Sunday, July 24, 2011


There is a new world shift taking place. Mankind is in the process of this great change and you will find many of you are awaiting the new directions. Keep following what guidance you are receiving. Trust that the new guides and team members are showing up to take you to this new place. The shift in guides is meant to be seemless. Many of you may not be aware of the changes taking place. Some of you know the energy of your guides so well that you are aware of the changes in teams. Know all of this is under the direction of those beings who oversee this process. You are in good hands in all cases.

Many of you feel the changes that are taking place and it feels profound to you. We ask that you go with the flow. Much of what is taking place will make sense in the near future. You have done great work and we are proud of you.

For those attempting to stay the same or in the same place, there is also a place for each of you. So, there is no need for worry or concern.

For those whose work is changing, know that you will understand your work and pathway very soon. It is nearer than you think or realize. Some of you will need to be extracated from your current situations for the changes to avail themselves. All is in order and taken care of. There is much love for all of mankind and all life forms. All life is important and valuable. Even things that mankind finds insignificant.



Friday, July 22, 2011

Time of Change

Blessed Ones,

We know many of you have felt you were in a holding pattern for a long time but that time is over. You will notice that much starts to excellerate now. You will find that your teams change quickly and you will soon be given explicite directions on where to go and what to do. Your teams have worked to prepare you and now new teams come in to take you to the next level of your life and work.

Your world is evolving and you have all been observed to see where we can use you and how you may be of service. This is like your job placement service. However, some of you have chosen to stay in old patterns. This decision has also told us how you need to be in your current world and that will affect how you are used in the future. There is no judgment of this only the fact that your choices alter your pathway. So, all is now set up as it needs to be. Your paths have been selected and you have committed to certain experiences. Your work is now to show up in your life and see what else shows up. You will know how to navigate whatever presents itself to you.


The Yahwehs

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Soul Grouping's Quest

What is your soul grouping looking for? We are surrounded by souls connected to us and each may play a different role with us. You each have your own part to play and role to play. Look at how it all interacts and how it works or doesn’t work. Find the path and way within each challenge and experience. What comes up with each programming?

With the downloading, we are preparing those in the downloading process for what is next. You may find that your energy is altered or our requests may stem from the work we do with you each day. There may be a need to keep you away from toxic energy or energy that is out of alignment of what we need for you. Pay attention to this. It is vital for you to do what is coming through for you. We recognize others do not understand this process and if they are not going through this process it will seem foreign to them. So, you are responsible for setting the boundary to enforce what is coming through for you.

(I will be out of town traveling from July 22nd until August 1st. If my group comes through with messages during this period, I will post them for you on the site! I will have access to e-mail. Blessings! Ken)

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Silence and Boundaries

Enjoy the silence and the quiet. Humans don’t do that enough. You feel the need to be on the go all the time. Take a breath! Try enjoyment of relaxation! Spend time without any pressure placed on you or the need to rush around. How does this feel to you to just Be and not have to do. It may seem strange, at first but later it will grow on you. Your world is changing soon and you will need some time to regroup and relax. If there is constant commotion around you, you will not be able to regroup and check into your inner guidance system.

On another note, try and look at the boundaries you may be trouncing on. If someone gives you the parameter that is good for them but you feel the need to negate what they said and impose something on them that they have said is bad for them, you are violating them. Each of you gets to do what is right for yourself but you must learn to respect that others must create the boundary that is right for them. Each of you is going through different transitions and needs. You each must do what is right for you but you must allow others to do what is right for them also.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Energy in Its Natural State!

For those of you who see energy around you and others, you will often see guides, spirits and guards. However, you are not necessarily seeing how they really look or seeing them in their natural states. Many will take on forms that don’t scare their people. They will morph into appearances that you will find pleasant or comforting.

There are many who express that they see their angels but they are not looking at angels or even communicating with angels. The humans are holding preconceived notions based on doctrine and what they assume is a higher energy. So, they are really lumping guides, spirits and whatever is around them and labeling them angels. You could assume that all messengers are angels since that is what angel really means but we also realize that you are not using the term generically. You are thinking they are really angels and not just beings who bring you messages.

We would prefer that you take us at face value for what we really are and not what you want us to be. As you evolve, you will then allow us to be what we truly are and we will not need to morph into shapes and forms that you will accept. We have even taken on labels (names) because that gives you comfort. Your next piece is to see, hear, feel and experience all beings as they really are without prejudging or trying to control who and what others are. Allowing energy to be what it needs to be is a powerful step for those willing to take it.

Monday, July 18, 2011


When we give you assignments or requests, we have reasons for them. So, we ask you to do what comes through. There are pieces in play and we may need you to do something to help with that piece. If you are arguing or negating what we send you, you may be messing up the plan that needs to be in play. Each of you has your own part to play. So, instead of convoluting what comes through, take it in its pure form. Do not try and change the meaning or try and change it to justify what you would rather do. You can ask for verification of what you thought you received by just asking if something was right and once you get your confirmation, go with that.

If you continue to say no to what comes through, we will just find someone else who says yes. That will alter your life path but it is your choice. At this stage, we don’t have time to play games. There are some things happening that create high stakes for humanity. Those of you who have been doing the work should know that you can trust your teams. If you need to stay in fear, we will need to find others because we need to work with those able to move into the new paradigm. We are at the turning points now of civilizations.

The Godhead

Thursday, July 14, 2011

People and Energy

People who are holy or spiritual don’t need to broadcast it. You will feel it from them. People who need to profess their connection with God or the Divine, are probably not there yet. If they preach hatred, fire, hell, damnation or the need to repent, they are not even remotely connected to the Higher realms. If they exude love, compassion, they are most likely truly connected.

People who are famous, don’t need to tell others that they are famous. Someone may be famous in their community or in their country and not known outside of their area of fame but if they are meant to be famous, you will soon know of them for doing something that helps or connects with people. There is a trend for people to be famous for things that are not worthy of fame but they are able to capture attention. Those people will not maintain the limelight. For the time they have in the limelight, they need to manipulate people to stay in the focus.

Know that none of your purposes is about gaining attention just to show off. If you are fortunate enough to be in a position to help many, that is what the focus should be. There is enough ego energy in your world without trying to expand that. Most who garner fame are not doing it for the intention of gaining fame. They are doing what they truly love and enjoy and that brings them out into the world.

Pay attention to how people present themselves and how they expect others to treat them. That will tell you a lot about who and what they truly are.


(I will be traveling from July 15 - 18 and I will not have access to a computer. I will start up the messages again when I get back home on the 18th. Have a great few days. - Ken)

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Energy Drains

What or who have you allowed to steal time from you? This is the energy of people or things that take your time but are not productive. It could be talking about people you have no control over or situations that you are not going to change. It could be watching television where you shut off your mind and allow whatever before you to permeate you thoughts. Start paying attention to this.

A lot of people are drama/trauma people who feel the need to spread that energy to others. All this does is lower the vibration of others. It doesn’t help or change anything. Start looking at where this shows up in your life and also look at what you value and want to put your energy into.

Once you eliminate the energy vampires and energy leaks, you will free up a lot of energy in your day and life. Most people have some area of their life where they allow this to happen and it only serves to prevent you from doing what you would rather do or need to do. Setting new boundaries will help create change in your life and open up your energy.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Realms Converging

Realms are starting to converge. There is a blending of energy. So, we are helping each of you understand your own force and the forces that work with you so that you can tell when something else is added. Know that much is taking place right now. Many changes are manifesting and even greater changes will start showing up.

You each need to look at how your journey is being affected and how your sensitivities are being heightened. Your new awareness with help you with dealing with different realms and your current “physical” realm Many changes start to unite us all.

Pray for peace. Be compassion, light and love!

The Universe

Monday, July 11, 2011

Energy and Processing

When things are going on in your life that cause your energy to get convoluted, we need to spend time with you to purify you. When you are in positions where this happens often, it may take us longer to do this than to just work with you. That is why many of you are placed in a form of isolation so we can just work with you and you have been asked to remove violence from your day, in all forms.

Many of you have wondered why you are single and kept so or we allow you out in the world early or late when there are not many out and about. The reason is that it takes work to get you to the level we need you at. When you constantly go into areas where people are not raising their vibration, you will need to shield yourself to be out and about or we will need to shield you. If you were in a relationship with someone who didn’t understand the process you are going through or wasn’t supportive of that process, we would need to isolate you from that energy. So, again, it is easier to just separate you from many so we can just prepare you and help you go out and do the work you are meant to do. Once you are doing your work, you will be safe to do it without much of the precautions.



Sunday, July 10, 2011

The Reprogramming to Love Base!

I have been going through a phase where my guides are keeping me away from a lot of situations. I was tuning in to see what was happening and this is the information that came through:

The pieces that we are keeping you away from are fear based. We have asked you to stay away from violence and situations where a group of people want to control you. We have asked you to stay away from groups that are founded on underlying fear. Like their purpose for being is because of their need to assert their right to exist or they want to take care of “catastrophes.” We have asked you to no longer read fear based books or even authors who write because of their fears. Follow the through line of all the energy we ask you to stay away from.

Our goal with you is to move you into a love based way of being and to do that the old energy must be stripped away and the new foundation formed. So, when any of you ask about doing something and a resounding no comes through, try and tune into the energy you are being asked to stay away from. This will help you reform your life as it was intended. This energy may be in anything that you want to buy or do. So, when you hear no, there is something about the energy of what you are asking about that is not in alignment with your goals or true desires.



Saturday, July 9, 2011

Where Does Your Energy Get Placed?

Dear Ones,

Take a look at the petty annoyances in your life. How much of them are you putting your energy into? How much of your time do you invest in them? This is just something that robs your energy.

Focus on what you truly wish to focus on. Be what you truly wish to be and put your energy into whatever supports that.

Your evolution is in process right now. It is time to refine energy to make it workout well. You should be able to start clearing out what no longer fits and open up to a way that is in better alignment to what you wish to be.

Most power comes from Being. The doing comes from what shows up and not from being reactive but from knowing what to do with whatever shows up in life.



Friday, July 8, 2011

Your Path and the Paths of Others!

It is important to help people on their path and not on the path you want them on. It is vital for any light being to understand that. Many disciplines work on trying to conform each of you into their skill sets or ways. That is not what your existence is meant to be.

Each of you who has been sent on the planet at this time must ask who you were sent here by and what your work is. Some of you have been given tasks to figure out how your skill sets translate on the human plane. From that place those who have sent you here are putting together your work. So, look to your abilities for clues. We know some of you may be in what humans consider middle age or old and you have not really begun your work but that is because much needs to be put in place and the timing for each of you must be right. Your age doesn’t matter. It is about alignment to your work and purpose.

There is no need to struggle in this process or to fight the process. It all becomes clear shortly. The most important thing you can do is follow your intuitive guidance. You may also ask who you work for and ask them for your directions. It will vary for all of you.

This information does not apply to those of you who have asked to be sent on the earth plane. Your paths may be completely different. So for you, ask what you purpose is here and what you are meant to learn and/or teach. You have created a different life plan than those who were sent by different entities to work on this plane. It all goes back to each of you are on your own path and must create accordingly.


The Light

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Electrical Currents

Are there times where you are finding that you need to stay away from electrical appliances and equipment? As your energy is shifting and changing, you will notice that you need to find a quiet place that is away from currents. You might need to create a zone where you can go that there are no electrical things plugged in or in your space.

When you find you have trouble being around certain currents, your energy is being adjusted and your frequencies may need time to stabilize before you can be around electricity. All things that exist have currents and frequencies and you need to find what works best for you. There are some energy fields that you will not be able to tolerate and others will feel really comfortable. As your vibrations change and adjust, you will need to find what works for you. You may have been able to do things for many years and all of the sudden you can’t. By this, we mean being in certain environments or around certain people or situations. That is not because the other things have changed but because you have.

As you develop, your lives will change and what you pursue and do will fit the new you. There is nothing wrong with you that has precipitated this change. It is part of your request to grow and evolve. You may no longer blindly go on your way. You must pay attention. When you feel stuck or dismayed about something, ask and we will be there with you to help you along the way.


Noah and the Teams

Wednesday, July 6, 2011


Dear Ones,

We would like to speak to you about awareness. Pay attention to how you bring your energy out into the world. Pay attention to how you are received and perceived. Pay attention to your intentions. Many just go out into the world and assume all space is theirs. They don’t respect other people’s space and they expect all to conform to them. People will even go into the space of another and try and take over. Pay attention to the boundaries of others.

Many of you have asked how you can develop your abilities. This all starts with being aware of subtle and all forms of energy. How can you receive messages if you have dulled your awareness? You need to develop your sensitivities. Go beyond words and actions and pay attention to what you pick up around people. Trust what you pick up, even if there is no outward indication of what that is. You don’t always need to understand something but you do need to pay attention to your senses in all situations.

There are lessons in all avenues of life. There are many differences and there is a need for the variety. The part of awareness is so that you can make better decisions for yourself and things affecting you. You are not using this to change others, unless others are asking you for help in how they can grow. Those you are meant to work with will come to you and find you. You do not need to seek out people to “help” or change. Pay attention to when you feel comfortable and when you feel uncomfortable. What is happening in the different energies and moments? Better awareness is something that will help you in all aspects of your life.


Tuesday, July 5, 2011


Look at the patterns that you hold. It may be in your body or in your behaviors or some other variation. Pay attention to these patterns and check in with what is working for you and what isn’t. First you must recognize what you are doing to precipitate what is around you and then you can develop techniques for changing what isn’t working in favor of what will work for you.

Start looking at patterns that reflect what you want to attract into your life. As you see what seems to work for others, you can see if that is, in fact, something that would also work for you. It allows you to play with energy and see what techniques work for you and what don’t. You may even create something totally different that is even better for you.

Some of the repatterning that is taking place will come from other arenas of beings who are helping you right now. Others will need to come from you. As always, ask when you are not sure and you will get answers to help you through the different changes.

Monday, July 4, 2011


Dear Ones,

We have not spoken of shielding in a long time. With the shifting of energy and your energy being aligned, there is much changing now and you may be in situations where you can’t be around certain energy. We realize that isolating you only works so far in the world you live in.

You may ask your guards to protect you but there are times you may need more. One example is to set up a shield of light around you or to ask that the energy around you and your space be surrounded in a bubble with the vibration and frequency appropriate for you where any energy not appropriate to you cannot penetrate this area. You can focus on raising the vibration and sealing off the energy that does not belong around you.

You may remove any chords that have been attached to you that don’t belong to you. If you are in any toxic environment, you will need to do this. If you are leaving an office with this type of energy, remove the chords before you get in your car to go home. It is a simple as just focusing on the chords being removed from you. You don’t want to cut the chords because then there will be part of the chords still in you.

Try and avoid people who are toxic around you or keep trying to send toxic thoughts and energy your way. The above techniques are for when you are in toxic environments or situations.

There are other techniques but these are the ones we can share with the larger group who may see our words.


Yahweh and the Team

Sunday, July 3, 2011


We would remind you to not assume something. When you pick something up, go with what you pick up but don’t feel the need to elaborate. It is easy to go into fear base with something when you pick up energy between different things and then try to link them together. Instead, respond to the different energies. You might be picking up a problem but several things may not be linked together. Just take the pieces and ask how you should respond to them. It might create something differently than what the assumption would lead you to do.

Take what you are given and go from there but don’t presuppose the energy you are picking up means anything more than what you are picking up. You are being provided information in symbolism and it may take on different meanings. You get into trouble only if you try to make it fit what you want it to be.



Saturday, July 2, 2011


Look for ways to be of service. Don’t try and define what that means anymore than that statement. When you are ready to take on your light work duty, we ask you to work more closely with your guides. Start the day with asking how you can best be of service. Invite your guides to help you with this. Then see what the day brings. As you do the service, you will find that it will be just second nature. It may seem like a small thing to you but it may be huge to someone else.

This is not about imposing on someone or forcing someone into your belief systems. That is violation and not service. What we are looking for is ways to help with whatever shows up for you to help with. You are not looking for accolades. You are looking for ways to help others by just being you. We don’t ask you to do this so that you will have your rewards but so that you will just show up as a messenger of the light. The service will never be something that is out of your value system. Whatever the service is will be in alignment with you and those you are helping.

This process may not be for all of you. Until you can do this with an open heart, don’t do it. There may be times where you can truly do this and other times where you just need to do something else that day. Only ask to be of service when you can do it with an open heart, from love and compassion and with no judgment of others

Friday, July 1, 2011

How to Advance!

How do we advance ourselves?

Start by releasing what is not in alignment with who you want to be. Look at how you would wish to change your behaviors. Look at what you find getting in the way of what is important to you. Start clearing out things that just waste your time but give you no value. Clear out violence and fear energy. Surround yourself in peace and love energy. Fill yourself with light. Notice how that makes you feel. As you bring yourself to awareness of what doesn’t fit who you want to be, you can start clearing that energy and it gives you more time and space to be who you do want to be. Also, consciously, work on areas of your life that you want to change. Start with your behaviors and reactions. Find your priorities. All of this will help you evolve and become a new person who is more advanced.

This is not about evolving so that you can laud over anyone. If you feel the need to show your superiority, you have not advanced. You are evolving for your own betterment and not to control or change another. We know we keep repeating this but we see many humans start to evolve and then feel the need to show how great they are to others. Advancement is about growing and working on who and what you are so that you can continue to evolve. You are responsible for your own growth. After you master that, there will be people who come to you for help. Notice how many people wish to fix others but their lives are a mess. Start with working on you.