Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Names, Energy and Paying Attention to What Comes Through to You!

Yahweh - I Am That I Am. These are names. They convey energy, feelings, emotions. Your world looks at these names as variations of the names of God. We go by many labels. We have come through to man in many forms and many ways. We have sent messengers to speak directly to those who would not hear us directly. We speak to all of you in some form or another. We endeavor to help wake you up to what is around you and to help lead you on your path.

We are met with blocks and many who are unwilling to listen to the guidance that presents itself to you. Instead of tuning in, many tune out what is given to them. Many mix doctrine in with messages and believe they speak for a higher power. Each of you has some form of higher power connected to you. Your job is to listen to what comes through you directly and to not try and force others to follow what you get. If you quote scripture, you are not listening to a higher power but listening to a convolution of energy. We are watching many try to proselytize or say what God means and then try to condemn groups of people as being bad or evil for being. Their messages are not of love and support but of degradation of those not fitting into their beliefs. Each of you has a name and an energy. Each of you has your own purpose and never allow others to make you feel small because you believe them to be large. Always trust what comes from within you. You will know how to proceed and you will always have the skills to navigate life. Each of you must follow your own path and no longer allow others to stand in your way.

If you are in doubt of what is coming through to you, it should feel loving. It will most likely sound direct. At times, it may seem stern, if you have not been listening. It will not have you harm another or degrade another. There will be respect in the energy. We only chastise if you are repeating the same thing over and over again when you are getting to follow another course. Again, the underlying energy will hold love for you in it. We will do what we can to help you get the messages that you need to receive.