. As you release the old, you are creating space for the new. This is where we lead you. You will do great things to help those ready for our new adventure. You must stay in your power during this transition and you must always tune in and follow what feels good and powerful for you. Those who stay in the old energy must be respected for their path. You can’t bring anyone into your journey. Whatever you require will show up there.


The Holy Light