Sunday, August 21, 2011


Blessed Ones,

In your progressions, you are meant to learn adaptation. Your genetics and inner most workings are meant to evolve. You are not meant to be stationary beings. You have phases where some things work and others don’t work. You can’t plan on something working all the time and every time. You must learn different techniques and ways to allow you to shift, change and evolve.

An openness to experience and try new things will take you further than a need to control or make something conform to your beliefs. You are constantly learning. Those of you who can learn adaptation and flexibility will do better throughout your life process than those who need to control and manipulate others to fit into your ways. People who hold little or no flexibility will end up breaking or being placed into situations where they hold no control over anything.

Your world is changing and you must be able to change with it. All you need to do is check in and see how to navigate what is showing up. Your teams will give you their best advice to do the work and support the shift. Being able to release and surrender is vital to any process. Learning to recreate on a new foundation and build something sturdy will help you with what is next.