Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Lighten the Load!

We have caught many of you off guard with the ways changes are taking place. You are not going to need much to move into the future. We are having you lighten your loads and release a lot of the items you have held onto. The old energy is moving away and new energy is forming. It is not what you envisioned.

As you lighten the load and release what is no longer needed, you will find you have more energy. We realize that this stage may seem emotional for many of you because you are being asked to release stuff and being asked to move forward into time and space with just yourselves or very limited belongings. You may feel like you are refugees who are being asked to start over. In essence, you are starting over. You are in new beginnings. You may grieve or mourn your old lives as they are no more. However, you are ready for something much more expansive.

At this stage, we are removing any blocks from your success. We are simplifying your personal worlds. This phase has little to do with how much you own or how nice your belongings are. There is little you need now. All that you require will come through you. The baggage often gets in the way. You no longer need it. You are ready to progress without it. Whatever you require will show up as and when you require it. We can now hold your hands because you have free hands to hold. All burdens are released and you are ready to be the adventurers you are.