Monday, April 23, 2012


We give you signs all of the time and humans discount what is coming through. You try and force the creation to what you want and go against the flow. Pay attention to the signs. If something becomes a hassle or gets really complicated, step back and ask what is going on. Don’t try and force your will into the creation process. Things that are necessary and need to take place will be much easier. Stop fighting against the tide. In fact, stop fighting. Fighting doesn’t get you anywhere.

We watch people use the term I am fighting this or fighting that. You are mainly fighting against yourselves. When you read that someone lost the battle with cancer, they are fighting part of themselves. Pay attention to when this terminology shows up. Open up to another way of being with what you see in your lives. Learn to work with what shows up instead of fighting against it. Step back and open to the clearer picture.


The Godhead