Monday, April 16, 2012

Protection for Loved Ones In Harms Way!

I received an e-mail from my oldest niece, who has a husband serving in Afghanistan. Some people in his unit were killed and the names of the soldiers have not been released yet. The request was to have my mother watch over and protect her husband. I thought it might help to share some information with those of you who may have relatives or friends who are soldiers, firemen, or policemen. Those people are constantly in harms way.

Our deceased loved ones, are spirits. They will surround us in times of need and when we are having celebrations or gatherings. We don’t really need to ask for them to be with us in such times. They will also be with us when we cross over. They will assist us in our journey or greet us on the other side.

We all have some form of guards. These energies are assigned to us whenever we are out and about or if we are in danger. These beings may be angels, star beings, light beings, realm beings, dimensional beings or some other form of life. They are perfect for us. Their form doesn’t matter and where they come from doesn’t matter. They are there to protect us and keep us safe. These are the energies we would petition for to watch over and protect our loved ones. They most likely are already doing this for the individual. The only time they cannot intervene is if it is a time to cross over or the experience is something that a soul has asked for. They can’t interfere with the soul’s journey. So, if something does happen to the loved one, it may be their destiny to partake in the experience or the outcome. This is not a punishment or a lack of concern on their part. They are doing their job. There is a level of the design that must be honored and the guards cannot change that. They will do what they can to serve the individual in need.

It is more powerful when the person in harms way, asks for their guards to protect them and keep them safe, while they do their mission or job. They can also ask for whatever higher power they pray to for their help in keeping them safe.

Know that whatever happens, the loved one is surrounded in love and protection to the level that is appropriate. I know this is scary for those of us who have loved ones in this position. I hope that this information helps.