Thursday, January 3, 2013

Miracles happen when others are open to allowing them to take place. Many will hold onto their story or their labels and expect that energy can flow and morph into a miracle but they are blocking miracles from taking place because they need to be right about the way things are and how things must develop. If you feel the need to tell someone what they can and cannot do, you are killing miracles. When you limit the possibilities, you are killing miracles. There are no real limitations. That is something that mankind needs to create so that they have a pretend sense of feeling safe. So, you create the illusions and label them reality and the way things need to be. People set up their rules and regulations to make sure that others cannot have miracles or create something that does not feel safe to that other individual. When you are ready for miracles to return to your life, you must release your box and stories of the way things must be and how thing must be. Allow the energy to regain its true form and open up into the infinite possibilities. Stop allowing others to limit you or create limitations around you. Instead focus on what you truly desire and tap into what is within you. Hold onto your true authentic beliefs and watch miracles arrive and be around you all the time. The energy is there, it is just waiting to be released from restrictions.