Thursday, November 17, 2011

To New Beginnings!

The end of time, the end of projects. Those are just a period where one thing ends and another piece begins. You are not locked into more than specific phases or periods of time. Many have worried about the end of days with 2012 approaching. This period of time is just the end of one phase and the beginning of another phase. In each moment there are many configurations that take place. Your stars align. Your galaxies align. Mankind is fleeting and your species exists as long as it needs to. Your souls reincarnate into different forms as they need to. You are not dependent on a specific species to carry on or to fulfill your destinies. Your current forms are merely your current forms and nothing more.

Mankind has long assumed superiority to other life forms but this is simply not so. Intelligence comes in many forms and variations. There are life forms with physical bodies and some without. That doesn’t diminish their abilities or intelligence. Keep that in mind the next time you judge another or assume you know better than another.

Leadership is not designed to take over for others. It is meant to serve others. How can you serve another without consulting with them. Imposing your will on another is not service. Imposing your will on another is about dishonor. When someone dishonors you, how does that feel? You must awaken now and pay attention to the master plan for each of you. This plan comes from honor. This has nothing to do with longevity or having a brief stay on your planet. Your wisdom must prevail. You must learn to seek answers to your specific journey and quandary. Stop assuming you know the answers. We give you information in pieces to reflect where you are in your phases. Take that on and don’t add to it, until the time is right. If you take each piece as it comes you will be magnificent and do stupendous things.

The Light