Friday, September 30, 2011

What is meant to be will be. What is meant to show up will show up. You don’t need to know the how, where and why of what is to take place. You are constantly creating something. All you need to be aware of is the piece you are working on in this moment. You don’t know the end result or what it will lead you to. We have a sense of what each step will do and it will be perfect for whatever you asked to experience. So bravo!

Thursday, September 29, 2011


Let us look at patterns that you repeat. You have schedules and systems in place to help you create an environment that is well ordered or fits your patterns. What happens when that day to day program is put out of whack? How do you handle things when they don’t go by your plan or what you expect? Can you go with the flow? Why do you need to control outcomes or end results? If one thing doesn’t work, then something else is going to show up that is even better.

It is fine to create goals and desires. By all means, put out into the world what you desire. But then it is vital to let go of the control and show up for the process that is presenting itself to you. There is much out of your control but you still need to participate and show up. Keep asking how you fit in and your teams will help you navigate anything that takes place. There are many surprises in store for you and you never know what will show up that helps you create something that is magnificent. Many roads lead towards your creations. So, learn to go with the road that shows up and it will take you on some wonderful pathway.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Let us look at your ability to focus. Are you easily distracted by noise, the phone or any other form of distraction? It is important for you to learn to be aware of your environment and still focus on the energy you need to focus on. As you are being trained, you will notice that whatever you need to help you learn will show up in your environment and your path. Don’t discount anything that shows up. Ask instead how you need to utilize the energy that is around you. This knowledge will help advance your work and your ability to help others.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011


As I was sitting down to write some of these messages, I was listening to the sounds of saws and drills at one of my neighbors homes. The sound was intense, as I was tuning into the higher vibrations for messages.

Dear Ones,

Know that you don’t control anything outside of your thoughts and actions. You have perceived control over your body but you must learn to release the need to control others. Each piece goes into the equation. It is nice when people give you a heads up about something that will affect your surroundings but that rarely happens. People are focused on manmade timing or schedules and neglect to include those who are impacted by what they do. You must still learn to focus and do what you need to do while others do what they need to do.

Don’t put your lives on hold because of your perception that someone might need your support or help. All will have the help that they need and you may not be the one who is supposed to give that help to another person. Know this and understand this. Your team will make you available to what you are needed for. What needs to happen always will happen. You have the skill to handle whatever comes up or you would not be placed in the process.

Noah and the Light

Monday, September 26, 2011

Changing Work

Blessings Dear Ones,

We are around you and we send you psychic hugs. Your work is changing and evolving. Many of you seek answers and want immediate gratification. This is not the way this system works. You will have your answers when the time is right. You will know how to proceed when the time is right. We know you understand when you are asked not to do something and you are then waiting for directions on what to do. Those directions will come as soon as they are formed. So, be patient. Notice that much does not go according to your plan but it does go according to the plan.


Sunday, September 25, 2011

Shifts and Changes

More shifts and changes are taking place at a faster pace than ever before. You must embrace this and support this. Some areas may be experiencing intense heat. Some areas will have more rain than usual and other areas may be having less rain than usual. All of this goes into the mix of shifts and changes. There is no reason for concern.

Mankind has perceived their purpose to alter what is but that simply is not true. What is serves a great purpose. Just because you don’t understand something doesn’t mean it isn’t necessary. Not everything is about you as individuals. If you are in an area that is undergoing great change, you have chosen to support that area in its period of adjustment. It is not for you to force your will on anything. There is a plan for all things. When you don’t understand something ask for help understanding what is happening or taking place and how you may help. That is much more constructive than assuming that you know the answer and then trying to manipulate things to what you think is best.

The Godhead

Saturday, September 24, 2011


As your senses become more acute, you might notice that you are more sensitive to noise, light, smells or other sensations. This is a normal reaction to what needs to take place. You are opening up your energy and so you feel deeper and experience much more. If things become too intense for you, please breathe through it. Release the tension that you might be holding onto.

You want to be more sensitive so don’t allow discomfort to prevent you from feeling things to their fullest. You might need to invoke your shielding so that you don’t feel this as an invasion but you are still aware of what is taking place. You will find the balance that works for you. Acute awareness allows you to find ways to handle your environment. There is no reason to deaden your feelings or senses. They are there to serve you.


Friday, September 23, 2011

Creating Prayers!

Know that you can each create blessings and prayers. You are not confined to what is in prayer books or based on what your religious education teaches you. Let the blessings or prayers be of honor. Do not invoke anything that might shift or change the destiny of another. Do not place fear in the invocation or create a prayer based on your fears. Do speak from your heart. Share you concerns with the energies who are charged to help and support you. Know you will always be surrounded in love and support for whatever you need.

If you are praying for someone to be healed and they pass away, know that might be the healing that they needed. You cannot change the outcome for another that needs to happen. You are better off finding ways to support the journey of each being. Bless others with your love and support for their success in whatever they need to participate in. Bless others on their journeys. Don’t worry about how things may appear. It will be just as it needs to be. When you speak to God, the Universe or whatever you address in your prayers, speak from your heart and that is the best prayer you can offer.



Thursday, September 22, 2011

Tuning In For Yourself!

For those of you who have trouble checking in for yourself, there are a few steps that will help you. Here is the refresher course. First, go to a quiet place and clear your mind of any limiting thoughts or beliefs. Open up to your guides to give you information and your guards to protect you. Then, ask your question about what you want to receive the answer. Next, pay attention to all of your senses. Pay attention to what comes to you. It may be a word, phrase, picture or feeling. You may just know the answer. You might get a sensation in a specific part of your body that feels good or bad. You might receive the information as a binary response. There may have some other variation for the answer. You may see signs outside of you.

Ask that the information come through you in a way that you understand it clearly. You may ask for three forms of confirmation. It is vital that you all learn to check in with the information that comes through to you. We are going to phase out psychics as a profession because those doing this work, will soon need to do other work. You have it within you to check in for yourselves. Mankind is programmed with the ability to be psychic. It is innate to all of you. You just have different ways of receiving information. You just need to understand your way or ways of receiving information. You wouldn’t be reading this information if you were not drawn to it and at least trying to wake up and activate your abilities.

When you ask for the information, make sure you release any attachment to a specific answer. We have faith that you can do this process. If you get stuck, ask for help and we will grant you the help you require.

The Light

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Your Path

You are each in your own process right now. The directions that come through you will vary. Pay attention and do what comes through you. Make sure you remove your ego from the equation because you don’t want to convolute the instructions so that you are only doing what you want to do versus what you need to do. Remember, you are able to say no but you are saying no to your life purpose and path. If you say no, then what you have asked for doesn’t happen.

The guidance that you receive is to direct you towards your life purpose and goals. Your teams are not telling you things arbitrarily. They are giving you the guidance to help you move towards what you asked help with. We are not saying if you don’t follow your guidance that you won’t get what you desire to be mean. This is just the way the system works. You ask for help creating something, your guides provide you with the steps and help required to manifest. Since things are accelerating, there is little room to play games with you and wait until you are ready to take your leap of faith. If you keep saying no, you may eventually have what you state you desire but that will depend on the changes that transpire.

Notice that we are asking you to receive from your guides directly and not from another human being. You may go to a psychic who gives you information but then you must check in for yourself to see if the information resonates with you. Again, move beyond your fear when you check in. There are many who are more attached to being right than being pure in their readings. There are other times where certain information is shielded for someone reading you because they are not allow to see what is really taking place. This will depend on who you really are and what your true pathway is. You always need to check in and see if the information is right for you not matter what comes through.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Understanding History

We have expanded on many lifetimes. We are ancestors and descendants. There have been many who came before and there will be many who follow after. Each time period holds its own challenges. The future may build on the past. Often, we find that people do not look at what transpired in history to understand the legacy carried forth. People take writings at face value and don’t try and understand where morays may have come from.

When writings talk in absolutes, please try and understand why the writers may have spoken thusly. Do not assume that the ancients never wanted anything to change or evolve. Antiquities were created to record what took place. The ancients held war as the way to dominate and have conquests. In the evolutionary quest, we would hope that mankind would move beyond the need to dominate others and force others into submission. It was never intended that mankind would continue on the path of domination of others.

Learn from what transpired before your time. Work on your sense of compassion towards all life. Take care of your planet and world. Leave a legacy of respect and honor. Don’t be afraid to change and grow.


Monday, September 19, 2011

Light Command Message

Brothers and Sisters,

We circle your world and watch over you. We have been sighted by some humans but mainly we are hidden from your world. There are some of you whom we have kept close watch over to see how you evolve. We have escape plans for those who may need them at sometime.

We know that your science fiction portrays us as beings who are scary to look at and that we are trying to take over your world. We have much riding on your success so it is not our intention to control you or put you into any form of servitude. We have a way to rescue those of you who may require help if mankind goes too far with their destructive nature.

Many forms of life exist. We are created of many different elements and designs. Our physical forms are different from yours because our home planets have different requirements for sustaining life. The definition of life is different in many existences but all life has some form of intelligence and knowledge. You are not alone in intelligence. Life spans all levels from the basic forms to very complex forms. There are some forms far more complex than humans. Evolution is different on all planets where life exists.

The Light Command

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Let Your Light Shine!

Brothers and Sisters,

Your light is within in you. Start asking for your light to shine. Let it radiate from within you and around you. You know that you are more than your physical form. Allow your true nature and true self to evolve and come forth. That is your nature that holds no fear and is abundant in all ways. Your true self is powerful and clear and aware of what you are here to do. Let that shine out into the world.

You do this by putting aside your ego self and attuning to what you are in truth. You get out of the way of any limiting thoughts or beliefs that hold you back. It is time for your light to shine.


The Godhead

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Truth Revealed

A good invocation is for you to ask for the truth to be seen, heard, revealed and understood. It is a way to ensure that others will understand the truth in all situations. It blocks any lies from being able to last long and it also works for anyone who may be in a legal situation.

Mankind has learned deception and has been able to get away with different things. It is time for the truth to be revealed. Whenever you are in situations where you are in doubt, make sure the truth is always revealed and understood.

It is time for all to take responsibility for their actions and creations.

The Light!

Friday, September 16, 2011

Look at What Holds You Back In Life!

What holds you back in life? We are not going to let you get away with pinning that on another person. Really look at what holds you back in what you know you need to do. It is something within you that puts the brakes on moving forward. We want you to really take a look at what you know you need to do and then what stops you.

If you are honest about what is holding you back and you are willing to ask for help, the help will come to you. So, spend time with what you perceive blocks you and then ask for help in removing the block. You will be glad you did!

The Light!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Adventure and Change!

Are you ready for your next great adventure? What needs to happen for you to say yes? The willingness to change and try new things or to take a leap of faith, is what will make you great in the scheme of things.

What is it that your soul has always wanted to do? What is within you? Get in touch with that Divine, amazing soul and dare to make a change. You hold the key to your imagination and your willingness to change. Utilize that key and make the changes that you know you need to make. You can start in small steps and then before you know it, you will be in your new life.

There is a new life for those willing to take the chance and make the changes needed.


The Universal Knowledge

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Relocation Rational!

As part of the earth changes you will notice that you might be asked to relocate. An area may become unstable for you. So, you will be asked to leave the unstable area to move to another area that is much more grounded for you. Moving can be scary but it is sometimes necessary. Starting over may be scary but it is also necessary to move to a new level or phase.

Remember, you are never alone. You always have support in shifts and moves.

You may be asked to release possessions that you no longer need. Some things may appear to fly out of your hands and break. If that happens, just let the item go. It doesn’t need to be repaired. It just needed to be released and it could not go to anyone else. Sometimes, once your energy has been ingrained on something, it may not be given to another. Other items may be passed on. The same thing for receiving the items of others, there are times you may receive them and other times you may not. Check in and you will know how to proceed.

There are times where you say that something is so sudden but if you are honest, there were signs along the way that the change needed to take place. People may feel comfortable in complacency but it never creates change. If you are honest many of you will see you have been comfortable in stagnation so you don’t take the steps to move forward or to say yes to the change.

Be adventurous and willing to try new things. Release what doesn’t work so that you create space for what does work. You will not be disappointed.

The Light!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

See People as They Are!

People teach you how to treat them and they show you who they are. Don’t discount someone when they show you who they are. Believe whatever you are seeing with them and about them. Don’t try and rework what is presented to make someone into what you want them to be.

You are treated by people the way you have trained them to treat you. If you are willing to put up with disrespect or the crumbs of a relationship, that is what you will get. When you date people or live with others, make sure you are not training them to do things where you are placed in a subservient role or a lesser position in the relationship. If you have an opinion about something voice it. Be yourself. Allow yourself to be treated well. Treat yourself well and take care of yourself and your needs.

Taking on roles in relationships may seem great but you are better off being yourself and letting them be themselves. If something doesn’t work for you, you will know it much faster and then can make your decisions based on that.


Monday, September 12, 2011


Trust is something that you must learn. We often ask you to jump into the abyss. You must learn to do so and know you will be watched over. There are many times in your life as an energy worker or light being where you will be asked to do something without rhyme or reason. It may not make sense but when you follow what comes through, it will make sense. It may bring you in the right place at the right time or it may keep you from being in a toxic environment. Sometimes, you will see the reason for the request and other times, you may never know what your purpose was for showing up or not showing up.

The key to all of this is learning to know when to trust and when to not trust something or someone. Your teams have earned your trust. We are not asking you to blindly trust other humans. Always tune in and see what comes through directly. If someone has built up your trust, then you will know how to proceed with them in your future.



Sunday, September 11, 2011

Information and Trust!

People often become their own worst enemy. They ask for information, receive the information and then come up with ways that the information is wrong. They may receive information that doesn’t make sense to them or it may seem scary to them so then they try and negotiate for a different answer. They may ask for plan B instead of the plan. They start going into the need for three or six confirmations. They get that and it all verifies the information and then they ask for more signs that it is right. If the answers are something they are not comfortable with, they go into fear.

Part of learning to receive information is trusting what you get. The information will not be related to doctrine or many religious teachings. You will not be asked to harm another being or do anything violent or disrespectful of another life form. If you feel that the information relates to that, first look at whether or not it really does harm another person or it is just your perception. It may be something that you find difficult but there should be no sense of doing something to truly hurt another person. Asking you step away from a relationship, doesn’t count as designed to harm another person. It may be something that is good for both of you in the long run. If you are thinking someone is asking you to rob a bank or beat up someone, it is most likely not coming from a higher form. However, if you are being robbed and you are asked to hit someone to save yourself or another, that may be a valid reply.

If you have been paying attention to your guidance, you will not be placed in situations that require violence or harm to another person. We will be able to steer you away from danger before it happens. So, learn to pay attention and stop trying to negotiate for the answers you expect or would prefer. Sometimes, you need the challenge to get out of your box. If you are truly following your guidance, it will all work out with the challenges and all.


The Godhead

Saturday, September 10, 2011


We were asked about destiny. You will each follow your destiny. There is much support behind the scenes to ensure that it takes place. The only time this doesn’t take place is when you continually sabotage your paths. However, if it is possible to make your destiny take place, it will. There are times where humans keep saying no to what needs to take place and there are times where we need to find someone who is willing to say yes to what shows up. There are many things where timing needs to be enforced.

Once your path and the energy are in alignment, all will fall into place quickly. Don’t set limits on what we can do and how we have to do it. All that needs to take place, will take place. It is vital that you stop getting in your own way. Learn to say no to things and situations not right for you. Stay in integrity and work on being aligned at all times. You will find your life works and flows like magic. When we say integrity, it doesn’t mean judging others, it means doing what you know is the right choice for you. Watch who you spend your time and energy with. Put your energy in relationships that are healthy for you and all who are in the relationships with you. If you make a mistake, own it and learn from whatever you do. Don’t blame others for what you do and have done. If you were involved with anything, you gave your consent on some level. Own your part of the incident. That is how you grow and improve. Learn to say yes to what is aligned within your soul and no to things that our out of alignment. The choice is yours and so are the consequences for your own actions. Each piece can be used to help you progress and grow.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Concerns and Trust!

What raises concerns for you? There are many situations that are created in your world that cause you to mistrust others. People may create something where they expect you to trust them and you feel something is off. You may feel a sense that they are not truthful. You may also feel that they are okay but you are not sure. You may feel pushed or forced to make quick decisions. Make sure you clear yourself before you ask if you should trust them. People often feel something is off because it is new to them or it may really be off.

Take a deep breath. Clear yourself and be open to what comes through. That will help you know if you can trust the person or situation. Do not allow others to coerce you into something or force you into giving them an answer or doing what they want you to do. We hope that you know to walk away from something like this. When someone gives you more information and allows you to take time to assess if something is right for you, you are on better ground.

We want you to feel comfortable with change and making decisions. Tune into your guides and that will help you assess if you can trust what you are picking up. If you feel duality, it is probably not a good idea to progress. Pay attention and take the time you need to assess how to trust yourself, others and situations. Give yourself time to understand what you are picking up. With practice this process becomes faster.



Thursday, September 8, 2011

March Into the Light!

March forward into the light. Leave the past behind and move forward. Your past has served you well but now it is time for something new to take place. Many of you are bored with the tried and true ways of your day to day lives. You are ready for something to stir things up. For those ready for change, you will experience it in a huge way very soon and very quickly. Impediments will be removed and you will be sent into your new lives.

There is a saying be careful what you wish for. However, if you wish for something consciously, enjoy the manifestation. All pieces will come into play and form the future lives you have desired. You will be given the steps to do along the way and success is then assured.

The Light

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Teams Working With Us!

When your teams need something to happen in your life for them to do something else, they have a way of making it happen. They will remove any impediment that they need to so that something that needs to happen does happen. If there is a step that you need to do or that they will need to clear the energy, it will happen. Our job is to stay out of the way.

This applies to those who wish to be on the spirit path or light path. Those that wish to remain blissfully out of the path of energy will be able to get a way with their naiveté unless their path dictates otherwise. Your team will often coordinate with someone who is open to paying attention to the energy to work with you. They will move heaven and earth to get the message to you or to create the opportunity. If you miss the signs and ask not to miss the sign, they will make sure you get the message. Even situations you didn’t think were possible, they will make possible. It is amazing to watch this take place.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Movement! You have asked us to help you move and go past the stagnation. In most scenarios, you will see that you may be directed to do something completely differently from what you have done in the past. It may seem like you are sent in new directions or that something is altered way beyond what you believed was your path.

What do you do when this happens? Some of you try and stay in the status quo. Some of you just go with it. If you are serious about moving forward or changing your lives, you cannot stay in the status quo. You must be willing to move forward and to make a difference. If you go with the flow of the energy, you are willing to say yes to what is coming through and you are no longer in isolation and stagnation. Each stage requires different behaviors and motivations. Your focus will change and shift and you will be propelled into various directions. All of these will help you go to where you need to go and will help you do what you need to do. So, we ask you to go with the flow.



Monday, September 5, 2011


You are often trained under controlled circumstances. We often encourage you to have a quiet place to learn and hone your skills. However, that is not how your work is effective. You must realize that you can’t control all environments. There will be noise or interruptions and you must learn to stay centered and authentic. You must maintain your power in all situations.

It is like learning in a lab situation. Everything is nice and sterile but life is not meant to be like that. So, your real test and development comes from being able to be around others who are progressing or not progressing and still allow yourselves to evolve. Many of you have finished with the isolation stage and must learn to bring your work out into the world. The world needs your presence now. It is time for many of you.

Realize that each of you are in different places of your development. If you find you are angry when your environment is not perfectly under your control, you are most likely at a stage to work past that need to control everything. In actuality, you have control over very little and most of you have not even mastered what you do have control over. The only areas of your life you get to control are yourselves and what is right for you. You may not control others. They must master themselves. Your work stems from being who and what you are meant to be. The outside world will interact and react to that. Always, always be true to yourself.

The only stage that requires isolation is the foundation stage. If you are past that, you will be utilized in other environments. Remember it is not about you changing others. You are there to be of service in ways that reveal themselves when you show up in the world.

Sunday, September 4, 2011


Power! How do you want to use your own power? How do you want to make a difference? We have withheld much of your power for this lifetime, until you learn to use it wisely. Many of you are in the stages of learning to focus and set your intentions. Your thoughts, words and actions all hold power. So, pay attention to what you are putting out into the world. You will find it serves you and it allows you to come more into your power.

Your power is to help others. Your power is also to be used to create for yourselves. As you learn to use it wisely, you will acquire more of it. There is much at stake for you each. There are many who hold perceived power who use it unwisely and you are facing the consequences in your earth plane. You see this by the way they work in business and how the businesses impact society and the environment.

Always be clear and focused on your intentions and thoughts. When you create from a consciousness, you will find things work out much better. Never create from anger. Always find your place of center and grounding. Then, proceed with your creation.



Saturday, September 3, 2011

Ideas and Listening

How often have we each worked with someone who says no to everything we present. Then, they come back to you and say it didn’t work when you came up with alternative ideas. If you ask them about what they did following the session, they say they didn’t do anything that was suggested. I have had clients like that in Feng Shui and readings where everything is no. They are looking for a specific answer that doesn’t come up as the best solution or a recommendation.

I know when I work with my group, I find it works out better if I go for the answer that they give me. When I try to negotiate a different variation, it is never as powerful. When I try to get my way with an answer to something I have clearly heard no to, I find I see exactly why I was given a no to something. Even when I hear a yes to something that they may have agreed to because they know I wanted to do it anyway, I see what they were trying to keep me from.

When I work with my team, I really try and listen to what their answer is. I may be directed someplace so that I understand the energy of something being put out in the world. Those experiences become lessons for me. I have had people ask me if I always listen to what comes through and the answer is no but when I don’t listen, I am always sorry that I didn’t pay attention. My group really does understand things that often allude me. So, I focus on paying attention and remembering to ask. It makes my life so much better. But the choice is always yours to make on how you want to experience. We are not telling you what to do only want works best for me. All of the messages are merely offers that can help you in your own process.


Friday, September 2, 2011


A while ago, I did a reading for someone and everything that was given to the client was negated by the client. They were not willing to move to the city that was coming up for them and the session ended with knowing this person only wanted to hear specific answers but wouldn’t entertain anything outside of what they wanted to hear. It didn’t matter if a path was showing everything that they claimed to want. My group stopped giving information in the reading because of that.

I was then working with someone else and their future had changed to where they needed to be. The second person lived in the same region as the other person. Person two was being asked to move out of that region also but to a different location. From the second reading, we were shown what was happening in that area and why it was good to be out of there. It was to bring client two into a safe zone. The other client was potentially being moved into a safe zone but said no to what was coming through so we never got to the full reasons for the move.

The guides were showing that each person puts out what they want and then their group endeavors to come up with the best answer for each person. The answers also take into account all that the clients are asking for. We have the choice to say no but there will often be consequences to the responses that we may not be aware of. Yes, we are co-creators but we need to be able to say yes to the steps that are put in motion by our desires. That way we are brought to the outcome we are asking for. If we put out a desire and then say no to the answer, we are saying no to the creation. Plan A is usually more affective then plan W. If we say no to the plan, then we are asking for a variation that won’t be as affective.

Ken and Team

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Newness, Creativity

Newness, creativity. What do these words conjure in your minds? What are you willing to do to change your life? Many speak of their dreams but do nothing to alter their lives. You need to be willing to step out of your box or off of your safety net to find your way into your goal or dream. Being willing to come up with ideas and try them out allows you to experience and grow. It might not seem safe but it is much more interesting than wishing you had done something but not been willing to do it. Your physical experiences are not about safety but about willing to take a chance on something that is within you. You never know where it will lead you.

We are not talking about being coerced into something. We are talking about the desires within you personally. It is not for others to talk you into anything. It must come from within you. If it is a true desire within you, then you must find ways to do it.


The Godhead