Monday, August 29, 2011

Changes Taking Place on the Earth!

We have spoken of changes taking place on the earth. Many shifts are taking place. Some of these shifts you are aware of and some you are not. Some will seem drastic and profound and others will seem mild or non-existent. However, there is still a huge impact on your world and the life forms of your world.

You may pick up that something is taking place at a certain time and then you don’t see the evidence of it. That doesn’t mean it didn’t take place. It may just not have made your news. Pay attention to what you pick up and follow through with that. Much is occurring now. Show up where you need to be and don’t fight the urge to be where you need to be. In some cases, it may save your life or the lives of others.

Remember, we are working from the idea that we have built up trust with you and that when we convey information to you, that you are able to trust it and proceed without arguing or negating what is coming through. This is important for you to really understand. We have reasons for everything we convey to you. Pay attention to what comes through you directly and work accordingly. It may make sense to you later on or it may not. The paying attention is what is important. We are around you guiding you to what lies ahead.