Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Brothers and Sisters,

Don’t assume that you know the end result or what the process is about. Just follow the process. Don’t try and control the end result or the process. Instead, open to the process as you are directed by your team. Ask for directions or how to navigate whatever is coming through. Try not to buy into the energy that may surround you from outside sources or people with agendas. Agendas never really work. You are charged with many duties as a light being but they come through showing up and following the path before you.

Know that you are each placed in the path to do good, wherever you are. Many times, your work happens by just existing. Your light shines where you are and around you. Whatever needs to happen takes place by you being in the space you are in. Each of you must take responsibility for your own actions and behaviors. However, your work takes place by you showing up and following the guidance that comes from your teams and within you. Know this and really understand this.

Never assume you know from just a little piece of the puzzle. All you really know is the piece of the puzzle before you. Don’t assume that something you impose on your teams is okay without asking them. If you get an ambiguous answer, know that you have teams and your teams may have a better way of working with you than what you have established. You don’t know unless you ask for their input.


The Light

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Be Pro-active in Your Lives!

Rubber stamping approval to things without taking time with them is not a way to improve your quality of life. Be an active participant in your life and surroundings. Don’t let others do the work for you. Be pro-active in your own lives. If you have an opinion, express your opinion. Do not continue to let others take charge without giving input. In most cases, those in charge will welcome your input and incorporate it into the plan they are devising.

Too often people are apathetic and just allow others to handle things, until they are aware it affects them and then it is often too late for them to affect change. If you are proactive, you will be able to make the process work better all around. Look at your lives, homes and environments. Pay attention to the change you want to be and perceive in your life. The other observation is when people are apathetic, they then blame those who are proactive for not forcing them to be proactive. That is never your job to force another into taking charge. That is the responsibility of the individual. You are there to offer potentials. Each one of you must show up for your own life.


Monday, November 28, 2011


Greetings to all of you! We send you great blessings and welcome. This is a momentous moment where we come together in this one place of time and space. You are our heroes for you have chosen to be here in this great time of transition in your world. Your lives will undergo great changes now. What you have known before is no more. What you have taken at face value holds much more than what is on the surface. Before you judge anything, take a real concerted look at it. You will understand much more, once you have aligned with the energy and connected with it. Mankind often goes to judgment without understanding something. There has been too much of this energy in your world. It is time to move beyond it. Know something before you judge it. Seek your own path before you try to alter the path of another. Your judgments might be right for you but they are not always right for another. So, give space to what is before you and take time to understand what is happening before you proceed. You will always benefit from this approach.

Know the Universes are colliding now. This may seem scary but it is on an energetic sense. Much energy is blending with your own. You will derive great benefits from this change so allow it to take place without struggle.


The United Federation of Planets

Friday, November 18, 2011

Working Together

Brothers and sisters,

Unite in fellowship. Be one with each other and be kind and gentle with yourselves and others. You embark in family events and times with travel. Be patient. Know that you are each traveling together and with each other. Help each other each step of the way. Look for ways to help each other be successful. You will not regret this behavior.

You tried the thinking only of me way of life and it has created great troubles among mankind. You must alter that. You will find great wealth and riches are abundant when you stop looking at what is in it for yourselves. You may still be abundant as yourselves but you will also help others succeed in the process. You each have different desires so what is abundant for one is not necessarily abudance for all. There is room for independance. But rejoice in the success of each and all of you. Realize you are never alone and in working together you can accomplish much.



Thursday, November 17, 2011

To New Beginnings!

The end of time, the end of projects. Those are just a period where one thing ends and another piece begins. You are not locked into more than specific phases or periods of time. Many have worried about the end of days with 2012 approaching. This period of time is just the end of one phase and the beginning of another phase. In each moment there are many configurations that take place. Your stars align. Your galaxies align. Mankind is fleeting and your species exists as long as it needs to. Your souls reincarnate into different forms as they need to. You are not dependent on a specific species to carry on or to fulfill your destinies. Your current forms are merely your current forms and nothing more.

Mankind has long assumed superiority to other life forms but this is simply not so. Intelligence comes in many forms and variations. There are life forms with physical bodies and some without. That doesn’t diminish their abilities or intelligence. Keep that in mind the next time you judge another or assume you know better than another.

Leadership is not designed to take over for others. It is meant to serve others. How can you serve another without consulting with them. Imposing your will on another is not service. Imposing your will on another is about dishonor. When someone dishonors you, how does that feel? You must awaken now and pay attention to the master plan for each of you. This plan comes from honor. This has nothing to do with longevity or having a brief stay on your planet. Your wisdom must prevail. You must learn to seek answers to your specific journey and quandary. Stop assuming you know the answers. We give you information in pieces to reflect where you are in your phases. Take that on and don’t add to it, until the time is right. If you take each piece as it comes you will be magnificent and do stupendous things.

The Light

Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Sometimes we ask you to enter into situations that seem like they may not be related to you or your path but if you stick with it and continue to ask for guidance, it will make sense. You might be asked to step in to help those not willing to help themselves. You might see situations where someone is placed in a position of perceived power and abuses power but they may be placed in that position to awaken others. You may then be asked to do something to restore the balance of power with others. There is a plan and that plan is to help others align to their pathway.

Each of you must awaken to your journey. It takes some of you longer than others and some are on pathways where they are utilized without knowing how they are utilized, even when they are ego based. It is their journey to undertake and there is no need to judge it. You may only need to adjust situations so that someone is no longer abusive towards you and your journey. You will know what to do and how to handle it, by just asking and paying attention.


Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Know When to Release Something!

Know when to let go of a project or situation. Many will hold onto projects and situations, even when all of the signs point to letting them go. You tell yourselves that there is no one to step in and take my place. You tell yourself that others need you but all the signs keep pointing to letting something go. Pay attention to this and let it go. If another person is needed in the mix, someone will show up. If the project needs to continue, someone will take over the project. Once you let it go, release the need to control how you think it should be done.

As you learn to release what you are guided to release, something will come in and replace your time and energy. It will most likely be replaced by something that is more in alignment for you than what you were doing. We see much resistance to letting go of things because people are not sure what will replace what they have released. Be assured something will replace what you were doing with something new. You have offers in formation that may not be able to manifest because of how you are spending your time and energy. The release opens up new doors, windows and opportunities. You are ready for something new and you must release the old for the new to come in. You must release what is not in alignment for you for what is in alignment for you to show up.

There are many new things awaiting you now. Take the time to release what needs to be released. Clear a pathway for what is now to come.


Monday, November 14, 2011


Serenity! That is our word for this day. Find peace within each of you. Attune to serenity and peace. This is a place within you where you will find yourself happy and in the flow. Learning to flow with what shows up will help you manifest and create. You will no longer need to hold onto specifics of how things need to be or should be. The place opens up for miracles and majesty. All works out just as it needs to. You get to create fluidly from your desires and intentions. There is no need to worry about how, when and why. All of the processes work out perfectly and in Divine order. Keep dreaming and creating. It is well worth it for all of you.

Be at peace and serene! See what comes from this energy and you will be amazed at how much simpler your lives become.

The Light

Sunday, November 13, 2011

The Light

I am the Light, I come to you through vast space and time dimensions to help usher you into a new way of being on the earth. You will soon be asked to shed the past and open up to the new ways before you. This process is simple and requires little help from you. You have only to be willing to try something new and be willing to move forward into your futures.

Your world has chosen its path and this will set things into motion. Many of you were placed here in this time and place to assist those who are ready to transcend. Others were placed here for potentials of what is to come. Your missions are adjusted based on how things progress. We have escape plans for those who may require them.

Many of you have different skills, which may be utilized in many ways. Your skills will be used as needed. Many of you have awaited this time period patiently. You have seen many distractions which have kept your busy or have taken you off course. Now is a time to focus towards your real missions and purposes. We will initiate you and return you to you light work, when you are ready to proceed. You have only to agree and we will back you up. The help is around you. You have only to okay the process of preparation and we shall join you and begin our work together. This is a decision that will change your lives from what you have known to the unknown. Before you say yes, realize you may not stop this process, once it begins. So, think about what is right for you before you agree to this now and forever.


The Light and The Godhead

Saturday, November 12, 2011


Each person has their own process and that is how it should be. You must respect that each of you needs to learn and experience in your own ways. Try and not impose your process on another and let them do their own process as they need to.

We also want to remind some of you and teach others that when you say positive loving things to others, their energy grows. When you say nasty or biting things to others, their energy shrinks. Be aware of this for it is important and it allows you to know that you all have great impact on others. Would you rather be in the group that raises the vibration or the group that lowers the vibration? You do have many choices to make. You have more power than you realize.


The Light

Friday, November 11, 2011


If you are putting something out in the form of a prayer, we will answer you. If you put out communications with us, we will answer you. There are situations where something comes through and you find it disruptive but it may still be the answer to what you asked for. To accomplish certain things, you will need certain skill sets to do a good job with them. We may then create what needs to happen with those skill sets. You are being prepared for the work or the answer that you asked for.

If you feel overwhelmed with the answer, ask for help. You do not have to do anything alone. There are some things you must do in the form of training but help is around you at all times. Don’t panic after something shows up. Breathe and ask the best way to navigate what is showing up. You will be shown the way. We will help you understand the outcomes and why they must be. The lessons may not be yours alone to learn. So, you may gleam what you need but the other people may not get their lessons in the events. We create multi level solutions for you.



Thursday, November 10, 2011

Receiving Information!

How can people get better information and clearer information from their guides and teams?

We are with you in all ways. We start with your senses. Pay attention to what your senses tell you. Focus on opening your senses and allow other feelings and perceptions to come through. Look at your strengths. We will start with that. We also need to come through when you are open to receiving the information we send you. You must suspend disbelief. You must open your insights. The key is being open in all ways.

If you are not sure, ask for clarity. We are looking for ways to communicate with you. We are also looking for your feedback to know where you get off from what we transmit. The whole communication is about us learning to work together. So, the more you give us feedback, the more we fine tune what comes through. When it appears you are getting the information accurately, we don’t go on from there. When you are not understanding us, we will continue to work with you and continue to get information to you. So, give us your feedback of what is working and what is not.

Your Teams

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Dealing with Abusers!

How would you deal with someone who is abusive or in a position of power who is disrespectful?

The short answer is we wouldn’t deal with this individual, group or system. Abuse is not power. Abusive people are disconnected from their power so they feel the need to control or manipulate others. If you take away attention to them, they loose their power. It is like working with a spoiled child with a temper tantrum. The more energy you give them the worse the tantrum becomes. When you pull away attention from the negative behavior, you take away the energy fueling their outburst.

You must make sure you are safe from the abuser so that they don’t do any violent action to physically harm you. This might mean you need to physically remove yourself from the environment that the abuser is in. The abuser perceives that you are weaker than they are. That is not true. You may believe you are but you aren’t. Abuse is never okay. There is always an option to get you out of the situation. When you hold your power, no one has power over you.

Give the least amount of energy that you can to dealing with abusers. Block their energy. If you have trouble with this enlist the help of your teams and guards to help you navigate this. We will gladly come in and assist you. You are meant to have lives of love and support. The other aspects people accept from others are their choice but not a requirement from other realms. We wish lives of love and joy for all of you. We would never want you to suffer or be in pain. The energy of pain and suffering is manmade from their thoughts and beliefs. We created a world with abundance for all of you.



Tuesday, November 8, 2011


I was asked about being in relationships when you know that they are not your true partner but they serve a function in your life or keep you company. So, I put that up to my group to what they have to say about that.

When you invest in others who you know do not belong with you in an intimate relationship, you are saying that you don’t trust that we have something better in store for you. It may take up your time and energy and you may feel it meets personal needs but yet you keep both partners in the relationship from being with someone who is aligned with them. We realize that it may take a long time to find the person because many of you have been taught to take what shows up instead of waiting until the person intended for you shows up. So, you are each going into relationships and ultimately blocking or stopping your intended partner from showing up.

It is often better to be alone and work on cultivating yourself than finding a partner to just have one. Each of you must decide what path you will take in your relationship journey. Just realize when you do this, you are putting what is right for you on hold or possibly preventing it from taking place. When we bring you together, we will do it in a way that is in integrity and honoring for all parties concerned. You will not be brought together with a married partner or someone in a committed relationship. You must both be available. The timing has to be right. If you have a desire to be in a committed, loving relationship, then there will be one that shows up at the right time. So, there is no reason for concern.


Monday, November 7, 2011

Service to Others versus Control of Others

I was looking at a lot of situations where people are more interested in holding power over others instead of looking at what is good for people. It amazes me how many people get the lime light who are really focused on what is in it for them. People vote for them and put them in power positions.

I was thinking how much better things would be if we would use the litmus test of making decisions based on people who focus on making things better for others. There is no need to change rules unless you can change them to something that is beneficial for society or whomever the leaders serve.

There is plenty of prosperity for everyone. There are many opportunities for everyone. We are not stuck in limitations, unless we wish to be stuck in limitations. Most people find ways to do what they really want to do. We no longer need the manipulation or force techniques to make others do things. If we start looking for ways to help each other thrive, we can really make a difference. We need to be able to look out for each other. We often jump to conclusions about others but we never bother to take the time to find out what is happening and then find a way to help out or support each other.

So, my challenge to you is to start looking at what you can do to help improve the quality of life for someone or something outside of you. Remember to ask the person or be open to them asking you for help. I try to do this every day.

I will get off of my soap box now!



Sunday, November 6, 2011

Create the Life to Support Your Talents!

None of you need to live or work in a toxic environment. None of you need to live or work in abusive situations. Those are all choices that you each make. There may be souls that decide to experience such an existence but it only exists because you have not said no to it. If communities or people allow others to walk all over them, it is their choice. There is always something that can be done. You are seeing this in areas where people who were ruled by dictators have stood up and said no. They may have had to fight to make the change but it all changed when the people stood up and said no.

We do not condone violence. We would love to see humans eliminate war and such ways of working through things but there are also times where you must use armies to precipitate change. It is preferred to see the change through peace but we also realize the dictators often use violence to suppress others and the only way to gain control is through eliminating the violent force or dictator. If change takes place in this fashion, make sure it is not one dictatorship changing to another dictatorship. Violence and fear need to stop as ways of ruling the people. You must stand up to the bullies to make a change but do not then make that your way of life.

We wish for all of you to have lives that reflect your gifts and talents. We wish the best for all of you. Whenever you call for our help, we will come to you and help you create through possibilities instead of limitations.


The Yahwehs

Saturday, November 5, 2011


Blessings! You are learning and growing. Petty men and women are not the focus. Finding ways to occupy your time is not the answer either. You are each fantastic. You each have gifts and a treasure trove of light. The time you have on the earth is not the focus either. It is what you do with that time. What type of person do you wish to be? What is the legacy you wish to leave? Do you wish to be the solution or the problem? You get to decide. How would you influence others? That is far more important then playing life safely.

You each must decide that and form your lives accordingly. It matters not if you have one day or many years on the earth. You will be enduring. You have no need to fret or worry about what is to come. Live your lives with courage and conviction. That is how it is meant to be. Stand in your power and take the stands that feel right to you. It is time.

Many people step back and allow others to stand in for them. Don’t be one of those people and if you are one of those people don’t complain about how the world is. For you are helping shape the world by action and inaction. You decide!


Friday, November 4, 2011

Dealing with Bullies

When you are dealing with the energy of bullies, hold your power. Step back and ground yourself. The bully has no power or they would not need to persecute others or manipulate situations in their favor. They feel unstable and not fit to make decisions. They run on ego and emotions and try to make others unstable too. They are not connected to their soul purpose or their contract with others. They just look for ways to connect with others in a dysfunctional way through some form of domination.

Now is not the time to give over to such energy. You must grant them the path they are pursuing but connect with your inner self and stay away from them, whenever possible. If you have any issues with how to proceed in anything, make sure you tune in with your groups. You have no need to worry or concern yourself with such behavior. You have to monitor yourselves and how you conduct yourselves. That is your focus. There are times you must address bullies but you do not need to step into their energy and spend a lot of time with them. Your teams will provide you with protection, if you invite your teams in. You will be guided on how to navigate such behaviors and situations.

All works out how it must but ask for help and it will be granted. Don’t assume your job is to fix the bully or spend a lot of energy with them. If you are guided to do so, then really pay attention to the messages coming through with the contact. Most bullies have been bullied themselves and are just passing the energy on but that doesn’t heal anything. It only perpetuates the victim story.



Thursday, November 3, 2011

Tune In Before You Decide!

As the land reconfigures and changes, look at what you are creating. There will be many areas that are devastated by destruction of property. Before you agree to rebuild, check in and see if you should stay where you have been. There are areas we wish to be left uninhabited. Before you rebuild or commit to staying where you have been, check in. Make sure it is not time to move on to another place.

You may have been in that area for the time you needed to be there. It may be time to start over without burdens or belongings. There will be stages where you will all need to start over. Simple is better. Learning new priorities is important.

A society that is only based on how much stuff you can accumulate and what new inventions you can accrue, will not teach you what is of value. The real value is not in the belongings but in the connections you make with others. How do you help others? How do you improve the lives of others? Going through life with how you touch lives with love, dignity and compassion will take you much further than focus on belongings. This doesn’t mean you can’t be abundant and wealthy but it means that you must get your priorities straight and know what is truly important. If you have lovely possessions, make sure they are things you value and enjoy instead of things you collect because you think they would impress others. Your focus needs to be on what is important to you. Look for reasons to extend yourself to others. Share your light in the world. Instead of looking for ways to zing or attack others, how can you assist others and learn about them.

We see many trying to gain land because they want to own something and deny use to others. They are not looking at being good stewards of the land. You must all learn to work together and share the bounty provided on the earth. For the bounty is the earth’s to give and share. You may be instrumental in the creation of something but in the end, you will go with just your spirit intact. Development of your spirit is primary. Enjoyment of your experiences on the earth are important. Your legacy is up to each of you.

Notice none of this is about poverty consciousness. Abundance takes many forms. We are just asking you to re-evaluate your definitions of abundance to something beyond ownership.

The Light

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Lighten the Load!

We have caught many of you off guard with the ways changes are taking place. You are not going to need much to move into the future. We are having you lighten your loads and release a lot of the items you have held onto. The old energy is moving away and new energy is forming. It is not what you envisioned.

As you lighten the load and release what is no longer needed, you will find you have more energy. We realize that this stage may seem emotional for many of you because you are being asked to release stuff and being asked to move forward into time and space with just yourselves or very limited belongings. You may feel like you are refugees who are being asked to start over. In essence, you are starting over. You are in new beginnings. You may grieve or mourn your old lives as they are no more. However, you are ready for something much more expansive.

At this stage, we are removing any blocks from your success. We are simplifying your personal worlds. This phase has little to do with how much you own or how nice your belongings are. There is little you need now. All that you require will come through you. The baggage often gets in the way. You no longer need it. You are ready to progress without it. Whatever you require will show up as and when you require it. We can now hold your hands because you have free hands to hold. All burdens are released and you are ready to be the adventurers you are.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

See, Feel, Commit, Trust

In the beginning of September, I saw a movie called Seven Days in Utopia. One of their focal points was SFT (See, Feel, Trust). This was a technique to help someone visualize the end result. My group came through with a variation of that. There focal point was SFCT (See, Feel, Commit, Trust). See the vision of what you want to create. Feel the energy of what you want to create. Commit to the creation or manifestation. Then, the last piece is trust, which also goes to surrender.


The next piece for today is to recognize that all things that are have some form of spirit or living energy to them. Even things you view as inanimate have a spirit to them. Humans are used to imposing their will and desire onto everything. There is never a thought to check in with the other energies you are affecting or imposing your change on. If you are going to paint your home, consult the house with the color choices. See what colors the house wants and not just the owner. When you paint rooms in your home, consult the room. We know this might seem crazy to you but we are asking you to enlist the area to be painted to see what it wants or needs. By doing this you are aligning with the energy of the space.

When you are landscaping, invite the yard in to help you design something that works for everyone. If you live in a Home Owner Association, the land will consider what needs to happen with that also. So, don’t assume you know what the land wants. When you move into a home, ask for permission to live there. Start learning gratitude for all that you engage in and with all that you interact with. The land has many unseen energies on it. Start engaging more with your environments.

We are trying to get you to move beyond your ego-selves, in making decisions. Wake up to the knowledge that there is more that exists than what you know and that there is much you do not see or hold awareness over. The more all forces work together, the better result for your earth.


The Light