Monday, July 18, 2011


When we give you assignments or requests, we have reasons for them. So, we ask you to do what comes through. There are pieces in play and we may need you to do something to help with that piece. If you are arguing or negating what we send you, you may be messing up the plan that needs to be in play. Each of you has your own part to play. So, instead of convoluting what comes through, take it in its pure form. Do not try and change the meaning or try and change it to justify what you would rather do. You can ask for verification of what you thought you received by just asking if something was right and once you get your confirmation, go with that.

If you continue to say no to what comes through, we will just find someone else who says yes. That will alter your life path but it is your choice. At this stage, we don’t have time to play games. There are some things happening that create high stakes for humanity. Those of you who have been doing the work should know that you can trust your teams. If you need to stay in fear, we will need to find others because we need to work with those able to move into the new paradigm. We are at the turning points now of civilizations.

The Godhead