Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Relocation Rational!

As part of the earth changes you will notice that you might be asked to relocate. An area may become unstable for you. So, you will be asked to leave the unstable area to move to another area that is much more grounded for you. Moving can be scary but it is sometimes necessary. Starting over may be scary but it is also necessary to move to a new level or phase.

Remember, you are never alone. You always have support in shifts and moves.

You may be asked to release possessions that you no longer need. Some things may appear to fly out of your hands and break. If that happens, just let the item go. It doesn’t need to be repaired. It just needed to be released and it could not go to anyone else. Sometimes, once your energy has been ingrained on something, it may not be given to another. Other items may be passed on. The same thing for receiving the items of others, there are times you may receive them and other times you may not. Check in and you will know how to proceed.

There are times where you say that something is so sudden but if you are honest, there were signs along the way that the change needed to take place. People may feel comfortable in complacency but it never creates change. If you are honest many of you will see you have been comfortable in stagnation so you don’t take the steps to move forward or to say yes to the change.

Be adventurous and willing to try new things. Release what doesn’t work so that you create space for what does work. You will not be disappointed.

The Light!