Thursday, February 7, 2013

For those who are here to be of help, what can we do about all of the violence for violence sake and those who would seek to destroy people and harm others?

Always start with yourself. You are not responsible for others and what they choose to do. If someone chooses the path of harming others, they are responsible for their creations and they are not following any path of God. You can’t go around killing someone and say you are holy. Or rather, you can say it but that is not a true reality. All life is holy and sacred. It doesn’t matter what religion you are or what nationality you are or where you live. You are all loved and cherished. Those who would kill for land or to dominate are of ego and not coming from a spirit connection. This will not change, unless they choose to change. Living off of fear, will not make someone holy or sacred. If you are committed to being on a spirit path, you must start paying attention to what feels aligned with spirit and what doesn’t. A spirit path may be quite different from what you believe it is.

We hear many give the argument that you live in the real world and you must do certain behaviors because you are in the real world. There are companies and organizations that are waking up to the dichotomy of spirit versus ego. They can still be profitable and help out society. They can treat their workers with love and compassion and probably make even more money by doing so. You can earn money and pay your bills by coming from a spiritual vantage point. What you end up doing, will most likely just be different from those who are motivated only by money and what they can get and accumulate. You can choose happiness wherever you are and whatever you are doing.

There will always be those among you who choose the pathway of violence and manipulation. There will always be those who will look to steal from others or force their will on others to get what they want. They won’t understand the ways of spirit. Once you open your eyes to the path of spirit in human form, you will view things quite differently and not feel compelled to take others who don’t belong with along with you. You will understand what is right for them must be right for them.


Yahweh and the Godhead