Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Be Pro-active in Your Lives!

Rubber stamping approval to things without taking time with them is not a way to improve your quality of life. Be an active participant in your life and surroundings. Don’t let others do the work for you. Be pro-active in your own lives. If you have an opinion, express your opinion. Do not continue to let others take charge without giving input. In most cases, those in charge will welcome your input and incorporate it into the plan they are devising.

Too often people are apathetic and just allow others to handle things, until they are aware it affects them and then it is often too late for them to affect change. If you are proactive, you will be able to make the process work better all around. Look at your lives, homes and environments. Pay attention to the change you want to be and perceive in your life. The other observation is when people are apathetic, they then blame those who are proactive for not forcing them to be proactive. That is never your job to force another into taking charge. That is the responsibility of the individual. You are there to offer potentials. Each one of you must show up for your own life.