Monday, April 30, 2012

Plan and Contingency Plans!

Know that we will soon be helping to intervene with some issues affecting many of you. We are gathering around you again and now is a time to help you move through your past and onto your futures.

We have created contingency plans for each and everyone of you. We know that much in your world is changing and evolving. We also realize that there are many who function from their egos and are working to thwart our work with you. There is a fear that many generate of anything that they are not aware of or if they don’t understand what is going on. Many seek to limit what others are capable of doing. You are not here to placate others or to conform to their ignorance. You must follow your own inner guidance now and always. Trust what you pickup and pursue your destinies from that point of view. Don’t spend too much time convincing others of what you are picking up for it is often just for you. Others may hold no interest in your answers. Whoever your answers resonate with, will participate in your particular ways and the aspects that require their attention.

Much is changing, shifting and evolving. There is no need for concern. It all works out perfectly. When we speak of contingency plans, we have altered much to help you pursue what ifs in all scenarios. You are not alone and you have much help to succeed on wherever your pathways evolve to.



Sunday, April 29, 2012

Time for Change!

Know when it is time to leave a situation. Do not hold onto what you think you know. We realize that fear creates this inertia. However, it is not productive for you. If you know what you future is leading you to, then it is up to you to look for ways to create the known future. You have been known to inhabit dwellings in your minds, bodies and lives that you know to be wrong for you. Now is your time to exhibit trust. Do not look for ways to veer off of your path but look for ways to be on your path. If you ask your team, they will know how to help you get to where you need to go. You are much more than you have realized. Your bond with your teams is much more than you realize. Allow a greater depth to be formed in your connections to the realities that are for you to follow.

All things come in their own timing. You are ready for your own revelations to be revealed. Your futures are assured. Take a leap of faith and move forward now. Embark where you are meant to be. Now is the time.

The Messiah

Your prophecies have mentioned me in many doctrines. You think of me as a human form but I am not. I am around all of you and when the time is right, you shall know how to proceed. Empower yourselves with righteousness, love and compassion. Seek not to overpower another but be one with others around you. Know that all life is precious and vital to your futures. Your earth is among the life we speak of. All animals that dwell upon your earth are of great importance.

The one who writes these words is not professing to be anything but a conduit for many thoughts to reveal themselves to mankind. You know when something feels right to you and when something is off. Do not allow what you think you know to be an impediment to seeking and receiving true knowledge.

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Your Own Path!

Seek your own path. Wait not to be on the path of another. It is not for you to force your path on another nor for another to force their path on you. You must each follow your own destinies. Be honest with what feels right to you. Do not try and convolute what you know to be right for you to placate another or to hold onto another. You will meet those who belong with you and around you, as you follow your authentic way. You may have times where you feel alone but you are using the time and energy to manifest your way. Allow your way to reveal itself to you in its own time and how it will.

There is a saying that some people are in your life for a moment. Some people are in your life for a day, a month a year or a lifetime. We come together with others how it needs to be. There is an ebb and flow of relationships. You know when it is time to release an individual or group but many hold onto these individuals way past their time together. You do this out of fear. We ask you to release the fear and be honest with what needs to be and how you need to be with others.

Seek not reasons to hold yourself back from your futures and your lives. There is much that unfolds now.


Friday, April 27, 2012

Guides in New Phase!

You will not need your guides in the same capacity, after this transition takes place. You will notice that you are still receiving information. It is on a different link than you have used before. There is no real reason to explain what is taking place. It is like advancing into a new system. It is just different. You will need to get used to it but then it will be as if you have always used this current system to receive information. You are advancing into a new era of technology but this shift is taking place on another dimensional level.

You need only remain centered and open to prepare for this. You will be guided towards your parts in the equation. You are thinking that you must be attuned to something differently or must have some difficult work to make this take place but it is just part of the natural evolutionary pathway. Know you are ready for these changes and advances. Your world is shifting and moving forward faster than you realize. Take time to enjoy everything taking place.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Transition With Guides!

There is a process taking place right now where your guides are stepping back to do some work that they are being required to do. Other energies are stepping in to help you each fulfill your own growth and life work. What is taking place may feel odd to you but it is part of what needs to take place right now.

If this is taking place with you, you may feel a sense of disconnect. The information that is coming through to you may feel different or seem different. Things you are used to doing may feel off. You are all being aligned into new fields of energy. Your work is shifting with the energy changes. There is nothing to worry about. The main advice we have for all of you is patience. You may also tune in and ask your groups if this message pertains to you. Some of you may not be going through this and others may not have been aware of the changes taking place.


Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Send Love To Yourself!

Spend some time each day and night sending love to yourself. Focus on putting love into your body and mind. Align yourself with love and love yourself. We realize that many of you may laugh at this but how many of you truly love yourself? It is time that you learn to really love yourself. Be aware of what comes up for you during this exercise.

Keep things simple and focus on loving yourself.

The Light

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Your Focus and Beliefs Are!

What you focus on and believe, is so. If you are wanting to create something different from what you currently have, you must believe it is possible. Spend time feeling what it would be like to have what you truly want in your life. Then, be open to the steps that present themselves to help you manifest that in your life. You can’t repeat the same processes and expect different results. So, when you go into the new resonance, notice how your thought pattern changes and how your behaviors may change. Welcome to the new creation.


Monday, April 23, 2012


We give you signs all of the time and humans discount what is coming through. You try and force the creation to what you want and go against the flow. Pay attention to the signs. If something becomes a hassle or gets really complicated, step back and ask what is going on. Don’t try and force your will into the creation process. Things that are necessary and need to take place will be much easier. Stop fighting against the tide. In fact, stop fighting. Fighting doesn’t get you anywhere.

We watch people use the term I am fighting this or fighting that. You are mainly fighting against yourselves. When you read that someone lost the battle with cancer, they are fighting part of themselves. Pay attention to when this terminology shows up. Open up to another way of being with what you see in your lives. Learn to work with what shows up instead of fighting against it. Step back and open to the clearer picture.


The Godhead

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Shifting into the New Phase!

We have clearly entered into a new phase now. The way the messages had worked is that I would sit down and open to whatever wanted to come through to help people. I might ask about a topic or just be open. There were times that I asked specific energies to come through with comments or information and other times I just sat and opened to whatever messages wanted to come through. I wrote the messages ahead of time. For example, I am actually writing this on March 7. When I was writing the newsletters, all information stopped after the message for April 21st. When it came to the daily messages, all information stopped at April 21st. So, I am assuming something significant happens on that day, at least from their end. I have not been shown what that is or what that will mean in the terms of my work or how I can help those who read this messages. It feels like a new adventure awaits for many of us. I see changes globally and around the United States. I am still open to how I can help you who read this information.

I am looking at how to work with the shift that is taking place. My sense today is that it is a work in progress and that it is like a new museum exhibit being installed. There are curtains put up to block the work in progress. The main message coming through is to trust what is taking place and to know whatever needs to be revealed will be revealed at the perfect time. All we can do is be open and patient. As I know more, I will share more with all of you.



PS - I have been given messages up to June 3, as of this actual date. These messages feel different from previous messages but they are still helpful. There are currently newsletters scheduled until May 12 but they are different from previous newsletters. This piece has been teaching me to just show up and see what comes through and who wants to come through to help. From what I see, we are just in a new phase and the needs are different now for all of us. I will continue as the messages come through. I don’t know what the real plan is for the newsletters. My intention is to be of help to all of you, however my team wants to work through me.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

We are going to discontinue the daily messages and newsletters as they have been now. We need to do this to prepare the way for what is coming next. We will come in and share information with you, as we can. There is an evolutionary shift that is now happening. Your guides must be free to evolve so that they may then help you with your own evolutionary path. Others will step forward so that no one is left alone during this phase.

This is a powerful time for you to all be alive and on the earth. Know that you have done well and we are not stepping back because of any other reason than this evolutionary shift. All worlds and realms are being enlisted in this shift.

So, be patient and know we are still with you. We just need to prepare the way and then we can enlist you in the new ways. We will come through from a new perspective soon.


The Godhead and Light Bearers

During this time of transition, make sure that you follow your own intuition. Be aware and open to what is coming through you. There is nothing to fear. If you feel it is time to shift jobs, take classes or move, follow what comes through. If you pay attention to what you are receiving, you will be just fine in this transition. Take care of yourselves. We will come through again, after the shift takes place. We don’t want anyone to panic or be in fear. Know there is always great love around you.

The Light

This is the end of one phase and beginning of another. There will still be messages but they are different in nature and energy. I was able to get a few newsletters out, after this week but they are not from the previous energies that channeled them to me.


Friday, April 20, 2012

Shifts and Changes!

There will be a time in the not so distant future where you will be advised to move inland. There are more mountainous areas that are safer than the areas around water. Some of you live inland but you may feel that something is off with your area. Trust what you are picking up. Shifts are taking place and you will soon notice their affects.

Some of what you are picking up may not make sense to you now but soon it will. We know that some of you are guided to stay out of the workforce but you are worried about money. This request doesn’t seem logical to you. There is a reason where you must pay attention to what you are directed to do. You will soon understand why this request has been made. You are being prepared for your next phases. Soon all will make sense to you. Trust your guidance.

The Light Ones

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Earth Changes and Safety!

Dear Ones,

Your world is reconfiguring. There are certain areas that are safer than others. You may start to feel the need to move to new locations. Trust this. Know that you are being sent to new locations so that you will be safe and protected. This is not one of the times where you should argue or try to negotiate to stay where you are. You have many beings working on helping humans to continue on as a life form. Between this shift and what many on your earth are doing, you are not making our work easy. Many are conspiring to do work to destroy your world. Some are doing this from greed. Some are doing this from ignorance. Many are telling you certain practices are safe but they really are not. Some things like fraking are destabilizing your earths foundation. Taking oil from the earth is making some areas unstable. You think you need certain commodities to continue using your cars and vehicles. You don’t need these forms of energies but many make too much money to make the needed changes. They look at their desires over what is right.

For humans to survive, you must work with the earth. As you take care of the earth, the earth may better take care of you. Egos have no place in helping you survive. Trust what you pick up for yourself and don’t let others tell you it isn’t so. If you are trying to read for others, make sure you have permission to read the person otherwise the information may not be reliable. The information we are giving you is for you to know what is right for you.

The Knowledge Keepers

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Links Between Realms!

Your links between realms is intensifying. You are starting to be able to more easily move between the realms and dimensions. As the veils thin, you will notice how this shift is becoming more pronounced. The ancients often needed to go into isolation in the wilds of untamed lands. Many tribes would take hallucinogenic drugs to alter their states. The Oracle of Delphi was placed in an altered state by the energy of her space and what was piped into her. Your generation no longer needs to do this. You are able to shift and move between worlds without doing that. You are becoming more open to the messages that come through to all of you. Trust what comes through. Make sure you are shielded and protected so that you don’t need to worry about what comes through. By now you should know the difference in how the energies feel. Trust what you pick up. You may ask for signs that you will understand to help you know that what you are picking up is correct.


The Godhead

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Starting Over!

What would you do, if you weren’t trying to impress others? What would you be, if you weren’t concerned with being viewed as strange or not fitting in? Think about these questions. Spend time really looking at your life and the life that you would rather live. There is no right or wrong answer to any of these questions. It is just something for you to think about and really be honest about.

We have spoken of the changes coming to be. What would you do differently, if you could start over? In truth, each day is an opportunity to start fresh and recreate yourself. If you were to stop living the life that you have thought you should live and instead followed your authentic path, wouldn’t that make you happier? We just offer this. We realize that many would be scared to start over and reveal their true selves. What would you do, if you weren’t scared of what would happen?

We are not talking about doing something that would physically harm another or take from another. We are asking you to look at what is real and honoring of who you are meant to be. No being is meant to come on the earth and kill, maim or hurt another. The true plan is based only on love for all life. All beings are meant to create and live from love.



Monday, April 16, 2012

Protection for Loved Ones In Harms Way!

I received an e-mail from my oldest niece, who has a husband serving in Afghanistan. Some people in his unit were killed and the names of the soldiers have not been released yet. The request was to have my mother watch over and protect her husband. I thought it might help to share some information with those of you who may have relatives or friends who are soldiers, firemen, or policemen. Those people are constantly in harms way.

Our deceased loved ones, are spirits. They will surround us in times of need and when we are having celebrations or gatherings. We don’t really need to ask for them to be with us in such times. They will also be with us when we cross over. They will assist us in our journey or greet us on the other side.

We all have some form of guards. These energies are assigned to us whenever we are out and about or if we are in danger. These beings may be angels, star beings, light beings, realm beings, dimensional beings or some other form of life. They are perfect for us. Their form doesn’t matter and where they come from doesn’t matter. They are there to protect us and keep us safe. These are the energies we would petition for to watch over and protect our loved ones. They most likely are already doing this for the individual. The only time they cannot intervene is if it is a time to cross over or the experience is something that a soul has asked for. They can’t interfere with the soul’s journey. So, if something does happen to the loved one, it may be their destiny to partake in the experience or the outcome. This is not a punishment or a lack of concern on their part. They are doing their job. There is a level of the design that must be honored and the guards cannot change that. They will do what they can to serve the individual in need.

It is more powerful when the person in harms way, asks for their guards to protect them and keep them safe, while they do their mission or job. They can also ask for whatever higher power they pray to for their help in keeping them safe.

Know that whatever happens, the loved one is surrounded in love and protection to the level that is appropriate. I know this is scary for those of us who have loved ones in this position. I hope that this information helps.



Energy Alignment!

Take some time and return your energy to what it is meant to be. You can do this by simply taking time each day to attune to what you are meant to be. Just focus your energy on aligning with its true self.

Many in your world and groupings are invested in helping you become what they desire you to become but that is not in alignment with your true energy. If you just take a few minutes each day to do an authentic alignment, you will adjust your frequency and vibration to what you are meant to be. For many conforming to fit in served you nicely. It allowed you to feel like you belonged. This sense serves you when you are in situations that are not right for you but it doesn’t help you progress to what you are truly meant to be. Many would hold onto what feels familiar rather than create what is authentic. It is okay to let people come and go in your life. There is no need to hold onto anyone or anything.

If you are aligned and authentic, you will manifest from a pure place and all that you need and require will show up to support your authentic journey. That is much more interesting than trying to fit into what others would have you be.


Noah and the Godhead

Sunday, April 15, 2012


There are many different levels of plans in existence. Those of egos try and force their plans on others. They try and control what others can and can’t do. It is a need for them to control and force their will into the mix. Some have the illusion that they are helping others on this path or way of creating. Instead they often get in the way of what needs to happen and what is part of the grand design.

There is a grand design way of creating where beings come here to follow a higher path. This path is part of the workings of many to help the soul come in and experience certain lessons. All spirits work out a plan that allows them to understand the physical workings and to add to the collective consciousness. When this plan happens, the soul is learning from the experiences and teaching the all that is. Don’t let appearances fool you.

There is also a level of light workers who are brought onto your earth to help out in the highest human potential level. These beings show up and provide service in multiple ways. There is no real life plan for these individuals because they are guided each step of the way and are brought where they can do the most good. These beings are given directions from the highest level or level required. It is easiest to throw these beings into a tailspin when working with those of the ego way of living. The light beings are the least understood among humans because their ways don’t fit into a control model. You will notice that these beings are showing up more and more because of what needs to take place among your earth now.

New models are being developed to act in accordance with your earth and world‘s needs. Many things are changing and you will notice there is a massive shift about to take place.

The Knowledge Keepers

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Energy of Spaces!

As energy changes and shifts so does the energy in your homes and offices. Spend time tuning into the space and see what it would like to do or represent. This shifts and changes occasionally. Once you understand what the space represents, you will then know what items to place in the space. You can understand the ways to enhance the energy and activate it. Your lives are energy, your space is energy. Once you align with it, you will know how to work with it and it will know how to work with you.

In the principles of Feng Shui, energy is represented through a Ba Gua or map of your space. Some schools say this is based on compass directions. Some will map it out by the location of your front door. Some will recognize that energy moves and you will need to find ways to activate things based on where the energy is at specific times. Whatever method works for you, spend time with the energy of your space and rework the space so that you are supporting the energy of the space and it is supporting you.

There are ways for all of you to work together and to help your lives flow more abundantly. The ways and methods are open now. Find what works best for you. Try different things and experiment. You will not be sorry that you did.



Friday, April 13, 2012

Changes in Your Space!

We sometimes reconfigure your space to the new energy. We may ask you to stay out of a space or area of your home, while we do this work. It is not because you have done anything wrong or improper. We are just preparing the space and need you to be in another space or part of your space. While this takes place all is well. You will be given signs that something is taking place.

Trust what you pick up related to needing to be in a different part of your home. You may need to spend time in an area where you have not put a lot of energy. We will advise you when it is ready for you to go back into the new pattern, which may appear to be the old pattern to you but it will be different. There may be other reasons that we ask you to rearrange furniture or where you sleep. You don’t always need to know why you are being asked to do something.

Many things are being adjusted and changed so please trust what you are guided to do. It will make sense to you soon enough.


The Universal Knowledge

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Love, Kindness, Spiritual Enlightenment!

My message is love. We do not see the design of God as male or female. That is for mankind to create. My message is kindness and spiritual enlightenment. We have not separated energy between who takes over what energies. The overriding energy of creation is love. Duality is also a creation of mankind because mankind seems to need to compartmentalize. We would gather forms around what others believe needs to be. We appear as male or female because of what mankind will recognize. We will take on appearances that will give comfort to those who call upon us. The creation force can take on many different forms. You will see what you expect to see. That doesn’t mean we look like that in our natural state. We are a consciousness and you are aligning with that consciousness.


Mother of Creation

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Bond With Your Team!

Know us! Allow our connection to form and be one with us. Bond with us and allow us to bond with you. We are meant to work together as a single unit. You do not need to conform or change. You have only to be open to what needs to take place. You have only to trust us to be with you, in you and near you. You are wise and you have much to offer in the mix. But so do we. Let us form a great bond together and share what needs to take place. You are meant to be nearer the process than many of you believe or understand. Now is your time. Enjoy every moment of it. Allow what needs to take place to take place. Alter your sense of reality and entitlement. Nothing is as it truly seems.

The Ones Who Know

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Form of Service!

Many blessings to you all!

We salute you now and always. We are not here to be at your command but to help you navigate what is to be. If you are here on the earth to be of service, then you will know what that service is, as you are needed. You may feel like it is a guessing game but it is not. You are not here to guess and figure things out. You are here to be of service. Not subservient but of service. Sources of power were placed around your world and many other realities. You serve the light or some variation. You are not a pawn or a lesser piece. You are vital to what needs to take place. You will receive your guidance when and how you require it to be. So, for now, just show up and trust the process. You are to know how to proceed very shortly. Remove all of your own agendas. You will know what needs to happen, if you are in the flow. If you try to control the outcome or process, you are not in the flow.

Be in the flow. Surrender to the flow and the Divine plan. Let all unfold beautifully.



Wednesday, April 4, 2012

You Always Have What You Need!

We know that many of you are looking for ways to get others to do things for you. You think that you must be taken care of in ways that humans expect. In the new paradigm this is not so. You always have what you need. You have the guidance to know when to step in and when to step back. This is not a place where others must do for you. You may feel a sense of solitary energy but you are not solitary.

Be the instrument of the light. Be what you are divinely chosen to be. You will find your way. It may seem like it won’t work out or that you won’t have what you need but you must trust all to be as it needs to be. When you need to take action, the action will present itself to you. Much of your work is in showing up. It is not about demanding others do things or that you get your way. If a road block shows up, pay attention to it and why it needs to be there. You will then know how to proceed or how to step away.

There are times where you think you have figured out what needs to take place but something totally different shows up. Don’t fight it. Go with the flow.

Much Light!


Tuesday, April 3, 2012


We wish to speak to you of surrender. This is a place where you really let go. You don’t obsess or try to figure it out. You got the message and you trust you will be guided or directed when the time is right. You have no need to figure out the why and where because you trust.

There are times where you will be directed to do something or take care of something. There will be times where you will be told about something you need to do but you will also be told that it is being taken care of. This is when you need to just step aside and allow what needs to take place to take place. You don’t need to know everything about everything. Let go of your need to control outcomes or make things take place or happen. Just trust. Be here and now and open to what needs to take place in this moment. This is the place of surrender. It is a place where we can come in and do what needs to be done. You only need to show up in this place and be open.



Monday, April 2, 2012


We are riding the wings of light. We float in the zones where we are meant to be. Your soul enters and leaves as is needed. You are ready to take flight and soar into the heavens and beyond. This is the shift you have waited for. Your past and history are no longer valid or interesting. It is just the story that has gotten you to this moment. The past is no more and the future awaits you.

You are ready to step into your destiny. You are ready to move forward in your life. Release the past and allow yourself to move into your future. Trust what is needed from you to reveal itself to you. Trust that you are making your move into your world of light. Be what you are now asked to be. Take your place in whatever world you are helping to create. Shine your light from your core energy and you will know how to proceed.

Beings of Light

Sunday, April 1, 2012


Dear Ones,

There are times where you will be doing something that you have done many times in the past and you get “no more.“ It could be going to a store that you have frequented but you can no longer go in there. There may be someone working there and you are not allowed to work with them. There are certain energies that will not match with you or fit with you and there is a time that you may not go any further with that person’s energy field.

You are looking for resonance to energy and you must be with the energy that resonates with you and where you are going or heading. The other person may be fine. You might have something that only certain people can touch or you may just not be in resonance with an atmosphere. This is a sign that you are evolving and your energy is going through a transformation. What you have done in the past is no longer okay. Subtle and not so subtle forces are now at work. Pay attention and you will know how to proceed.


The Knowledge Keepers