Friday, January 4, 2013

I am writing this message in the beginning of November. Mercury is in retrograde and I was just watching how things were transpiring where it seemed like I just had to surrender and be in the moment. I was dealing with mail that disappeared or parts of it went one place and other pieces are not accounted for in the same letter. We figured it got decimated in the mail postal machine. I have been helping my father while his phone system went down. I have spent several hours on hold waiting to talk to someone and in the end we still have issues with it. Dad's lighting in his bedroom and parts of the house are failing. So, I have been working with his caregiver long distance to fix this. One of my sisters keeps telling me that I need to just do my own thing. I just notice that these other things show up whenever I do start to do my own thing. So, in the throws of chaos and all that has been taking place, I just tuned in and ask what is my lesson in all of this. The answer came quickly and clearly. The lesson was about patience, surrender and truly being in the moment.

I have heard from a lot of other people that they are dealing with something similar. So, living through this experience helps to understand that we really do need to forget having any agendas and just report for duty. The Universe seems to present us with what needs to be taken care of, as the day progresses. Even if I did create an agenda for the day, whatever is transpiring right now seems to supersede that piece of the day.

Being in the moment, in surrender and openness, you can then flow to where you are needed and do what needs to be done. It also helps release the anxiety of what is taking place. You also end up meeting amazing people with this process. If you can hold your calm, when you are under stress, it also helps you anchor a calming energy to others who are stressed out. Whenever issues show up in your day and life, how do you handle the energy? Can you be in calm and flow or do you get even more stressed out? It helps more if you can release the stress and be present.