Monday, January 7, 2013

Always start from a place of “I don’t know.” This is a place of openness and allowing your senses to be wide open and present in the moment. This is the place of potentials and possibilities. When you assume that you do know, you lock the experience into those sets of beliefs and you are creating limitations. As you release the limitations, all is possible and you will be aware that miracles may then present themselves. You may find yourself in an experience that you never believed possible. Just be open to new possibilities and a new awareness. See what happens and takes place. Really release your need to control the experience and potentials. Don’t pretend that you are open when you are not. Just let go of what you think must happen and take place. Nurture your authentic energy and true self. See what shows up. Take a leap of faith. Find a place of trust and follow what is within you.


The Yahwehs