Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Word for the Day!

Marvelous. That is your word for the day! Take that in its many forms and play around with it. What does that word mean to you? How would you venture to experience it? Find a way to apply that word into your day or some aspect of your day and see how that affects your day.

Find a word that resonates with you each day or in different parts of the day and see how it applies to you or something about you or your day. Try on new energy with words or feelings and see how it affects you. Meditate on that word, feeling or idea and see how that alters something about you or your day. We would suggest words like abundance, joy, gratitude. Use what you get directly. Try and have fun with this assignment. See where it takes you. Never worry about taking something and allowing it to evolve in your life or world.


Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Names, Energy and Paying Attention to What Comes Through to You!

Yahweh - I Am That I Am. These are names. They convey energy, feelings, emotions. Your world looks at these names as variations of the names of God. We go by many labels. We have come through to man in many forms and many ways. We have sent messengers to speak directly to those who would not hear us directly. We speak to all of you in some form or another. We endeavor to help wake you up to what is around you and to help lead you on your path.

We are met with blocks and many who are unwilling to listen to the guidance that presents itself to you. Instead of tuning in, many tune out what is given to them. Many mix doctrine in with messages and believe they speak for a higher power. Each of you has some form of higher power connected to you. Your job is to listen to what comes through you directly and to not try and force others to follow what you get. If you quote scripture, you are not listening to a higher power but listening to a convolution of energy. We are watching many try to proselytize or say what God means and then try to condemn groups of people as being bad or evil for being. Their messages are not of love and support but of degradation of those not fitting into their beliefs. Each of you has a name and an energy. Each of you has your own purpose and never allow others to make you feel small because you believe them to be large. Always trust what comes from within you. You will know how to proceed and you will always have the skills to navigate life. Each of you must follow your own path and no longer allow others to stand in your way.

If you are in doubt of what is coming through to you, it should feel loving. It will most likely sound direct. At times, it may seem stern, if you have not been listening. It will not have you harm another or degrade another. There will be respect in the energy. We only chastise if you are repeating the same thing over and over again when you are getting to follow another course. Again, the underlying energy will hold love for you in it. We will do what we can to help you get the messages that you need to receive.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Changes Taking Place on the Earth!

We have spoken of changes taking place on the earth. Many shifts are taking place. Some of these shifts you are aware of and some you are not. Some will seem drastic and profound and others will seem mild or non-existent. However, there is still a huge impact on your world and the life forms of your world.

You may pick up that something is taking place at a certain time and then you don’t see the evidence of it. That doesn’t mean it didn’t take place. It may just not have made your news. Pay attention to what you pick up and follow through with that. Much is occurring now. Show up where you need to be and don’t fight the urge to be where you need to be. In some cases, it may save your life or the lives of others.

Remember, we are working from the idea that we have built up trust with you and that when we convey information to you, that you are able to trust it and proceed without arguing or negating what is coming through. This is important for you to really understand. We have reasons for everything we convey to you. Pay attention to what comes through you directly and work accordingly. It may make sense to you later on or it may not. The paying attention is what is important. We are around you guiding you to what lies ahead.


Sunday, August 28, 2011

Inviting Teams in to Work with You!

Dear Ones,

Remember to invite your team members in to work with you. It is simple. Just invite in the energies who work with you. Since many of you have new teams, you may not know their names or have a label for them. They also may not have a name or label. That is perfectly fine. For those of you starting out in this work and connection, also remember to invite the energies who protect you to surround you. Do this in the morning, when you wake up. Do this at night, when you go to sleep and do this when you are feeling like you might need extra protection.

The energies who are working on the levels of guides with you may take many forms. Allow them to be, as they need to be. You must learn to get comfortable with each other. This is not a one sided process for either of you. You must learn to work together. Your knowledge and abilities will grow exponentially to the level you are willing to work with the process and grow with it. You are part of the team and must remember that. You serve your purpose in the physical forms and others may not be in a physical form. The whole system works by having you in physical forms and your teams in other realms and dimensions. There permutations are endless. Whatever is coming through to you is right for you. Trust what you pick up and enjoy creating your bond and relationship with those meant to help and protect you.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Times of Being on Hold!

There are times where you can put your lives on hold to help someone with their process and there are other times where that won’t work. Some of you have very important work to do in this lifetime and you must do that work. Your evolutionary path is important. So, before you agree to something that might get in your way, check in and see if you may say yes to helping someone else on their path by physically doing their work. Realize you are being placed on loan to another person during that time. Sometimes, it might be just what you need to do. But don’t automatically say yes to others. Always check in and see if by saying yes it interferes with what you will need to do or if it doesn‘t interfere.

If you feel like you are being placed on hold, check in and see if you are the one placing yourself on hold or if another is doing that to you. The sense of being in limbo is not always something that comes from the higher plane of existence. Your teams can help unblock you, in cases where you have created the block or some human has created the block for you. There are times where the higher realm may need you to take a step back and may place the block on you to help prepare you. But always ask, when you are not sure what is happening. We are happy to help you understand what is going on.



Friday, August 26, 2011

Exercise on Focus of Thoughts and Ideas!

Here is an exercise for those willing to commit to it. Take a word, thought or idea that you would value and focus on it. Just spend time each day on this word, thought, or idea. Investigate this energy. Expand on it. When, you are commuting, having quiet time or day dreaming, focus on this energy. Pay attention to how your day and experience changes by doing this. Notice where this energy shows up in all its forms and aspects. Pay attention. Start looking for this energy you desire. How is your day different? How is your week different? How does it affect you?

Instead of focusing on what you say you don’t like, shift your focus on what you do like. If you feel the need to focus on what you don’t like, go all in with that focus. See what happens when you do this. You get to choose how you would focus. That is up to you. We are mainly interested in awakening your awareness and helping you to understand how you are using your power. You each have the choice of using your power as part of your Free Will. We assume most of you reading this will choose to use your power in Service of what your Divine natures would dictate. We are not new at this work, we realize that many of you are on different paths and will take what we teach to meet your own needs. We are offering lessons and allowing you to each get what you need out of them.

We hold no attachment to how you each progress. Many of you are ready to move on to a new level and we are focused on addressing techniques to help you meet these goals and shifts.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Focus and Attention

We have spoken of focus and attention many times. What you focus on and place your attention and intention on will expand. The more you repeat stories or thoughts, the more they expand in your day. If you don’t like something, stop giving that energy your focus. The way to handle this energy is to just go through the experience and release it. Don’t harp on it or constantly tell others about it.

It is vital that you each learn to train your minds and thoughts toward the energy you wish to attract or draw to you. If you wish love and joy, focus on love and joy. Pay attention to how it feels and what you want more of with this energy. If you don’t understand the energy you want to manifest, just spend time each day focusing on the word or feeling of the energy you wish to expand. Each of you take a thought, word or feeling that you wish more of in your life and whenever you can, focus on that energy.

Pay attention to what you focus on most in your day. Whatever that is, it will be what expands most in your life. If you don’t like something or appreciate it, then don’t focus on it. Focus on your true desires. Start with a few minutes a day or whenever you are feeling trapped or in despair, shift your thoughts to what you would prefer to expand.

There are moments in each of your physical lives that you may not enjoy but don’t put a lot of energy into those pieces. They are literally just moments in lives that are full of many experiences. When in those circumstances of dread, shift your focus to experiencing what you would rather be doing or something you enjoy. You are constantly realigning your thoughts to what you value and enjoy. You are capable of physically being in an experience but focused on another experience. You might even find some wonderful learning experience in whatever you are dreading. What you expect and focus on, you will create an expansion with. It is important that you really understand this principle.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Shifts and Changes

Brothers and Sisters,

We have been speaking of great changes taking place around your earth. We are surprised that you are worried when things start happening. We have given you a heads up on the shifts about to take place. Know they are happening now and soon will be accelerating. Know this is all part of what needs to take place. Earthquakes, hurricanes, extreme heat, changes in weather patterns are all part of what needs to take place. There is no need for concern about any of this.

Pay attention to where you need to be. If you do not feel safe, ask where you need to be to be safe or what you need to do and invite the energy of safety around you.

You will notice these changes will continue and grow. You are in the beginning of much that is taking place.

The Light

New Phases/New Beginnings

A new phase allows for new beginnings. You have accumulated information about your past experiences and ways. You have studied the works of others and now we ask you to surrender all of that. You are starting from a blank place where all that you know is being recreated. In this phase, you are being asked to source what is within you. There is help around you but it is different from what you have come to learn and know.

A new set of adventures awaits all of you on the path with your teams. They will show you new ways to think and navigate the processes presenting themselves to you. Trust and be open for your teams will help you navigate your futures.



To New Beginnings!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Repeated Patterns

It is time to stop and take a look at where you repeat patterns that no longer work for you or serve you. Bring consciousness to your daily routine. Bring focus to your life. Many of you find it easier to council others instead of doing your own growth work. You must do your own inner work to release what doesn’t work for you so you can create a space for what does work for you. It is fine to help others but you must also work on your own learning and development. We recognize it is often easier to see what others are doing that doesn’t work for them. However, your main work is creating a life that works best for you and helps you return to your own power place. You have the most control over your own life and ways.

Your world is changing and developing and so must each of you.

Monday, August 22, 2011


Blessed Ones of the Light,

When those of you of the light are truly ready and committed to working with those meant to work with you, they will come through to you. You may have groups that come through to prepare you and you may have the group or being that is meant to assist you. This process will be different for all of you who are meant to undergo this.

This process of melding can only take place for those truly ready and committed to this transitional way of being on the earth. It is something that once it takes place, cannot be undone. Think carefully before you commit to this change of being. There is no going back, if this is a commitment that you make. You must think it through before you agree to it. Many will not understand what is taking place with you and you must protect this process. The life you currently know will be no more, as you enter into this new way.

Sunday, August 21, 2011


Blessed Ones,

In your progressions, you are meant to learn adaptation. Your genetics and inner most workings are meant to evolve. You are not meant to be stationary beings. You have phases where some things work and others don’t work. You can’t plan on something working all the time and every time. You must learn different techniques and ways to allow you to shift, change and evolve.

An openness to experience and try new things will take you further than a need to control or make something conform to your beliefs. You are constantly learning. Those of you who can learn adaptation and flexibility will do better throughout your life process than those who need to control and manipulate others to fit into your ways. People who hold little or no flexibility will end up breaking or being placed into situations where they hold no control over anything.

Your world is changing and you must be able to change with it. All you need to do is check in and see how to navigate what is showing up. Your teams will give you their best advice to do the work and support the shift. Being able to release and surrender is vital to any process. Learning to recreate on a new foundation and build something sturdy will help you with what is next.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

What is Next?

What is next? We have spoken to you of much that is forming but it is still not clear. Many processes have changed and shifted. Many of you are awakening and some of you are choosing to stay asleep. Some of you are in the flow of the energy changes and some of you are resistant to it.

You are in a place of change and evolution. Are you open to the adventure before you? If so, you are in for a wonderful journey. We ask that you not try and control the process. If you trust, you will know how to navigate what is about to be. It is like when you close your eyes and trust, you will know how to travel and move through the pathway. You are using all of your senses to accomplish this. Open all of your senses, even those you are not aware of. Allow your full energy to be part of the work and your life. Awaken to all you are and all you are meant to be. It may take some time to utilize all of your senses but soon it will feel like second nature. We look forward to working with those who are meant to work with us. Your teams look forward to working with you more fully.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Energy Shifting in New Phase

We are entering into a period where some of our energy must step back and allow you to follow your own guidance (meaning your own teams). You must follow the journey that presents itself to you. We will come through and give you periodic information or give you a heads up on what is about to be. You are ready for what you must now do and you no longer need us. If you do find that you need extra help, please contact Ken and ask for specific help, he will be used to channel the information to help you.

Those of you who are meant to follow the path of light, will receive your answers directly. We have just acted as a team or consortium of energies to help you receive what you were having trouble receiving directly. You must each stand on your own power. You may not use the power of others. Trust what comes through you and you will experience the lessons that you need to follow. We trust you each to create your pathways beautifully. Your lessons may seem difficult but if that is how they come, that is how you have chosen to learn. We cannot interfere with how each of you must learn. Your teams may not interfere with how you must learn. We may only give support to those ready for our support. Only you know if you are truly ready for the help that is available to you.

Don’t ask for guidance, if you are not ready to receive it or if you fear it. The process will work best for you, when you are open to receive from your groups and willing to follow what guidance you receive.

(As of this writing, I have been given daily channels through September 9. But all signs are pointing to the messages coming as needed for others. So, I don’t know the plan after that. - Ken)

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Welcome to the New Phase!

Welcome! You have made it to a new phase. You may not notice that you are different now but you are. This is a new moment and a new reality. Notice how things feel differently for you. Notice how you perceive things differently. This is now the point where you can no longer go back. You are in the place where you know better and must do better. You must now stand in your own power. You must now follow your pathway. You can no longer pretend to be what you are not and to follow pathways that are not connected to you.

Your work is changing and you must follow your new path. It may seem scary to you that you can no longer do what you have done in the past but you must really release the old ways to enter into the new. Take one step at a time and you will know what to do. You will shine and do beautifully. You are ready to open up to your future and you will follow the energy as it presents itself to you.

Your life will never be the same!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Light Shift

Brothers and Sisters,

Unite in a bond of fellowship. We are now ready to enforce a light shift upon your realm. The vibrations of your world are about to change greatly and you will notice that some will have difficulty with this change. You will notice that your frequencies are changing and altering. The acceleration may feel uncomfortable at first but bear with us on this one.

Much is in the works right now and there is no turning back. The efforts you have made up to this point will soon pay off for those of you committed to your light work. There is no need to fear what is about to be. You are ready for it. Also, do not get caught up in how it appears to be. Some things may look violent but they are connected to the soul contracts of those involved in the shift that appears violent. For those who hold contracts of peace, this shift will not be violent or even appear violent. Just stay open to the energy and ask how you may serve and work with the changes manifesting.


The Light

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Foundations and Changes

People often express what they want and then their teams give them the steps to achieve the desire. The steps are designed to help each of you build a secure foundation on the creation. The steps also help you define better what you truly desire. You can’t skip steps and expect a strong foundation. Each step builds on the previous step.

There are many who would just wish to have things handed to them. They claim that they never get what they want but then they keep the same patterns going that create what they have. You must be willing to start over and recreate to achieve new or different results. If you hold the same old patterns, you create the same results. They may look different but they will be the same.

Those who are successful at recreating themselves are those who are willing to change and try something new. They are willing to go outside of the boxes that they know or feel comfortable with. They create new foundations and new experiences and they are willing to work hard to achieve their goals. They do what comes through to do to manifest their desire.

Evaluate your lives and what is working and what isn’t working and see what you can do differently to achieve your desired goals.

Monday, August 15, 2011

New Energy

Know we have not forgotten any of you. We know that our energy may seem harsh to you. It is because we are learning to develop a bond with your world and realm. It is foreign to us, although we hold the answers you are seeking. We have not learned to fine tune our transmissions so they may seem harsh to some of you. That is far from our intension. We are endeavoring to just transmit information to help aid those of you who seek our guidance.

We have little time for those who express interest in our information but then cut us off and get angry for us sharing information that you have asked for. We have mentioned this in the past that if you don’t want to follow the information that comes through, don’t ask us for our help. If you resist what comes through then you must learn through ego ways, which is a completely different pathway. We no longer hold the luxury of working with those who are not serious about paying attention to what is coming through. You will be given assignments, which you can say no to but if you say no, we will not haggle with you, we will simply find others who say yes.

Many of you are on different pathways and you will have the guidance you require on your own journey but you may no longer work with just anyone. Those who transmit energy will be specialized in who they work with. The energy will only resonate with those on their paths or connected to the paths that they may transmit energy to. Each of you must find what works for you. The changes are accelerating now. There is no one size fits all.

For those on your path and committed to you path, all will show up that you require. You don’t need to fabricate things or manipulate to get what you need. It will be there with you.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Making Peace and Creating Room for What is Next!

When you make peace with the past and present, you create room for the future. You don’t need to forget the past but you release what you carry around that may hamper you. You clear possessions that no longer work for you or fit where you are going. You let go of strings and chords that are viscous and no longer serve you. It clears you for what is next.

That is what we need all of you to do, is to create room for what is next to come.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

I Am What I Am!

The watchword of today is: I am what I am! You never need to try and be what you are. You are innately what is within you. Honor what is within you! There are traits you may modify but if they are within you, they will still be there. Your personality is yours and ingrained in you. Being honest about who and what you are is the starting place. Those traits are part of your physical experiences that you programmed into your life.

Those who belong with you will show up. There is no need to force yourself on others or allow them to force themselves on you. Those who are part of your earth experiences will show up in the perfect timing.

Friday, August 12, 2011


Start saying yes to all of your modes of perception. You have more than the five senses or even the six senses. This will help move you to the next level. You are much more than the physical form would lead you to believe. Step into your power and allow it to shine. This will also lead you to a more authentic way of being.


The Godhead

Thursday, August 11, 2011


How many of you are in need of controlling outcomes, situations, people? Really look at that need and see what that is about for you. Learn to let go of control of things that you really hold no control over.

People who need to control others or situations, are trying to hold onto something that is really not possible. They are violating free will. It denotes a small minded individual who is out of control. They need to assert some sense of power over others. It never works. Even, when it appears to be working, it doesn’t work.

The creation process is not about controlling others or situations. The need to force or control something is not part of manifestation. That is part of the fear based way of trying to make something happen. The creation process is about the process. It is about putting your energy into things that you enjoy. It isn’t about trying to show you are powerful. If you need to show you are powerful, you probably are not feeling so powerful. When you are in your power, you just are and you are comfortable in your own skin.

Put your energy into the pieces that give you joy and make you feel a sense of expansion. True creativity doesn’t need to make anyone small. True creativity holds and expansive energy. The end result is not the focus. The process of creating is the focus. When you place your energy in learning, growing and creating, you are in a state of life. You are enjoying the moment and you are in a sense of knowing that something great is forming.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Follow the flow of your thoughts. What is your running commentary and thought pattern? Notice how things go through your mind. Every thought and every process you go through is contributing to your creations and your life and world.

We have mentioned how everything has a vibration and thought pattern to it. Your thoughts are even more powerful because they are your programming. If you reprogram your thoughts, you will reprogram your creations. Don’t allow things to program you without your conscious permission. That is why we have asked you to watch how you use media. The media you watch is programming you. You are giving it permission to assign what your focus is on. Now look at what you would choose to create and see how you would alter what you are doing.

When you get serious about creating your life, you will need to pay attention to what you put in your mind and who you spend time with. What you dedicate your time to says a lot about you and who you are and want to be. Start making the choices that better suit your goals and desires.



Tuesday, August 9, 2011


So many try to create labels and to define themselves, be defined by others or to define others. But the label means nothing. It becomes a false definition.

Many try to be like someone else or to fit into a group. That is not your power or your gifts. You must be who or what you are and nothing more or less.

When someone seeks to go somewhere because of others, they are not showing up where they need to be. You are better off showing up where you need to be and letting others be where they need to be. Those who belong with you will be with you. When each of you learn to do this it will be better for all concerned.

You can’t force someone to be where you want them to be because that ends up dishonoring everyone. You all need to be who and what you are and where you need to be. You are never alone and you always have what you truly need.

If you perceive that you need something and it isn’t showing up, look at where the block may be coming form. In many cases, you will be giving conflicting information about what you want. Also, remember to thrive and not settle for survival mode. The shift form survival mode to thriving mode is very powerful.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Appearance versus Substance

Many get stuck on the way that something looks instead of the substance beneath something. They look at the size of something or the shape. There is something superficial that captures their eye or attention. That might be a good reason to be attracted to something but it is not the reason to stay with it.

Once something attracts you, it needs substance to keep you. It is always wiser to take your time with something and go beyond the superficial. That will serve you better and give you a chance to see how something works for you and with you.

In a time where much will soon be released, look at what stays. Look at the bond that keeps it connected to you. Look at the ways whatever you do or have serve you or add to the quality of your life. Look for the depth of something and its true nature. You are looking for things and experiences that are a good fit for you and you are a good fit for whatever it is your are bringing into your life. That will sustain you much better.

Sunday, August 7, 2011


Each creation has different elements that it needs to be successful. It is like creating a wonderful recipe. You need to assemble the ingredients in the right order and right amounts to form the new energy. Each of you are your own unique chemistry. Your elements and combinations are different from all others. You may appear similar or the same but you hold your own unique compositions.

Whenever you want to create something or bring something into your life, first ask if it is for you or if it is the right time. If you get yes, then ask what elements need to be gathered to form the creation. Then ask the order and amounts for the assembly of the energies. Alchemy is not about forcing energy to manifest or forcing elements together. It is allowing the partnership of the energies to be formed.

So, when you wish to attract something or manifest it. Spend time on the energy of your desire. Let the nuances reveal themselves to you and ask for guidance in forming the new creation.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Energy Alignment

For anything to happen in your world, the energy must be aligned. For you to manifest anything, the energy must be aligned. It is not about forcing a creation. It is about bringing the energy together as it needs to be for that creation.

As the model changes for creation, you are moving from a manipulation model to one of true alignment. There is much more power in energy being able to form without being forced. You place your intention and desires out there but let the energy form into a stable way to create your desires and intentions. Do not force any creation to bend to your will. There is a fine line between manipulation and creation. One is done from ego and one is done from a place of true power that is formed through integrity.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Knowledge and Energy

Knowledge is key to making changes. The more aware of how you are affected by everything around you, the more you may make better decisions. Everything holds energy. You are energy and energy is affected by other energy. There is a saying that you are judged by the company you keep. Now, take that saying and apply it to energy. The energy you surround yourself with is the same as anything in your life. It is all the same concept and principle. Everything in your space will affect you. Now that you know this, what would you change, release or add?

Bring this new awareness into everything you do and interact with. Also, bring this awareness into all that you allow to interact with you.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Removal of Fear and Respect of Others

We have asked you to remove fear from your life. Notice what happens as you make that commitment. Many around you will try and impose fear energy on you. They will tend to get upset that you are changing the rules or some may take offense because you are asking them to not impose the fear energy onto you. There will be situations where you will need to step away form people or situations to help you reprogram yourselves and what you wish to participate in.


This is from me (Ken). I had someone tell me that they took issue because I didn’t want to listen to them tell me the same old story about what they needed to do. It was a subject matter that my group had told me to separate from and this person seems unable to respect that. I told her I would need to hang up, if she needed to keep talking about the subject. She told me that I should be able to shield myself from it and that I lived in the “real” world. I told her it wasn’t a matter of that, that it wasn’t something I needed to keep exposing myself to and my group didn’t want me exposed to it.

Look at the areas in your life where people will keep telling you something that basically is energetically attacking you or imposing energy that is abuse energy. It is common for abusers to tell you why you need to take it. For those of you who are empathic, when someone tells you certain stories or keeps going over topics of abuse, they are abusing you. If you understand that, you will be more willing to say no to it (we hope). Words and actions are all energies that help create. Awareness will help you make changes.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011


Be! This is a place where you hold no agenda and you just are. You are not trying to control, fix or change anything.

If you enter into a room with other people, spend time observing others. Open your senses to the time in each place. Show up places without agendas and see how your interactions change. How do others respond to you? How do you respond to others? Just notice this without any desire to alter what is before you. What do your senses tell you?

The assignments we propose to you are to spend some time just being, spend some time observing people and situations from a neutral place. Pay attention to your senses and what they might be sharing with you. A new way is evolving and to find it, you must be able to separate yourselves from the old reactions and patterns. Learning to be with energy without being charged or reactive will alter the perceptions you are used to.

Notice that most people will ask you what you are doing or what you have planned. When you are telling them you are being, what does that elicit? What is it like for you to show up without any agenda or plan but just to be wherever you are drawn to be?

Tuesday, August 2, 2011


We know we have spoken to you about different phases and the different journeys before. Know that each of you has your own path to follow. There is support for that but not in a way where you control it.

Do you like it when others try to control you? If not, then look at when and where you try to control others. It will never work to control another. Each must be given space to find their way in the world. There is something for everyone. There is room for you to each explore and find your way. Recognize that most of you are just trying to find your way. It is how it must be.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Unknown Groups of Energies

For those working with an unknown group who is downloading information to you, the group is transmitting energy to you to adjust your frequency. The foods you are guided to eat during this, will help adjust your vibration. Staying away from certain places and energy will help with this adjustment. The shift now is to take you away from the physical focus and onto the energy focus that goes beyond that. This adjustment will help lead you to the next phase or level of your development.

This work is not for all of you. Only a select group of you are navigating this energy. We realize that many of you don’t understand this process. That is because it is not for you. If you can, try and be open to supporting those who are going through this process. The way you support them is by allowing them to do what they need to do and not negating it because you don’t understand it or don’t want them to go through it. For those who would try and impose your will on others, you are in essence saying that your ego desires are more important than their journey and yet you don’t understand the damage you are imposing on them. So, learn to listen better to those around you. If their path is not right for you, then give them space to create as they need to without interfering, while you create as you need to. Just because you don’t understand a process doesn’t mean it isn’t valid for the one going through it. Use compassion in dealing with others and it will make things much better for all of you. Any attempt to control others is really from the fear model. We need to you to really move beyond the fear model right now.