Thursday, November 10, 2011

Receiving Information!

How can people get better information and clearer information from their guides and teams?

We are with you in all ways. We start with your senses. Pay attention to what your senses tell you. Focus on opening your senses and allow other feelings and perceptions to come through. Look at your strengths. We will start with that. We also need to come through when you are open to receiving the information we send you. You must suspend disbelief. You must open your insights. The key is being open in all ways.

If you are not sure, ask for clarity. We are looking for ways to communicate with you. We are also looking for your feedback to know where you get off from what we transmit. The whole communication is about us learning to work together. So, the more you give us feedback, the more we fine tune what comes through. When it appears you are getting the information accurately, we don’t go on from there. When you are not understanding us, we will continue to work with you and continue to get information to you. So, give us your feedback of what is working and what is not.

Your Teams