Thursday, August 25, 2011

Focus and Attention

We have spoken of focus and attention many times. What you focus on and place your attention and intention on will expand. The more you repeat stories or thoughts, the more they expand in your day. If you don’t like something, stop giving that energy your focus. The way to handle this energy is to just go through the experience and release it. Don’t harp on it or constantly tell others about it.

It is vital that you each learn to train your minds and thoughts toward the energy you wish to attract or draw to you. If you wish love and joy, focus on love and joy. Pay attention to how it feels and what you want more of with this energy. If you don’t understand the energy you want to manifest, just spend time each day focusing on the word or feeling of the energy you wish to expand. Each of you take a thought, word or feeling that you wish more of in your life and whenever you can, focus on that energy.

Pay attention to what you focus on most in your day. Whatever that is, it will be what expands most in your life. If you don’t like something or appreciate it, then don’t focus on it. Focus on your true desires. Start with a few minutes a day or whenever you are feeling trapped or in despair, shift your thoughts to what you would prefer to expand.

There are moments in each of your physical lives that you may not enjoy but don’t put a lot of energy into those pieces. They are literally just moments in lives that are full of many experiences. When in those circumstances of dread, shift your focus to experiencing what you would rather be doing or something you enjoy. You are constantly realigning your thoughts to what you value and enjoy. You are capable of physically being in an experience but focused on another experience. You might even find some wonderful learning experience in whatever you are dreading. What you expect and focus on, you will create an expansion with. It is important that you really understand this principle.