Sunday, December 11, 2011

Shine and Be Your Best!

Brothers and Sisters,

Unite! You are a bond of light and love. You are meant to shine your ways in the world. You are a species never before created. Many get stuck in conformity but that is not the gift of physicality. You have the sense of being separate because it allows you to venture forth in a very different way than you did when you lived in this world or sphere of existence with us. You have existed in other forms before. Each form and reality creates its own gifts and challenges.

Enjoy this form and this existence while you have it and can enjoy it. We would say the same for all forms and existences. You are watched over in all forms. Your ways are the ways of the light. Your power is the power of the light. Shine your energy out into your world in whatever form or existence you may partake in. Enjoy the ride. Work to create harmony and light in your own home and life. Stay away from vexing people and situations, when you can, and be truth when you must be in difficult surroundings. Be truth in all existences and forms, at all times.

Many have been taught to conform to the lowest denominator. That is not the way to raise the vibration. Be yourself in your finest glory. Rise to your best as much as you can. Stand in your own light and power. That helps move things along your evolutionary path.

Noah and the Light