Sunday, November 13, 2011

The Light

I am the Light, I come to you through vast space and time dimensions to help usher you into a new way of being on the earth. You will soon be asked to shed the past and open up to the new ways before you. This process is simple and requires little help from you. You have only to be willing to try something new and be willing to move forward into your futures.

Your world has chosen its path and this will set things into motion. Many of you were placed here in this time and place to assist those who are ready to transcend. Others were placed here for potentials of what is to come. Your missions are adjusted based on how things progress. We have escape plans for those who may require them.

Many of you have different skills, which may be utilized in many ways. Your skills will be used as needed. Many of you have awaited this time period patiently. You have seen many distractions which have kept your busy or have taken you off course. Now is a time to focus towards your real missions and purposes. We will initiate you and return you to you light work, when you are ready to proceed. You have only to agree and we will back you up. The help is around you. You have only to okay the process of preparation and we shall join you and begin our work together. This is a decision that will change your lives from what you have known to the unknown. Before you say yes, realize you may not stop this process, once it begins. So, think about what is right for you before you agree to this now and forever.


The Light and The Godhead