Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Form of Service!

Many blessings to you all!

We salute you now and always. We are not here to be at your command but to help you navigate what is to be. If you are here on the earth to be of service, then you will know what that service is, as you are needed. You may feel like it is a guessing game but it is not. You are not here to guess and figure things out. You are here to be of service. Not subservient but of service. Sources of power were placed around your world and many other realities. You serve the light or some variation. You are not a pawn or a lesser piece. You are vital to what needs to take place. You will receive your guidance when and how you require it to be. So, for now, just show up and trust the process. You are to know how to proceed very shortly. Remove all of your own agendas. You will know what needs to happen, if you are in the flow. If you try to control the outcome or process, you are not in the flow.

Be in the flow. Surrender to the flow and the Divine plan. Let all unfold beautifully.