Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Don’t try and live the life of another. Don’t try and be what another wants you to be. Be honoring of who and what you are. Many would try and change who and what they are to fit in. That will no longer work. You need to be true to your own self and path. Those who belong with you will show up. Those who don’t belong with you, don’t belong with you and you don’t need to change to make them fit.

Many are in a belief that they must be busy all of the time and stressed all of the time. That doesn’t seem like a good way to be to us. You may be busy on your path or in your life but you must learn to be in the flow and learn to be present. You will get much more out of each moment. None of you were designed to fit into the cogs of society. You were meant to learn from your experiences and to bring your own personal gifts to the equation. You must first recognize your gifts to do this. Your gifts come from a certain flow within you. Energy must be free to expand and take its own shape.

Be true to who and what you are and your lives will flow much better. Never make decisions based on your own personal fears or the fears of others. Step back and feel the energy that feels good to you and is aligned with you. Then, make your decision. Don’t allow others to coerce you into doing anything. Simplify your ways and your life and it will be easier to find what is right for you.

Our hint to you is that your existences are not about how much stuff you collect and how busy you are. Each of you had your own unique path to partake in. When you follow your own path, you bring a smile to us.



Thursday, February 21, 2013

The laws of creation are simple. What you focus on, you bring into being. Free Will must be honored and respected. People will dispute this but we would hazard to guess that you are creating what the collective consciousness is focused on.

If you desire love, be love. If you desire more light in the world, be light. If you desire peace, be peace. If you desire compassion, be compassion.

We see much anger showing up but it is because many are programming themselves with anger and violence. Pay attention to the programming of the news, radios, music, books and movies you put into your head. You do not fight violence because then you become violence. You change the violence and anger by not buying into it and refusing to give it energy. Instead you commit to being what you wish to see expanding. Also, stop judging others and stop getting caught up into the illusions that you have taken to be reality.

The world is divided into those of spirit and those of ego. There are various mixes of this in your human forms. As you wake up to what you truly are, you will have the means to alter the perceived reality. It is simple. You only need to commit to what you wish to be and what you wish to expand. Remove anything from your life that is not aligned with your desired self. Each being must make their own choices of their own free will. Whatever you choose will be honored and respected. Just realize that you hold responsibilities for your own creations and not that of others.


The Light

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

If I had to leave you all with one message, it would be that finding your way to God or the Divine, in any and all forms comes from love. Anything you want to do or create needs to come from love. If people wanted to change the violent ways and seek peace, the answer comes from love of all life, all people and all that is. Know that each person is following their own journey. Each person must make their own choices for behaviors and actions. Eventually, everyone will find their way. No one is making anyone do anything. The choices and creations come from within the individual.

I hear a lot of people blame God for the state of the world. Many will wonder where God was, when great violence took place. God may be present in these moments but will not be seen, heard or felt because of the anger or sadness that people feel. We were given free will. So, each person is responsible for their choices and actions. Anytime that we want to change the world around us, the answer will be found in genuine and unconditional love.

I was meditating on life and what seems to be taking place right here and now. The answer that came through for true change was love. We can and will still have our feelings but nothing heals unless we truly find a way to put love into the equation instead of anger and hate. We are used to hate, anger and violence in the world. However, the true power lies in love. Look at anything that is happening around the world right now and then try to see what would happen, if people started loving each other instead of hating each other or trying to make someone into their own vision of what they think someone should do or be. The challenge is to shift your focus to love with whatever shows up and see if your life doesn’t change.



Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Since the daily blog is finished, I was questioning what was next. It is the beginning of February when I am writing this. So, far I am still on hold but there are pieces that I think will help others on their paths. Instead of what we have done in the past, there will be times where I get information and will pass it along to you, if I think it is something that can help a lot of people out.

The past two days, I have been hearing the message to release doctrine. The doctrine served a purpose when it was written and it was connected to the needs of the time. In our current stage of evolution, people use it as a crutch to control others or to create concrete rules for life. People who are extreme about religion are using it as a means to hurt others. That is not what it was intended to do. It was intended to help people find a better way of being with each other. The rules reflect a different period of time and the needs of that time. Religious extremist will say that if someone doesn’t practice their religion as the extremist say, that they are not believing in God or connected to God. This is not true. God is way beyond any doctrine written. God is open and available to all life and all living things. God is not about fear or punishment but about love of all that is and all life. If you want to connect to God, you do it from a place of pure love. If you want to connect to spirits, angels, ascended masters or any other form of being, do this from a place of love. You will find you will get much better results. All we ask is that you try this approach and see how it impacts your life.



Monday, February 18, 2013

Blessed Ones,

When it is time to let go of something, you must let go of it. Don’t try and bargain for its continuation. Don’t try and change the timing. Just simply let go. This can be when you get a sign that you must release a thing, person or situation. Don’t fight what is coming through. Don’t allow others to talk you out of releasing whatever you need to release. Simply just let it go.

With that, we are finished with these blogs. Know that there is much information that we will leave up for you so that you may use the past messages as source information. This piece is now complete and must now be released so that something else may come in and take its place. It has truly been our pleasure to share information with you, in this form. Know that our energy is just transforming now and moving onto the next piece.

We send blessings to each and everyone of you! Thank you for your love and support in this process. We know that you will all do wonderful things in your earth lifetime.


Yahweh and the Godhead

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Prepare thee for the shift that is about to be made with mankind. Humanity is about to embark on a major change the likes that you have not been aware of for eons. This is the beginning of a new age of mankind. Many of you will not notice this change or shift. For it is not your destiny to be part of it. Many of you will notice this shift and change for you are meant to be part of the changes taking place. There will be a split between those who need to stay as they are and those who are ready to move into another reality. Your light and energies will shift and evolve. You will notice that you have different abilities that will arrive and feel like you have always had them. You will find that you may need to step away from those you have been accustomed to being around. We ask that you stop putting your energy into things that you do not want expanding in your life. Stop focusing on the sadness of major catastrophes. We know this may feel difficult with the press plastering this information in your faces. To help shift the energy, you must stop programming this energy into your minds. Allow your focus to be on hope and awareness of what is good, kind and wonderful in your world. With what you are seeing, it may seem difficult but you will find there are many wonderful things that people overlook daily. Start to look for the good that is taking place. Look at the wonderful kind acts that people do daily around you. Focus on these types of things. You will start to notice that your lives do change and evolve. Just because someone decides you should only see violence doesn’t mean that you have to watch this energy. Mankind has spent much of its time telling you how awful things are and you all buy into that and expand it. Stop doing that and you can expand the good.



Saturday, February 16, 2013

Over the last few months, we have seen a lot of violent behaviors where people go and kill many people. It seems like a growing epidemic. What can we say to the loved ones who have lost children, friends and family members in this violence?

Blessed ones,

We know that it is difficult for you to understand what is taking place. You see children who are killed in gun fire. You see children being abused, neglected and physically hurt. You see predators attacking your elderly. You often blame God for this behavior. This is not something that comes from God. This is something that comes from ego and a desire to inflict harm or pain on others. There might be soul agreements with the perpetrator of the crime and the perceived victims.

We know this seems awful to those who watch this behavior or get caught in the consequences of this action. If you can, step back and don’t get caught up in appearances. Ask what is supposed to be learned or gained from what has transpired? What changes need to take place as a result? Some would say you must force God on all people but you wish to impose a sense that God will punish those who do such violent actions. God does not need to be pushed onto those who choose to not believe in the energy of God. God comes from a place of love. Know that your loved ones who have crossed over are well taken care of and in a place of love. You who have been left on the earth may ask to have help to heal from your grief and sadness and help will show up. You may not see or hear the help but it is around you now and always. The loved ones will always exist in your hearts. We know this isn’t the same as having them with you physically. If they didn’t have certain life experiences, it is because it wasn’t for them to have those experiences in this lifetime. Each of you will leave your earthly forms at some time or another. When the order changes and the timing changes, it causes you to have difficulty being in your human forms. You are each in your forms for various reasons. The timing may seem off to you but it is always perfect. Those who have crossed over have their lessons to learn and those who remain have their own lessons to learn. None of this is designed to promote fear but give you a chance to tap into love. There are reasons for everything. You may just not understand the reason for what you are seeing here and now. There may be a time where this is made clear to you. You can ask for help in understanding what the purpose was and what you were to learn from the experience. See what comes through for you. Be patient and gentle with yourselves. If you are in the physical form, you are meant to continue to live in your physical form. Don’t be in a rush to move on and leave your physical form. You have work to do. Ask what that is and then proceed to do it.


Yahweh and the Light Keepers

Friday, February 15, 2013

As long as mankind tries to dominate others, there will never be a victor. As long as humans try to impose their beliefs and ways on others, you shall never have real and lasting peace. It is not my desire that one specific religion or one specific group control specific land or other people. I would much rather that you all learn to get along and respect the rights of others. Violence will never solve your problems. Killing others for your perceived ownership of land will never make you a victor. Forcing someone to submit to your religion or perish will only separate you from me and my ways. You will notice that all of these behaviors are of the ego and devoid of spirit. Mankind must learn to share the earth with each other and all life that has been placed in areas of your world. You can peacefully exist with all life. You must learn to release the past and be in the present moment. You must learn to let go of your anger over perceived injustices. Who is right and wrong matters not because that is only a perception that people hold. It doesn’t mean that it is truth. You can instead offer help and love to your brothers and sisters of all faiths and races. You have choices about the type of world you would create. Now is a good time to begin.



Thursday, February 14, 2013

We have spoken of this next topic before but it is something that is coming up more and more so we wish to address it again. Please don’t continue to try to hold people back and force them to stay with you and on your journey. Allow those who are ready to leave, leave when the time is right for them. If someone is ill and creating experiences where they are getting ready to leave your world, there is nothing to heal from the physical level. You may have some completion work with that individual, so that you will feel complete. Getting out your anger with them, is not completion work. It won’t make you feel better. Finding ways of love and compassion will allow you to help another on their journey. If you only hold anger for an individual who is crossing over, you are better off staying away from them. Even if someone looks like they are alone, they aren’t. There are beings around them to assist them in all aspects of their journey.

We know that many of you want to fix what you perceive as being off. We ask that you look at the situations from other vantage points. If you see what is really taking place, you will be able to help in a much more powerful way. There are some instances where you may help someone adjust their process and they may reverse their perceived illness. Other times, the perceived illness is necessary for their journey. If you learn to discern which is which, you will learn how to truly be of service and help in the situation.

When you are grieving the loss, you are stuck in your own emotions. You don’t see the cycles that are arriving. This loss can be someone who crosses over or someone who is just leaving your life. This causes many to be in fear. They worry that they can’t go on without the specific person. They worry that no one will come in and fill the perceived void. Loving others is part of the physical world but when you truly love someone, you want them to happy and to follow their own journey. You must learn to enjoy the time that you have with them. Celebrate the good times and the experiences with those you care about. Know that others will show up to share different aspects of your lives and journey’s with you.



Wednesday, February 13, 2013

If you seek to raise your vibration, you will need to shift your thoughts and activities to avenues that raise your vibration. You disengage from violence. If there is a conflict, you handle it with love and respect for all life. You can address issues without being mean or loud. Life forms on your planet think differently from one another and you have different feelings and emotions. So, conflict is part of the physical experience. However, how you handle such conflicts will vary. Pay attention to how you feel and how others react around you. You have no need to force anyone into engaging with you. You have no reason to control or fix another. Those are all activities that lower vibrations. Pay attention to what feels good, right and kind and you will know in what direction your energy is going. Also, pay attention to how you are affected by others around you. If someone is about lowering your vibration, you will start to separate from them. You are only judging what is right for you. You are not judging others for who and what they are. Focus on being the being you wish to be. There is no judgment of your life being better than another person’s life. You are just following the pathway that is right for you.


Yahweh and the Godhead

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Me: There seems to be a lot of gratuitous violence shown on TV, the news, and in movies. What is that doing to the population of the world?

God: When someone programs their mind with such messages and visions, they are deadening their sensitivities. They disconnect from what is being shown and it is perceived as entertainment and not the violation that it is. Those who watch such medium programming are learning to disconnect and not view the energy for what it is and what it is doing to them. When you watch such images, you are lowering your vibration and you start to become the problem, instead of the solution. You are seeing many emulate violence and then think it is funny or people will brag about harming others. As you have seen with your father, he is then talking about harming others whom he sees as the villains. Young children and adults will take this energy and think it is the way things should be. This doesn’t serve humanity. You have enough with those who kill in the name of God and view themselves as doing good deeds for heaven. This is all convoluted. Most carnivores on your planet only kill to feed themselves or their families. Man kills for sport.

We would much rather you learn to treat each other with love and compassion. You are made to be different so that you may help give a sense of variation to those who live in other realities. The violence does nothing to help your cause and help you with your evolutionary path. Each of you must choose how you will be in your world and what energy you will bring to the collective consciousness. If you wish to raise the vibration, you must choose thoughts and activities that will raise your awareness, consciousness and focus. Accepting violence as entertainment does nothing to help you. It isn’t escapism. It is consciously programming such energy into you. Your world will not change from such energy.

Issues are not resolved by focusing on the issue. They are resolved by focusing on the solution. If you focus on debt, you create more debt. If you focus on weight, you create more weight. If you focus on violence, you create more violence. Your focus is quite powerful. Many in power know this and consciously send out images to keep you in a lower vibration. You must each choose to live the higher vibrational life, if you wish to live a higher vibrational life.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Me: We have received messages about many who will be crossing over in the next year. How can we help those who are grieving?

Azna: We know that many of your world will soon be leaving, for various reasons. You know what happens when a soul departs its physical form. It is not dead and it will move on into another reality. Some will choose a life in the limbo zone. They will be existing in their forms and with their beliefs and fears, until they decide to release that existence and move into the light zone. Those who cross over will be greeted by their loved ones from their current life and other lifetimes. They will be healed of any form of human frailties or illnesses. They will see what they created and why. Then, they will be free to create and recreate from their new vantage point.

Me: How do we help those who are left behind and don’t understand the crossing over process?

Azna: Know that there is love around each being all of the time. When someone grieves, they are perceiving that they lost something. They are not focused on the reality that as one thing releases something else is created. We grant each being their time to mourn and grieve the perceived loss. Healing is available for those who choose to heal. Whenever someone is ready, we will help them heal. All they need to do is ask for help to heal from the loss. We also would tell them to not waste their life. Their time on earth is considered a great prize among spirits. You may each create experiences that no longer exist in non-physical forms. It is a great learning ground.

Me: That doesn’t help those who don’t understand the crossing over process. What can we help them with?

Azna: All beings do this process in some form or another. Many humans focus on fear of dying and not in joy of living. They worry about ailments or the process of death. This process is merely a process of shedding a skin that is no longer required. No energy dies. It just takes on another form. You are not loosing loved ones. You are seeing spirits graduate into other forms. This is a Divine blessing to come into your world and to leave it. Enjoy the time you have with each being. Be happy for them when they graduate from their human form. Enjoy each moment of your physical reality. We see the issue is that most of you don’t remember why you are on the earth and what you asked to experience. There will be a time where you will each understand the answers to that. As you shift your perceptions, you will know how to navigate as those come and go in your lives.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Me: I have noticed that there are many who are focused on reducing weight and we have a huge obesity epidemic. What can we do about this?

Yahweh: You find that weight issues are a product of societies that have bounty. Poor cultures will have starvation. This may seem like the extreme opposite issue but it is the same energy. The focus is on food or lack of food. You no longer view the food as fuel for your individual bodies. Those who have too much are focused on food or how to take weight off. Those who have too little are focused on food and how to get more of it. If you focus on how to cut the food, you are still in energy of too much. If you focus on how to gain food, you are focused on lack and not tapped into abundance.

Me: So how do we break the loop?

Yahweh: You break the loop by shifting your thought process. If you are obese, you must look at how this serves you. In some cases, you will feel that you are creating protection around you. The weight is safety. It creates a physical shield. You also stop focusing on your weight. You focus on other activities. You eat when you are hungry. You create better portion sizes. Look at your culture and how much food is advertised and all around you. It programs you to gain weight by just seeing so much around you all the time. Earlier cultures were focused on working and eating once finished. It was not the primary focus.

Me: What about cultures where they have famine or there isn’t food?

Yahweh: You will notice that those cultures are expanding the energy of lack. It is like a prize being withheld from them. So, it expands in lack. They are programmed with lack and visions of lack. It expands the issue. If they started imagining that food is there and easily grows in their soil, they will help add to the energy of recharging the soil to make it fertile. It may take some time because of the beliefs and what they see versus what can be. But, they have the ability to shift the bounty of their lands. You will also find that in many poor cultures, the leaders prefer lack for their people so that they can control them. This is similar to affluent cultures. They are over fed so that the leaders also have control.

Me: What about in affluent cultures where the poor are becoming obese because of what their families buy and feed them?

Yahweh: The families are being programmed to watch affluence and food around them. It feeds into the perception. When you focus on weight, you expand weight. You are not looking at reducing weight without creating weight issues. Shift the focus instead to health and vitality. Look at how to move more and align each to their true purpose. Weight will no longer be an issue for those in the spirit path. It will for those on the ego path who consider abundance and hoarding as the same energy. When you align and shift your focus, you shift the issues that arise and the outcomes.

Me: So, you are saying that the weight issue in America and other cultures is not because of food choices?

Yahweh: I am saying that the food choices and amounts are related to the programming of food that is always around you and available to you. You program that to be the primary thought. You need to change the connection and programming of food as the main thought. It is not like your ancestors that needed to focus on food each day all the time while they were hunting and gathering to stay alive. Now you have much around you and available. You don’t have to work so hard for what you have and get. Even your poor families are going after certain products because they want their children to have the perceived best. There are ways to feed your societies where they will maintain health and the cost will be much less. Most are not willing to look at that and go there. You have industries who perceive the need to sell more and more food so that they make money. You must each look out for yourselves and your families and stop buying into the fears of others.

Me: What do we do with that to change it?

Yahweh: You each must stop focusing on food all of the time and look at what fuels each individual body. Many plant proteins can be used to help feed the population and they will be healthy with those foods. Stop altering animals to be what they aren’t and stop feeding them items that they are not made to eat. All life must consume the fuel that feeds their bodies. Change your relationships to food. Eat foods that are as they were created and not modified to fit what your busy societies claim they desire. Find better portion sizes that work for each being and eat consciously. Your bodies are designed to get what they need from what is available. A variety of foods now exist but allow them to grow when it is the right time for them to grow. Don’t force growth of food items that are out of season. You will see how it shifts your cultures.

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Me: The other day, you mentioned that people were blocking certain progress or people on their paths. Why do they do that?

God: People block others from their paths and real work because of their fears and insecurities. They also block others because they don’t understand what they are doing.

Me: How do you remove their blocks?

God: It isn’t for you to remove their blocks. If you are working at removing blocks, you are expanding the blocks and adding to the energies of blocks. You must instead focus on your work and allowing it to develop naturally and easily. Watch how you phrase your thoughts. If you are aware you will notice that you are often expanding the opposite of what you are imagining you are working with. Focus on creating your life and purpose. The energy will shift.

Me: What about when other beings, not of this world, block our progress?

God: It becomes the same process. You might want to stop and ask if it serves you to be blocked but if it doesn’t, then you still focus on what your purpose is. The focus is open ended so that whatever needs to take place may form. You won’t feel blocked. You will feel an open feeling.

Me: So, the focus is to create the life in alignment with what we are here for?

God: Yes! That will allow you to dissolve the blocks of others and return to your work. It doesn’t change anyone or interfere with their energy. They will have all that they require. You will now know how to progress or be with whatever you need to create.

Me: What if we are the ones getting in our own way?

God: If that is the case, you must observe why you are in your own way. Once you clear that up, you will be free to move on. It usually goes to the energy of fear. You can be fearful of something and still move forward. It doesn’t need to stop your progress and development.

Friday, February 8, 2013

The path of spirit is not for everyone in the physical form. Some will play with this energy to various degrees. That is part of their own growth journey. You all know there are various stages to this form of growth. Those who are new to this way of being through their physical forms will seek out information. They will study with various “healers” or “teachers.” Some will move on to new levels of perceptions and some will stay at the levels of those whom they study with. As you evolve, you will find your own variations and pathways. Some of your perceived communities will try and keep you around them. Others will know that you need to move on and go where your spirit will take you. As you grow, you will soon find what is right for you and what is not in alignment. As you learn to search for truth within you, you will know how to progress. The keys to the kingdom have always resided within each of you. The kingdoms may vary but your kingdom is within you. Know this.

If you find a community and the leader is someone who holds much anger for others who do not do as the leader commands, you are most likely working with someone you wish to stay clear of. That doesn’t mean that someone can’t have a bad day and be upset. We are meaning those who would teach hatred of groups or others, while saying that they are spiritual or speaking to God. If you see the pattern emerging of anger and violence, stay away, unless you are drawn to their beliefs and this way of life. If that is something right for you, these messages won't make much sense to you. True alignment with God will always just be pure love for all.


The Godhead

Thursday, February 7, 2013

For those who are here to be of help, what can we do about all of the violence for violence sake and those who would seek to destroy people and harm others?

Always start with yourself. You are not responsible for others and what they choose to do. If someone chooses the path of harming others, they are responsible for their creations and they are not following any path of God. You can’t go around killing someone and say you are holy. Or rather, you can say it but that is not a true reality. All life is holy and sacred. It doesn’t matter what religion you are or what nationality you are or where you live. You are all loved and cherished. Those who would kill for land or to dominate are of ego and not coming from a spirit connection. This will not change, unless they choose to change. Living off of fear, will not make someone holy or sacred. If you are committed to being on a spirit path, you must start paying attention to what feels aligned with spirit and what doesn’t. A spirit path may be quite different from what you believe it is.

We hear many give the argument that you live in the real world and you must do certain behaviors because you are in the real world. There are companies and organizations that are waking up to the dichotomy of spirit versus ego. They can still be profitable and help out society. They can treat their workers with love and compassion and probably make even more money by doing so. You can earn money and pay your bills by coming from a spiritual vantage point. What you end up doing, will most likely just be different from those who are motivated only by money and what they can get and accumulate. You can choose happiness wherever you are and whatever you are doing.

There will always be those among you who choose the pathway of violence and manipulation. There will always be those who will look to steal from others or force their will on others to get what they want. They won’t understand the ways of spirit. Once you open your eyes to the path of spirit in human form, you will view things quite differently and not feel compelled to take others who don’t belong with along with you. You will understand what is right for them must be right for them.


Yahweh and the Godhead

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

While people are in the limbo space and waiting for the shifts to occur, how can they help their evolutionary process?

Your evolutionary process will happen naturally. What you can work on is your focus and fine tuning your thoughts. Focus on what you wish to expand. Start canceling any negative thoughts that you might be putting out into the world. Don’t judge others. Allow each person to find their own destinies and paths. Those seeking a spiritual path are not superior to those who seek ego paths, they are just different. If you are holding beliefs that you are better than others, you are not coming from a spiritual perception. Just because someone says that they are spiritual or evolving, doesn’t mean that they are. You don’t need to tell someone that you are spiritual. If you are they will feel it and see it. Those who have to tell you who and what they are, probably are not what they are saying. Some of you may have romantic love partners on your paths and others may find that such relationships will hinder your process and work. Again, there is no right or wrong here. The only right or wrong is what is right or wrong for you and your individual journey. You are each here for various reasons and you know what feels right for you. There is no one in the spirit realm staring at you and judging you. If they are, they are still coming from ego. Guides and energies meant to help you, will not judge you, they will only offer help and suggestions to you.

When you do something and you know it was wrong, you must take full responsibility for what you have created and done. No one is absolving you from your behaviors. You must learn from it and do better. That is how you rectify situations. Evolution comes from learning from your pasts and the present moment and creating from what you have just learned to take into your futures. Each moment of life is a chance to do better. How will you utilize this moment.



Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Many of your world will hold integrity when they think it matters and they have some outside force supporting their behavior. When they see others who are out of integrity, they think, if they can get away with it, I can too. They feel disheartened at others being out of integrity so they join them instead of being in integrity for their own self purpose.

Many of your world contribute to charities because they think there is a reward for them in heaven for helping others. There is an attachment to doing good deeds so it benefits them in the future. This is something that religion will teach. However, it is much better to do good deeds for the sake of doing good deeds without the concern for what is in it for you. Pick causes that you believe in and want to help. Don’t allow organizations to guilt you into giving money to causes that they believe in. Your reward is knowing that you are helping out others or causes that you believe in.

For those who feel entitled to have people do for them or give to them, there is no such entitlement. If you honestly require help, help will always be available to you. If you need to manipulate a system to make others do something for you, you most likely don’t need the help. No one owes you anything. Life is not about what you can get from it but from what you can bring to it.

We know this seems like we are preaching to you today. We just want you to be aware of some energies that are holding mankind from evolving. You must each decide who and what you will be. To walk the spiritual path, you must learn to release the attachments to outcomes. Many of you are ready to evolve now and you need some assistance in fine tuning your ways.



Monday, February 4, 2013

Your physical form is your machine and temple. It is up to you to figure out how this casing runs best. What is the food and drink that you may consume that helps you be in your most efficient mode. This will be different for each of you. We are not saying that one size fits all for each of you. We are also not saying that you must all do as we recommend. Even if you find something that works for you, it may change based on whatever needs you may have in the moment. Once you find a diet that works best for you, try and follow that. Learn to intuit what your body needs at a specific time and pay attention to how you feel as you consume something.

Keep your bodies in shape through exercise, hygiene and enough rest. Exercise will be different for each of you. What you need to stay fit will vary and you will find that certain activities will appeal to some of you but not others. Keeping your bodies clean and well maintained will help you stay healthier. While your bodies rest, you are being worked on or rejuvenating. So, don’t skimp on the sleep that you require. The time you need for sleeping will also vary with each of you. You will find what works best for you. As you take care of your physical forms, you are helping yourselves in this physical lifetime.



Sunday, February 3, 2013

The question asked to us was about what happens, we presume, energetically to people who abuse drugs and alcohol? We observe that the energy fields around these people lower and become murky. This can happen with one inhalation of smoke or one sip of an alcoholic drink. As you continue this experience, you will alter your energy field so that your defenses are removed. This opens you for lower vibrational shifts to take place and it opens you up for lower vibrational beings who can come in and latch onto you. In the case of smoking, you are creating this affect with people who are around you and in your proximity. It is not as bad for those who are around you but it does affect their energy fields. Many think there is no harm being perpetuated but there is, people are lowering the vibrations of those who partake in this activity and those who spend time around them.

For those who are working on raising their own vibrations, we advise you to stay away from those people who are smoking, drinking and doing drugs. People who do this activity are going along the path that is right for them and they will attract those who belong around them. Those who seek something else, must choose to be around people aligned with their journey.


The Godhead

Saturday, February 2, 2013

We realize that many of you, who have felt isolated, are looking for ways to be more social and be around others. This is a human need. We ask for your patience because we can’t have you around certain energies. We realize this feeling of isolation goes beyond what your human selves understand and value. However, we ask you to remember that many of you are not here for a human existence. You have been sent among mankind to help out from a different perspective and purpose. We may need you isolated so that we can help you shed the human perceptions and arrive at your true energy. This is a period where you are being readied for your real work and life purpose.

You will be able to process this phase much easier, if you ask if you are meant to work from a human perspective or if there is something else you need to work with. If the answer is not from the human perspective, then you may ask for the energies who you are supposed to work through to show up in a way that you can connect better. This information is for those who are really on light worker paths. The human world is not for you to intermingle with on various levels. Once you have regained your aligned energy insights, you will be sent out into the world to be of help in various ways. The energy coming forth from you will be kind, loving and non-judgmental. We apologize for the process feeling disjointed to you. It will make sense as you each evolve into your next phase. If this information doesn’t make sense to you or resonate with you, it isn’t for you. So, don’t worry about it. You each will be guided to what is the right pathway for you.


Yahweh and the Godhead

Friday, February 1, 2013

You can’t stop someone from their journey because you are not ready. By this, we mean, it isn’t right to do so. Stopping someone for your needs, comes from the ego self, who thinks it is had the right to block someone’s growth because of their ego needs and desires. This is the height of violating those whom you may profess to love or support in their lives. Each of you must follow your own life path and journey. Many of you will put this energy out because of your fears and insecurities. That is never a way to live and exist.