Thursday, January 31, 2013

We marvel at your need to create plans. You have plans on all levels. Even those who are spontaneous have some form of a plan, it just doesn’t look like the plans of those who construct plans for each moment of their day, week, month, and year. When something shows up outside of your plan, you feel lost and discombobulated. Your plans are fine to create but we respectfully suggest you allow for variances that take place. Those who thrive most on your world know how to be in the moment. They can adjust to notions of change and variance. They are also aware that they are in control of very little and make adjustments according to how things flow. They can shift gears and adjust to what takes the higher priority in the moment.

All of you have created some form of markers in your life. Not all of your are on some Divine plan. Some of you are on human plans. Some of you are on the plans of some other form of beings who have lent you to your human world. Some of the plans are as simple as wait and see. Your navigational systems are here to help you with each aspect of your physical existence. Be brave and go with the flow. Exercise your free will, when it feels right. Know when to release your ego, when it feels right. Allow your spirit to take over, when it feels right. Learn to be happy and have fun more. Learn to know when you have control and when you don’t over a situation. Your plans can change in a blink of an eye. The real test is how you handle this shifting and changing.



Wednesday, January 30, 2013

How would you suggest that we create the day?

Many of you have lives with children, families, friends and elderly adults who may need you to help them or care for them. Many of you have jobs or careers that will require your time and attention. Then, you have some form of residence that you attend to and care for. We consider this energy as something fixed in your daily plan that needs your attention to various degrees. Now, realize that you have much happening outside of this energy. Even with family and friends, you still have activities that require attention. How you give these people and events your energies is where you may find many variables. This is where we ask to be invited in so that we can be co-creators with you. There is much room for play in this. It is important to find balance so that you are prioritizing your energy where it is really needed in order of importance. Are you happy with your part of the experiences? If not, how could you make another choice that you are happy with? Start assessing moments on how you can handle things in a way that works better for you and all concerned. Be open to something completely different coming through that alters how you deal with something. Be aware and conscious. You will notice shifts and changes. You are constantly in positions to re-evaluate your processes and behaviors. You are now in a place of massive shifting and changing. Be aware this has always be available to you. It will just be more pronounced now.


Tuesday, January 29, 2013

There are marvels and miracles all around you. How often do you take time to just stop and recognize them? Many are quick to criticize and look for faults but they forget to look at the amazing things that your world possesses. People get caught up in their lives and forget to step back and see all that is really around them. People focus on problems but never ask, how does this serve me? How can I turn this into some wonderful miracle or adventure? Learn to ask questions that are outside of your perceived box. Open up to the experience and look at it from another vantage point. You might be surprised at what wonderful adventure awaits you right now, today in this very moment.


Monday, January 28, 2013

If you knew that you only had this moment on the earth, what would you do? If you knew that you had a day, a week, a month, a year, what would you do? We recognize that living for your long term future can be very useful but not if it stops you from really being present and enjoying what you have in the here and now. There needs to be some type of balance between you in the moment and what you are perceiving as your long term futures.

We keep certain information from humans so that they don’t get stuck in what the future has to bring. Instead, we want to see how you proceed when you don’t know your future or what is in store for you. This is designed to see how you handle this day that you are given. What type of person will you choose to be and how will you act. How do you play with others? How do you work with others? Is your focus on being right about something? Is your focus about having to control those around you or your environment? How is that working for you? You are not meant to be masters over others. Other beings are not your slaves or possessions. Instead, learn to work together. Find people who are like minded and form bonds with them. If you need to be violent or abusive, you hold no connection to real power and you are surrounding yourselves with people who don’t belong with or around you. We are ready for you all to wake up and start living the lives you are meant to live. The programming is within you. You are not really waiting for some outside force to come and tell you how to be and what to be. If you pay attention to each moment, you will know how to best navigate what is before you. This will help bring you to the spiritual path and away from the ego path.



Sunday, January 27, 2013

What is the life that each of you will be proud to live? What is the mark you wish to leave behind from your time on this planet in human form? We are not passing any judgment on your answers with these questions. We just want you to start paying attention to this. If there are areas of change you would like to make, start making those changes. If there are pieces that fit your true values, start shifting to your real values. Build your lives around what is most important to you. Collecting more and more things will not make you happy. Happiness comes from within you and will be extensions of living in ways that you will be proud of yourselves and proud of what you are involved in.

We have heard of concepts of not doing anything that you wouldn’t want your mother to know about. Even more important is not doing anything in your own lives that you won’t be able to look at and be proud of or happy that you did it. You might not be concerned about something in the moment but look at your future and how what you do here and now will impact the future you and those you care about. You might be surprised at how your lives change, by living through this shift in thought process. It is not always about what you perceive as success but it is about doing the best that you can do in the moment with what you have to work with. If you live a life of always doing your best and fully showing up in each moment, you will create a wondrous life.



Saturday, January 26, 2013

How much of your time do you spend obsessing over people who are famous and not in your social circle? How much time and energy do you spend looking out for celebrities and putting them on a pedestal? It would be one thing, if these people were your friends or relatives but these are basically strangers that you feel that you have the right to know about in detail and personally. How would you feel if the reverse was happening and these famous people were stalking you for information about the most intimate details of your life? Those whom you view as famous people or public people still have rights to privacy. You have a right to inquire about their public personas and work but not their private lives. There jobs just put them out in the public but their private lives are their own. Allow them the same rights to make mistakes and process experiences and grow as we would wish for you and you would wish for yourself.

We find it interesting that people are so inquisitive about intimate details of strangers and think that they can weigh in on what these people should be doing and how they should be acting. These are people who are human. We ask that you really pay attention to this information. Instead of putting so much energy on strangers, place the energy on creating your own best lives and stop living through the lives of others. In reality, you don’t have any rights to their private lives and personal information.

We also see a trend where people feel that they should be sharing all of the intimate details of their lives on such things as Facebook, Twitter and other public media. There is no such real need. This doesn’t create bonds of friendships with others. It only puts your personal information into larger forms of access. This is not necessarily the best way to proceed and exist. What you are sharing is for those in your inner circles and not everyone on your planet. Keeping private matters private will serve you all better in your futures.

Yahweh and the Godhead

Friday, January 25, 2013

For the light beings among you, realize that there is light in all that is. Even in the darkest of dark, there is light. As beings of light, you must look for the light in all that is. Light expands. That is all light knows to do. It expands. It may be difficult to find the light when it seems enveloped in darkness but you must be open to connecting to light in all that is and in every situation.

There is no need to second guess this energy or try to change it or manipulate it. Just recognize the light in all that is. It is that simple. Even when you can’t see the light, acknowledge it.



Thursday, January 24, 2013

Lesson Five: Your work is to create a life that is authentic to you. You are not here to conform to what others want for you or how others expect you to be. You must find the path that is authentic to you and aligned with your destiny and purpose. If you are reading this blog, you are most likely not here for an ego path. The path of spirit is within you and appears when you release the ego and allow the spirit to lead you. For those who are on ego pathways, you will find you will attract others on an ego pathway. If someone is on a spirit journey, they will most likely be separating from you soon, if they haven’t already left you. Spiritual beings may interact with ego people to show potential other choices. There is nothing wrong with either path, they are just different and don’t hold resonance with each other. It brings you back to being authentic with your own journey. You can’t join others, just because someone wants you to join them. You must connect with those you belong with, for the time period you belong together. If you are in the flow, you will find the beauty in this process.



Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Lesson Four: Never get caught up in how something appears to be. What you see happening and taking place is not necessarily what is happening. There are many levels of existence for which mankind has asked for. In situations where you are caught up in the appearances of something, step back, clear yourself and ask for guidance on how to be with whatever is appearing to take place. You will then know if you fit into this piece or if you must step away. People often get caught up in an illusion that is formed by ego energy.

If you have a spiritual path to find in your physical form, you must learn to separate the ego from the spirit. Know that each being is creating a form of reality for their journey. This also happens in the spirit realm. Your experiences will be altered based on this invention. It doesn’t mean that you know what is really taking place. You are only being shown creations by yourself and others. You each have the power to alter your lives by filtering out the realities that no longer align with your journey. This is where your focus comes in handy. Also, tune into your true purpose and you will know how to shift your focus and attention. You don’t need to buy into perceptions of realities that are not aligned with your true authentic path.



Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Lesson Three: Pay attention to your intuition and learn to work with it. Stop ignoring your intuitive guidance. You are going to need this skill in the near future. Mankind will need to use their intuitive guidance for survival. This doesn’t mean that you will now use this to force others to join you. You must follow your own intuitive guidance and allow others to follow their guidance.

Many of your world follow ego voices and what they perceive as their intuition is in fact their mind telling them what should take place. You will know if you are following spiritual information or ego based on your need to make others conform or to manipulate others into your plan. The spirit path has no need to coerce or manipulate others. There is no attachment to anything but following your own guidance systems and allowing others to follow their own pathways.

Each of you must now follow your own path. This path will intersect with many who are in your world. However, you will find that you will be going on your own unique journey. Those who belong with you will show up and those who don’t belong with you will move onto their own destinies. You will never be alone and you will always have whatever you truly need. You just need to learn to know where to look for it. This will come from following your intuitive guidance.



Monday, January 21, 2013

Lesson Two: There is a fine line between paying attention to what is in your thoughts and feelings and obsessing over something. If you find that you are obsessing over something, you are not working through it. The energy of obsession will not serve you. It will tend to keep whatever you wish to attract away and you will find that you feel more unhappy or uncomfortable. Acknowledging something can be useful because you can be led into a new place of growth and expansion with the energy. Obsession will cause you to drive yourself crazy and you will find you are in a vicious cycle. If you find that you are obsessing over something, ask how that serves you and what you need to understand from your focus. Then, move on. You might want to ask what you should be focusing on.

If you obsess over something, make sure it is something that you want to see expand in your life. Also, be aware of the reverse energy, because you are most likely going to attract that. People will often think that they are thinking about one thing but they are often focused on fear of the thing that they think they want so they are creating the reverse energy. Be clear about your thoughts and follow where that line of focus leads.


Aaron and Noah

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Lesson One: If you feel something or are thinking about something, acknowledge what is coming up. That doesn’t mean that you need to go out and hurt someone. It means that you pay attention to your feelings, emotions and thoughts. Many of you think that you are not being spiritual if you get angry or feel sad. You are in the physical and will have human emotions. Discounting your feelings and thoughts may be ignoring some valuable information about working with someone or knowing when to step away from a situation. Pay attention to what comes up for you and then you will know how to proceed. If you discount something that is coming up, you can’t work through it. Also, whatever you ignore tends to grow. So, pay attention to how you feel and what you are thinking. Then, you may ask your team how best to handle whatever is taking place.


The Godhead

Saturday, January 19, 2013

When you anticipate different occurrences or events, what does that do for you? It often just creates stress around whatever you are focusing on. You can’t really prepare for certain things. You may worry about news or an event that hasn’t happened or may never happen. You may worry about something that has taken place. How does that help the situation? How does that affect your quality of life, in the here and now. Many events are in the creation process but they may not yet be formed. If you put your energy in them or worrying about them, you are not helping the formation. You are also not appreciating what you have in this very moment. Release your fear and need to fear certain experiences. Instead, bring your focus to the here and now and see what needs to take place right now.

The future has not yet formed completely. You will see that many pathways hold potential. Some have committed to pathways that will hold into the future. Others will be offered many options that can change timing and outcomes. What you pick up is in the moment and current path but options are soon made available to many. There is the potential for much growth and opportunities now.



Friday, January 18, 2013

What is the blessing in each person and event. We see many who seek to make someone or something different from what it is. It may not be something that you understand but there is a blessing in there. There are countries who would create laws to harm segments of the population because they don’t understand them or impose some “Divine” perception of right and wrong and would harm someone for not conforming or fitting whatever their perception is. Yet, that being who isn’t understood is still a blessing that was given to the community and physical world.

We ask that you start looking at the blessing of something instead of ways to try and change people and make them fit your mold. Each of you is how you are and what you are, as part of a blessing. You have been gifted with talents and journey’s in your world. Now stop focusing on what you perceive as faults and start looking at how they work in your life and your journey.

If something works for you great. It is not your job to impose that experience on someone whom it may not be right for. Each of you needs to work through your own lives and what is right for you. Never fear that you will be alone for the perfect beings will join you soon. Don’t hold onto someone just because you are lonely. Seek to be with those who fit you and your world. You are who and what you are for a reason. So, celebrate that!

Love and Light!

The Light Bringers

Thursday, January 17, 2013

There are times that all humans will feel lonely or alone. Many light beings come from worlds where they are used to their existences and then they enter into your human realm and feel out of place. Once in the physical forms that they now possess, they feel like outcasts in a world that isn’t able to see them for who and what they are. Many will find a disconnect from their true paths because they seek to fit into the human world. Know you are never alone. You may find that you have many beings around you at all times. You may not be able to tell when they are there but they are there. What you see on the human plane of existence is not all that exists. There is no need to collect people or situations that don’t resonate with you so that you can escape the lonely sensations. You may be in a crowd and still feel lonely so that will not solve what you think you want. It is better to release those who don’t belong with you and attract those who do belong with you. You will ultimately find much more happiness.

You may ask the energies around you to help you feel them more clearly. When you feel alone, ask for those who belong with you and around you to show up. Always ask for help staying on your true path. We say true path but that is really individual to each of you. So, there is a very large variation for each of you. It must be what is within you and not because others try to force a specific pattern or way on you. Access what is within you and allow that to lead you. Other’s don’t need to understand what you are drawn to do or be. It is important that you follow the pure essence within you. You will know if the path is right. There will be a sense of expanse in the experience.



Wednesday, January 16, 2013

When you think about your life, what would you really like it to be? This is a time we ask you to envision your fantasy life. Now, think about what it would feel like to have that as your reality. What comes up for you? Many people will wish to win a huge amount of money. They think that it will make their life easier and remove pressures but then they are inundated with people who think that they are entitled to part of the winnings and their lives become very complicated and stressful at a whole new level. If you have a specific path, this could move you away from your true life and purpose, so you don’t find yourself winning this money. If you were to win this money, you would find it isn’t in alignment with your destiny and there may be consequences that you do not like. Not getting something may actually be a gift of love from the Divine.

When you focus on creating a life that aligns with your true life purpose, you will find that your life shapes up to provide all of the pieces that you need to fulfill that life. You won’t manifest anything that would take you away from what you are here for. So, before you get upset about not creating something that you feel entitled to, tune in and see if that desire is really in alignment.

Many are taught to enlist the help of specific energies for different parts of their lives. The energy may come through for you or may not show up at all. First ask if what you are asking for is aligned with you. Then, tune in and see if the energy you are seeking help from belongs working with you. We have mentioned before that you are all individuals with your own journey’s. There is no one size fits all. Some of you won’t need the help of specific energies. You will have the beings who belong with you around you in the seen and unseen worlds. Know there is much going on that your human selves are not aware of. You may always ask for what you desire but also be aware of whatever comes through to you.



Tuesday, January 15, 2013

What is your source energy? Many of you think you know and you hear people telling you that you are all part of God or God is within you. But, have you bothered to ask for yourselves and be open to the answers? You might be surprised at what you find out. Many will see people labeling them as earth angels or some other designation but you must connect to your own source. There is no right or wrong with this. One energy is not better than another energy. So, remove any judgments that you hold about what is the proper answer and what is not acceptable. You must be totally open to finding out the answer to actually receive the true answer. If you hold a belief that only a specific answer will do, you will not receive the real answer but only what you expect.

If you feel that it is time to release possessions or energy that is not really connected to your source energy, follow your guidance and remove the judgment or fears that come up. As you purify your space and life with energy, people and possessions that are in alignment with you, you will help yourself receive a better alignment to your authentic energy. That will in turn give you more support on your true journey. You are all here for various reasons. Some of you may need to align to the energy that allows you to fulfill your true purpose for this lifetime. It is about aligning with what will help you follow your path and destiny.

When it is time for you to leave this existence in this physical plane, you will be returned to your source energy. That will be different for most of you. Many have gathered on your planet, at this time to help humanity grow, expand and create new possibilities. What humanity does, is up to humanity. You offer support in this place of light. Those meant to be near you or work with you will find you.


Yahweh and Moshe

Monday, January 14, 2013

Let me help you understand the energy of healing. What you perceive as disease or illness holds a vibration and an energy pattern. It is a construct that serves some purpose and provides some wisdom. When something shows up, spend time with the energy. Feel it and experience it. Remove fear and judgment from what is taking place. If a bone is broken, you might want to have it set. You may also utilize modern medicine to have surgery or medication but spend time with the root energy of what is showing up. We are not suggesting that anything is wrong with what is happening. It is just an experience that holds feelings and wisdom for you or whoever is involved in the experience. It might be showing up to get you to a hospital or specific doctor. It might be to help you be in a place to help others or meet specific people.

If you are providing an energy healing treatment, you must also spend time with the patterns presented before you. Allow that this can be a different energy pattern for each person so that you are looking at each case with a fresh perspective. Once you are with the energy, ask it questions and be open to what comes through. You will know how to progress with the energy patterns that arise. The trick to healing is being open to what the experience holds for you without any form of control or judgment. Remember what is showing up is not broken and doesn’t need to be fixed. It has been created for some part of your journey. So, honor it and respect it for what it is. We recognize that you might view it as inconvenient but it wouldn’t exist, if it didn’t serve some purpose.



Sunday, January 13, 2013

Back in November, I was talking with someone and I made the comment that everything always works out. I was met with “no, that isn’t true. Everything doesn’t always work out.” I stepped back and asked the question to my team and was told everything always works out. Where people get caught up is when they believe that they know what that means. Humans have a perception of what it means to have something work out. They mean that it works out the way their ego mind wants it to work out with a specific outcome. Something working out doesn’t mean that you have the outcome that you expect or desire. It means that all works out how it needs to work out. Recognize that all pieces of existence are parts of a process. It doesn’t begin or end in your reality or from the perspective of your current form. So, with all the ripples of time and space, all things work out just as the spirit and soul expect it to work out and need it to work out. What you see is not always what is happening. So, if you don’t know how something fits into the picture, how can you judge if it worked out or not? To understand how something works out, you must expand your perception of reality and what is taking place. You must also know how the souls involved fit into the specific piece and the moments in the past, present and future. From our perspectives everything always works out just perfectly. Once you learn to expand into the all that is, you will understand this better.


Moses and the Light Bringers

Saturday, January 12, 2013

I was reading some work on Matrix Energetics and there was a chapter that talked about plugging into the power source. I did some meditations on it and saw some powerful shifts from the exercise. So, I thought I would ask my team about ways to do this better.


Each of you has a power source or connection with whatever is in your journey. When you are clear and tune into this source of energy, you will find that you clearly get your guidance on how to work with the specific energy. You are not tuning into the source of someone else’s energy or connection but finding the energy source that is right for you. You do not do this to drain anyone or anything but to charge those energies connected to you and the source energy. This energy will vary based on each being. Some things may not be in your grid so ask first and let your groups of guides help you attain what is the best way for you to work and exist for your own path and journey.



Friday, January 11, 2013

Many of you feel it is your work or obligation to fix what you perceive is off. Someone else may have a belief or behavior that you perceive needs to be fixed. We submit that the people or individuals are not broken. There is nothing to fix. Someone can be an alcoholic or drug abuser and they may be doing all types of self destructive behaviors but that is their path to work on. The creation is something that they manifested for some life purpose. If they truly wish to change or learn from the experience, they will. You have no power to do anything but contain them so that they aren’t harming others. Once released, they will continue on their own path. You have little control over them. Your world has created cause and effect. So, allow others to be responsible for their behaviors and actions. Your laws may help them on their path that their soul has created. You are not responsible for the actions and reactions of others. The spirit and soul growth is the responsibility of each being.

A more constructive approach may be to step back and open up to how the experience serves the individual and those who stay around them. You are not judging the experience but learning to understand it. You may choose what to partake in and what to walk away from. You are responsible for the pieces that fit your own journey.



Thursday, January 10, 2013

What you know is how to create what you currently have. To create something different you must learn to create something different or work on the manifestation from a different perspective. You get outside of yourself and go into a vibration of what it is that you wish to attract. Then, you notice what shows up within you and around you.

Many people like to tell people what to do and how to do it. They will insist on their opinion or way of doing something. Just as a suggestion, look at their life. Is it something that you desire? Would you like to manifest what they have? If the answer is yes, by all means pay attention to their way of doing whatever it is you are trying to create. If the answer is no, then you don’t want to create their way. Pay attention to the people who have created the life that you want or experiences that you want to attract. There is a resonance to their creation. You are not doing this to take away from them but to help you manifest and create what you desire. Pay attention to how that resonance feels. After you have tuned into that resonance, step back and see what would need to be adjusted in your own energy field to manifest what you desire. See what shows up in your body and energy. Then, project the energy to a place where you have what you desire. Then, create a bridge from where you are to where you want to be. See what shows up with this. Getting outside of your current box is how you manifest change. All creations are personal and will vary based on the individuals in the process. There is no one size fits all. You are looking for whatever is within you to guide you to manifest the creation in your own unique way.



Wednesday, January 9, 2013

What we see is that many people are working through the fear based model. They promote that you need to worry or be fearful, if something happens or doesn’t happen. They feed you with constant streams of fear. You watch it on your televisions, you see it in movies and you listen to messages on the radio and phone that all promote fear. These messages are created through ego based energies, who are trying to control and manipulate people and outcomes. As long as you follow this way of being, you will not find your true answers and solutions. To find your answers and solutions you must shift to a love based consciousness and release the need to control and manipulate. You must open to a spirit based solution instead of the ego. Egos will get in the way of the best solution every time. The ego depends on fear to keep control.

When you feel fear or anger creeping up within you, know you are in the fear model and letting the ego energy take over. When this happens simply step back and reassess what is happening. Ask to be shown the answer through a love based model and through the spirit perception. Then, you will know how to proceed. The love based/spirit based model has no need of fear or ego. It simply opens to the experience and helps you find the way to navigate what is taking place. There is no fear of a specific outcome. There is only love and openness to whatever needs to take place and you are able to be in the flow.


The Guardians

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

If you want change or miracles in your life, you need to at least believe that they are possible. If you need to frame the world and the way things are, the Universe and creation energies will comply with your beliefs. If you want something else to happen, you need to let go of your constructs and allow for many other options outside of your box to occur.

Your world has created many limiting beliefs and many of you have grown to believe the limiting beliefs. You never question why those limitations were created. You never question the definitions and perceived rules. You have been taught to take them as facts. You follow the straight line before you and don’t look outside of it. Yet, if you want something else, you must be willing to release the accepted rules and regulations and open to beliefs and possibilities outside of the boxes man has assigned to you. Be willing to let go or your label or try on another label. Allow yourself to create without allowing others to shut you down or limit your possibilities. You don’t need to justify your creation. It is your creation.

If you don’t want to live in a world of limitations, stop limiting yourself and others. Make another choice. Try on a new belief. Have fun with the creation process. Let the energy form, take shape and enjoy the ride. There are infinite possibilities. You just need to be open to them. Something may appear but that doesn’t mean that is what is truly what is taking place. That is why we always ask you to not get caught up in how something appears. Start using your God given creation energy and enjoy the process of life. Focus on positive and loving results and you will not be disappointed. Let go of the need to control everything in your life. This will lead to many wonderful surprises, potentials and possibilities.


The Guardians

Monday, January 7, 2013

Always start from a place of “I don’t know.” This is a place of openness and allowing your senses to be wide open and present in the moment. This is the place of potentials and possibilities. When you assume that you do know, you lock the experience into those sets of beliefs and you are creating limitations. As you release the limitations, all is possible and you will be aware that miracles may then present themselves. You may find yourself in an experience that you never believed possible. Just be open to new possibilities and a new awareness. See what happens and takes place. Really release your need to control the experience and potentials. Don’t pretend that you are open when you are not. Just let go of what you think must happen and take place. Nurture your authentic energy and true self. See what shows up. Take a leap of faith. Find a place of trust and follow what is within you.


The Yahwehs

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Work on creating an energy flow. Your physical body is not the beginning or the end of this flow. You are not the beginning or end of energy. Once your realize that there is a great energy expanse through you and around you, you will understand how you fit into the time and space you occupy. All of you is just a series of pieces that come together and go apart. You have an appearance of being solid but you are not solid. You are many pieces put together. You are a perceived form and creation. All around you is a perceived form of pieces placed together. You believe in physics and how that explains your perceived reality. When you learn to get out of your beliefs in reality, you are in a mode of expansion. Once you get into this expansion, anything is possible. We ask you to look beyond what you belief is true. Allow for something else to take place and for change to be a possibility and potential. Allow for miracles and they will truly come through you now and always.

Be at peace brothers and sisters!

The Yahwehs

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Healing takes on many forms and encompasses many energies. For starters, most people who create illness do so for various reasons. You must first understand how something serves you and what it was created to do. Then, don’t get locked into disease or your definition of what is taking place. Your body is composed of different systems. These systems are meant to work and flow in specific ways within and around you. When the flow gets stuck or stops flowing, you have what humans perceive as disease or illness. There are messages in what is showing up and you must learn to pay attention to what is taking place. Don’t use this energy as an excuse or feel the need push through it and be tough. Stop and pay attention to what is taking place. View it from and energy perspective. Let it speak to you or communicate with you. Then, as you process the message, you will understand what is taking place. Once you address the experience, you will be guided into another piece. Allow the experience to be a great teacher for you.

People often disregard their wake up calls and wonder why something may appear to be too late. Let each experience open your mind and body up to learning the lesson being presented. There are some experiences in health that may be shifted and some will need to be. You may decide how to process the experience and determine your course of action or decisions from the experience. Some spirits may be using their health as a way to make their transition into another realm. Some may just be using health experiences to help them in a specific piece. Know that whatever is taking place is just energy changing and reshaping. It is a different form of energy alignment. Nothing is truly fixed, unless the individual wishes it to be so.



Friday, January 4, 2013

I am writing this message in the beginning of November. Mercury is in retrograde and I was just watching how things were transpiring where it seemed like I just had to surrender and be in the moment. I was dealing with mail that disappeared or parts of it went one place and other pieces are not accounted for in the same letter. We figured it got decimated in the mail postal machine. I have been helping my father while his phone system went down. I have spent several hours on hold waiting to talk to someone and in the end we still have issues with it. Dad's lighting in his bedroom and parts of the house are failing. So, I have been working with his caregiver long distance to fix this. One of my sisters keeps telling me that I need to just do my own thing. I just notice that these other things show up whenever I do start to do my own thing. So, in the throws of chaos and all that has been taking place, I just tuned in and ask what is my lesson in all of this. The answer came quickly and clearly. The lesson was about patience, surrender and truly being in the moment.

I have heard from a lot of other people that they are dealing with something similar. So, living through this experience helps to understand that we really do need to forget having any agendas and just report for duty. The Universe seems to present us with what needs to be taken care of, as the day progresses. Even if I did create an agenda for the day, whatever is transpiring right now seems to supersede that piece of the day.

Being in the moment, in surrender and openness, you can then flow to where you are needed and do what needs to be done. It also helps release the anxiety of what is taking place. You also end up meeting amazing people with this process. If you can hold your calm, when you are under stress, it also helps you anchor a calming energy to others who are stressed out. Whenever issues show up in your day and life, how do you handle the energy? Can you be in calm and flow or do you get even more stressed out? It helps more if you can release the stress and be present.



Thursday, January 3, 2013

Miracles happen when others are open to allowing them to take place. Many will hold onto their story or their labels and expect that energy can flow and morph into a miracle but they are blocking miracles from taking place because they need to be right about the way things are and how things must develop. If you feel the need to tell someone what they can and cannot do, you are killing miracles. When you limit the possibilities, you are killing miracles. There are no real limitations. That is something that mankind needs to create so that they have a pretend sense of feeling safe. So, you create the illusions and label them reality and the way things need to be. People set up their rules and regulations to make sure that others cannot have miracles or create something that does not feel safe to that other individual. When you are ready for miracles to return to your life, you must release your box and stories of the way things must be and how thing must be. Allow the energy to regain its true form and open up into the infinite possibilities. Stop allowing others to limit you or create limitations around you. Instead focus on what you truly desire and tap into what is within you. Hold onto your true authentic beliefs and watch miracles arrive and be around you all the time. The energy is there, it is just waiting to be released from restrictions.



Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Most people assume they are ready for something that they desire but the aren’t necessarily ready. They need to work on some piece of themselves or show themselves that they are capable of more or some accomplishment needs to be made. They go around blocking the creation but saying they want it and why don’t they have this desire. They may block the creation by saying that they want something but know that they will never get it. They may hold fear of having what they say that they want. Then, they blame the Universe, God or some other person for what is taking place.

If something isn’t showing up when and how you expect, look at what might be taking place. Don’t set up limitations for God or the Universe. Learn to truly be open to the creation process. If something isn’t showing up, it might be because of you are not ready, it might be that some other component isn’t ready. Tune in and ask what you need to do to be ready for the creation. Ask what is blocking the creation of your desire. Ask if you are asking for what you truly desire. If the block is coming from you, ask how you can unblock the creation. If it is coming from someone else, ask that they no longer be able to block you. If the creation is something dependent on another and the other person isn‘t ready, then you may just need some patience. You can send the other person love and support for where they are right now. It is vital that you get out of the way of the process of creation. If you are trying to create something through fear, you will also be convoluting the process. It is much better to create through love. If it is a true soul desire to create something, it will be created at the perfect time and in the perfect way.



Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Before you read today's message, I would like to wish all of you a very Happy, Healthy and Abundant New Year! I have been able to write messages through February 18, 2013. So, I am just taking things day by day with the messages. There was a clear shift in the energy, after today's message. I will keep you informed, as things evolve in my work and the messages that come through.



Each of you must find your own path of flying. You cannot follow the path of another or force another to join your path. When it is time to release someone or something, let it go. Look for the energy that allows you to soar. You will know what is right for you. Trust what you get as your own path. Those who belong with you will join you. It will feel right to have them with you.

Release those who would try to control you, belittle you or fix you. Those who find fun in knocking someone down or bullying others are to be avoided. Release the gossips and complainers. For they will hold you back and weigh you down. The energy of gossiping and complaining is about lowering your vibration and the vibrations of those around those who do this behavior. If you are a gossip or complainer, you must learn to stop this behavior for it will be an anchor that keeps you from success. If you find pleasure in knocking people down or showing them the way things are, you are blocking people from really being their best and flying in their life. Bullies feel bad about themselves and work to make others feel bad about themselves. If you choose to continue these negative ways of being, it is up to you but realize that people who are ready to move forward or fly will end up separating from you. It is your choice to do as is right for you. We just offer this for those who are ready to expand and grow.