Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Me: There seems to be a lot of gratuitous violence shown on TV, the news, and in movies. What is that doing to the population of the world?

God: When someone programs their mind with such messages and visions, they are deadening their sensitivities. They disconnect from what is being shown and it is perceived as entertainment and not the violation that it is. Those who watch such medium programming are learning to disconnect and not view the energy for what it is and what it is doing to them. When you watch such images, you are lowering your vibration and you start to become the problem, instead of the solution. You are seeing many emulate violence and then think it is funny or people will brag about harming others. As you have seen with your father, he is then talking about harming others whom he sees as the villains. Young children and adults will take this energy and think it is the way things should be. This doesn’t serve humanity. You have enough with those who kill in the name of God and view themselves as doing good deeds for heaven. This is all convoluted. Most carnivores on your planet only kill to feed themselves or their families. Man kills for sport.

We would much rather you learn to treat each other with love and compassion. You are made to be different so that you may help give a sense of variation to those who live in other realities. The violence does nothing to help your cause and help you with your evolutionary path. Each of you must choose how you will be in your world and what energy you will bring to the collective consciousness. If you wish to raise the vibration, you must choose thoughts and activities that will raise your awareness, consciousness and focus. Accepting violence as entertainment does nothing to help you. It isn’t escapism. It is consciously programming such energy into you. Your world will not change from such energy.

Issues are not resolved by focusing on the issue. They are resolved by focusing on the solution. If you focus on debt, you create more debt. If you focus on weight, you create more weight. If you focus on violence, you create more violence. Your focus is quite powerful. Many in power know this and consciously send out images to keep you in a lower vibration. You must each choose to live the higher vibrational life, if you wish to live a higher vibrational life.