Friday, April 13, 2012

Changes in Your Space!

We sometimes reconfigure your space to the new energy. We may ask you to stay out of a space or area of your home, while we do this work. It is not because you have done anything wrong or improper. We are just preparing the space and need you to be in another space or part of your space. While this takes place all is well. You will be given signs that something is taking place.

Trust what you pick up related to needing to be in a different part of your home. You may need to spend time in an area where you have not put a lot of energy. We will advise you when it is ready for you to go back into the new pattern, which may appear to be the old pattern to you but it will be different. There may be other reasons that we ask you to rearrange furniture or where you sleep. You don’t always need to know why you are being asked to do something.

Many things are being adjusted and changed so please trust what you are guided to do. It will make sense to you soon enough.


The Universal Knowledge